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  1. Prasantroxx Nissan doesn't have that brand image like the Germans in India and also ain't as luxurious as others. Also its more of a DK car..remember Tokyo Drift. DK..lol anyway so I think Nissan although a non nonsense sports car shouldn't be the fancy choice. No offence only personal view. Also it needs 2 use 97 octane. Hard to get always so Nissa not concluded. Vote between Z4 & SLK350
  2. Ya Sarabjeet u are right. But as I said Porsche is not a practical buy.I know I'm not buying this now but ppl who does so are obviously having a rich garage with many other practical options so nothing really a big mess pol gonna do with a Porsche Boxster. But ya everything u want u gotta pay extra shots for that. I didn't thought of XK as it is very low. Only 100 mm of gc is abysmally low for our conditions. Again same words will eventually come in. No one thinks the ground clearance of these beasts but as I said its the choice of practical roadster for India. SLK obviously ain't as good to hoon around like a Z4 or Porsche. But let's face it..we aren't gonna always have track days and other than that how many roads we have in India to stretch out the whole power of any of these beasts. SLK is only 2 sec slower to hit double tonn than Z4. Who will sit with a Vbox and will only see that?? Rather these are the cars to enjoy the drive. So with a SLK anyone will be more comfy in our conditions. It has the perfect show with go combo for our shore
  3. Guys pls overlook the typing mistakes. Sorry 4 that
  4. Guys I'm not here now putting a question to takea buying decision as I'm not buying any of the cars u see before clicking on my thread. This is the thread I'm starting here for a clear idea. We all know the rides BMW Z4, MB SLK350, Audi TT & also a Porsche Boxster. Thing is being in India which would be the actual practical pick of the lot. I thought it like this. Either BMW or Merc here makes most sense. tt is simply lower on power compared to others in the segment. Boxster itself is a nice and damn capable car to own but then think we don't get track everyday to drive our cars. Also it sits pretty low so makes is vulnerable to drive on wide variety of Indian tarmac. Also I thought of fuel concern. Porsche recommends using no less than 95 ron for the car which ain't available in India. Ya we can get Speed97 but then again its not always readily available. Cars like Z4, SLK or TT can run fine on 91 ron which we can ge with ease. Then comes another part. The ground clearance and ride height issue.ya for sure no one gonna take these fancy set of wheels off the beaten track. But as I said driving on Indian roads is not always as easy as abroad witg loe ride height. So lil bit more clearance can give u that bit more peace of mind foe driving the car. Also fight is at best between SLK & Z4. I saw the autocar India feature of comparison test between these 2 hotties. Also Autocar chose Z4 over the SLK. But I just wanna say here that over searching other man reviews I found yhat most say SLK350 is by far the most practical roadster in its segment. It has a very good ride height that keeps it away from scraping the underbelly randomly over speed breaker abd bad roads. Z4 ain't too bad but its tad lower than a SLK350. I think Z4 in India has 130 mm of gc. Didn't find number for the SLK350. Anyone know that? So considering all these what should be the pick? I mean to include outright performance, exclusive design, styling and practicality. In a drag race Z4 is just lil quicker than a SLK350. Also its cheaper to buy. any idea why a SLK350 costs 17-18 lacs more than a similar specced Z4 35i? Pls share your thoughts.
  5. @lxtreme, thats just the page of Audi India. I open it everyday. there is nothing to get the contacts of Audi India
  6. and folks,all those numbers provided here are out of service. Pls give me contact details and advices on what to do for taking up this matterinto serious consideration for Audi India!
  7. Thanks to every1. @Prashantroxx, I already contacted Audi Gurgaon and Audi Bhubaneswar for the same. They will inform me tomorrow,but I think it is a complete nuisance by Audi for selling me a model without Nav. system. @lxtreme,thanks a lot buddy. I'll try contacting them. Any other suggestion. Pls help me. Thanks again
  8. ^ I told I've well contact with almost every senior executives in Audi Kolkata,even the CRM & GM directly talks to me but I am asking for direct contact of Audi India. Not of any dealer
  9. @prancing horse, well yeah, the dealer's GM is very well known to me. He was in a leave,i already informed him about this, he told to look into this matter surely. I got contacts with audi club india, I am a member there. Should I lodge a complaint there? I already lodged 1 in the audi customer care. I am not sure of how effective these complaints and feedbacks are as Audi is under VW. I also own a Skoda Superb V6 and I know how hell their a.s.s is. Is it also with Audi? I thought I'll have no problem with Audi. But now I am doubting on my confidence. BMW has niggles too,but they are better than Audi as I experience BMW's ultra care in attending me. Anyway,any special way to reach Audi India directly? Something that will work more prominently
  10. Hallo folks, I am really hopeless this time seeking u guys' help again. I bought my Q7 from Audi kolkata on 28th May this year but it was delivered in July since I was caught up with works. Well, I have the navi pack+sunroof model,which is the top end of current Q7 Line up in India. It has some features over and above the base models like Nav., Panorama sunroof,14 airbags,upgraded audio, reverse camera and some more. I thought to buy the top end variant as I was getting a good deal and also dealer was offering me a fully loaded CBU unit. I was promised by the dealer at the time of buying that navigation can be installed at anytime given car is taken to workshop. Also my model is navi pack model. Well,next week I am going 4 a trip so I thought to get it it done this week. I called workshop,they asked my VIN, then they checked & told me promtly that my Q7 can't be fitted with navigation maps and all. I told them repeatedly that I have the navi pack model which should be fitted with the nav system. They denied totally,then I called the dealer,the crm and every1 was saying it can be done,but workshop is denying. I called my sales guy who sold me the car. He told it may be a faulty answer by the workrhop as my car can get the nav maps. I am completely disappointed to have such a nuisance and cheating step by Audi. They rell models naming navi pack then they say it cant have navigation. Worshop guys say only ckd units can get this. Pls sugggest what should I do now. I paid 8 lacs more for my model compared to the next lower model. Pls help
  11. @dr_nishu, Audi also does not recommend installing any aftermarket product. So best thing is now leave thinking on it & let it be as it is
  12. ok. Is there any other brand in India anywhere?? Better if they provides service in other cities too
  13. @dr_nishu, I don't wana get any aftermarket products except premium brands as others may look cheap in a Q7. So autoform is the only brand considered and also their leather has heat reducing feature
  14. thanks guys,let me tall u that ransacking the whole Kolkata best I find is a shop in New Alipore. They are the only experts and distributors of Autoform, Stanley and other brands' leather covers & upholstery. I talked a lot to them. They give me some imported premium quality prdoucts' price quote,then I talked 2 my dealer & when I mention this process may need to remove the covering cloth of the seat,then dealer strictly says it may barr the warranty as my car has cutsom built 14 airbags in it under the seats. So, that may be a problem. At this moment,it seems that I can only go for normal fin leather covers which can be fitted without removing the original seat problem. I don't really know if it gona solve the problem or not. So,pls advise me there. And @librankur, my mom has used it in our Tata Manza(now sold), but she didn't like it. So no chance to get any more of it