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  1. Now 1000 CC V-Twin Enfield

    That's a massive engine for the oldie alright. 45bhp sounds hot for the Bullet. With such a powerful and reworked engine, the cost will definitely be on the higher side, maybe Rs 2 lakhs when it reaches India?
  2. Face-lifted Hyundai i20: launched

    The i20 will definitely get the global Hyundai look but as mentioned, it is too early for one. Maybe a year down the line, we can expect a facelift like the i10 and the iX20 MPV
  3. Candy White 1.2 Polo CL

    Congrats on your new Polo mate! Long list of customisations there. However, I feel that the premium mats are are priced steep. The OEM stereo, what make is it? Edit : Why the extra hood insulator? Any specific reason? designersf2010-09-28 11:00:28

    Both is it? X5 and F10 5-Series? Looks like he is a big fan of BMWs. Why not try out the GL or Q7 instead of the X5? A BMW and one other brand?
  5. That's a very good figure for the automatic i10. Pune's traffic not as bad as other metros I guess. I used to get different fuel economies depending on the time of driving as well. If you drive in off-peak hours, higher fuel economy is assured.
  6. SCOOP : After Polo,-- is it FIGO 1.6 on cards.??

    Fusion was discontinued to make way for the Figo's production. The 1.6S Figo with a mild increase in price is what we need. It will boost Figo'ss ales further!
  7. Hyundai ix20.

    Good car and will work in Europe but not in India. iX20 gets 1.4L 89bhp petrol and diesel with manual transmissions. Automatic is mated to 1.6L 125bhp petrol engine.
  8. Facelifted Captiva.

    The current engine is a 2.0L VCDi producing 150bhp. Maybe the 2.2L is the next generation. Scorpio, Safari and Aria also 2.2L diesels btw.
  9. Here comes: Ford Endeavour 4x2 AT

    Feeling the heat from the Fortuner. Fortuner sold five times as muas as the Endeavour in August. Crucially, how much cheaper is the automatic 4X2 compared to the 4X4?
  10. SCOOP : After Polo,-- is it FIGO 1.6 on cards.??

    Forget about that, for us enthusiasts, a 1.6 Figo with perfect ride and handling and decent interiors at a lower price will do. The Polo 1.6 will get serious competition here if Ford decide to bring the Figo 1.6S soon.

    There is a mild difference in the interior tones between the Vento and Polo and the Vento's will appear as black to most people. I drove the city only recently quite thoroughly and the cabin plastics quality didnt impress me. The floor console specially would move on either side with a gentle push. Vento seems to feel like a rock in comparison
  12. Facelifted Captiva.

    Certainly looks much more aggressive than the present Captiva. Should keep sales ticking over at GM India. Would be better if Chevy bring the 181bhp diesel engine to compete with the R-Line Santa Fe. designersf2010-09-14 08:57:42
  13. Damaged Car Sold As New

    @driftpunk - How can we expect a layman to have a checklist and ensure he gets a new model? Very few actually do that, even if you have the list with you. In general, you trust the dealer and manufacturer to give you a brand new product, especially Honda. I do not know what happened in this specific case though.
  14. Is BEAT facing the HEAT ?

    It seems Beat's second gear acceleration problem has been sorted by a software fix for the ECU. One of my friends got it done during his second service. In-gear acceleration is better now it seems (specially 2nd gear)
  15. Exactly. This is a private project and government's refusal is a good thing. The track will be privately and professionally managed. The politicians have been kept out of this one for good. Good for India and I just hope the CWG mess doesnt go against the first Indian F1 GP