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  1. There is a mild difference in the interior tones between the Vento and Polo and the Vento's will appear as black to most people. I drove the city only recently quite thoroughly and the cabin plastics quality didnt impress me. The floor console specially would move on either side with a gentle push. Vento seems to feel like a rock in comparison

  2. Actually, the front view, in my opinion is like the Beat now. Its too large with a wide mouth. Its too flashy (read heavy face) and I prefer the present i10 compared to this. The face is too large compared to the rest of the car. Anyways, it is a veru successful model and will continue selling like hot cakes. 1.2L VTVT will help sales too

  3. You got it right DD. The three cars are Vento, City and Linea T-Jet. I dont see any reason why the City should win. The Linea's only pain are the aftersales and maybe fuel economy (higher torque lower down might help short shifts and improve economy). Interior quality is top class (except for some places), styling is on dot and the ride and handling too will be perfect. It could be the best all-rounder (petrol car) under Rs 10 lakhs.


    btw, I did test drive the City and it is seriously mindblowing.

  4. Standard 2000 was an awesome Rover SD1 (Special Division-1) in the UK. It came with a V8 and its interiors were from the future (UK version). It had the looks of a Ferrari (they did indeed copy some Ferrari). Unfortunately, it came with a 1.8L engine for India eventhough those looks deserved more. Naturally, it failed, thanks to HM

  5. Performance and fuel efficiency will definitely be inferior compared to the Vento, which is two whole segments down. Are Skoda trying out a Corporate/Executive version of the Superb by any chance? The 1.6L Diesel makes more sense in the Laura than the Superb. Not sure if the Superb can manage with just 105bhp.