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  1. Dear CarCrazyASTL, Unfortunately the delivery of the car was taken in the evening and in low light conditions, such defect was not easily visible (referring to the brush painted part). Talking about the damage on the C-pillar, this surfaced only after the monsoon season. It is virtually impossible to repair that section outside in the local market if they want to prove it was caused and repaired by the customer himself. The car was shown to the dealer and their team were convinced that no such work could be or have been done outside. They checked if the windshield was removed/changed, if the body metal sealing inside is tampered or not. Upon checking all this, they had left the place affirming a prompt solution to this. We are still waiting for their response to this either from General Motors or the dealer Deedi Motors.
  2. Dear Autocar, I am approaching you seeking your expert advice and guidance on a serious issue concerning my car. I had purchased a Chevrolet Cruze LTZ, in November 2011 and observed that I was delivered with a repaired defective car. On the second day after purchase we saw the area close to the rear right door was touched up with brush paint. The pic here shows the brush paint mark. This issue was immediately alerted to our authorised sales outlet, M/s Deedi Motors Pvt. Ltd., Kollam, Kerala. They did not provide any help or support concerning the issue and did not provide any logical reason as how a car from a reputed car maker come with such quality in paint work. Recently, last month after the end of monsoon season, we further noticed the left C-pillar of the car is starting to rust close to the rear windshield rubber sealing. The paint is now flaking out, pitted and rusting. The photos are attached here for evidence. We are exchanging mails with the dealer but to no avail and no proper favourable response. Once upon our written complaint, the dealer's management had visited us and checked the car thoroughly and they had accepted there is definitely a faulty paint patchwork on the car. They left the place saying the issue will taken up with the manufacturer. Later after that the dealer has only tried to ignore the issue and give a cold approach. The dealer is now suggesting that they will repair the section and give back the car. As per the Warranty clause by the maker, it is clearly mentioned that the company will repair the car if there is a manufacturing defect. But this is certain that it was not a manufacturing defect, but a defect caused later from the dealer or elsewhere before delivery. I bought the car with full trust and faith that the car is completely new. I am now feeling cheated by them by selling me a defective car which will now lose its resale value in case I wish to sell it. At this stage, I am even considering to go to court and file a case against the company and the dealer for selling me a car which was repaired before the sale. I seek your expert advice as what could be the best and fair way to solve the issue as a customer of an executive sedan car. Thanks in advance.