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  1. Mitsubishi could be the one. They might buyout HMs stuff and start their fresh new chapter in India. Another distant possibility is Mazda or Subaru or Isuzu. What about Daihatsu, Toyota's small car brand? Just found that Mitsuoka is Japanese as well !
  2. The Fiesta 1.6S would have been a natural choice but I'm being told that it is discontinued . Test drove the City today and I must say, it is one hell of a great car.
  3. Mistakes happen.. If something of this sort had happened during their routine testing, then they would have corrected it. Turns out that such fires occured only on customer vehicles..Anyways, one issue sorted
  4. Don't forget the Nissan Leaf! A truly all electric car but for hybrids, it is the Prius and maybe the Insight too?
  5. Vento is the overall better car. Quality and performance of the Vento will beat the verna. Moreover, the recent facelift to the Verna is not exactly good looking (my opinion). Finally, this might not matter to enthusiasts (like us), but the VW brandname will seal the deal for many others.
  6. A-Star is meant for Export and is doing rather well in Europe. A better option would be to bring the Japanese market A-Star that is considerably larger but again that will interfere into the sales of the WagonR and Estilo. Its a difficult situation for them to manage all the models
  7. Guys, this survey only covers new vehicle buying experience. It does not take into account After Sales.
  8. I would like to see Renault's Duster make it to India at this point. Should come cheap to an extent if they localise it (Rs 7 lakhs maybe?) and has loads of presence and off-road ability.
  9. As such, Maruti will not/never launch a diesel version fo the A-Star as there is no suitable engine. If you want a small diesel car, wait for the Beat Diesel coming in end-2010 to early-2011
  10. Figo Petrol is underpowered when you look for excitement. If performance is your primary requirement, then the Swift will do. Looking at the acceleration figures, the Micra is not too far behind either. its less then a second slower to 100km/h. I even hear that its got better ride and handling than the Swift too. It is worth a try.
  11. Actually, I went through Honda Motor India's website and found that the Jazz is actually localised to 77%. Here is an excerpt from Honda India's website "Honda Jazz is being manufactured at HSCI
  12. This Stig will drive off an aircraft and will be replaced by his British Cousin I guess
  13. EVs arent entirely fuel free either. Where does electricity come from? We burn coal and fossil fuels to generate a large part of electricity in India. So unless we shift to renewable sources, you are still polluting the environment by using EVs. btw, the Leaf is a good car and being the first car in its segment will give it a big boost
  14. I must add that in ebtween I have come across other magazines but none of them could quite match ACI's quality. They are undoubtedly No1. I buy Top gear India mag too but that is more of a lifestyle mag
  15. Actually interior quality of Figo is decent and way above that of the new WagonR. This is the first time I'm hearing somebody say that the Figo is 'in no way enjoyable to drive'. Its the best driver's car in the segment. How can you comment on the resale of the Figo so soon? I suggest you look at the Micra, Figo diesel and Swift.
  16. I agree. Maintenance will be a big issue for BMWs and Skodas but if you want them, you got to pay for them! I still agree with you DD - Yeti is a great car but those looking for mighty on-road presence will be disappointed.
  17. @sarabjeet - Still, dieselw ould be more expensive and would you take the R-class over the GL, Range Rover, X5 and the lot?
  18. 325d it is for me or maybe even the X1. @DD - Don't forget the locally assembled Land Rover Freelander 2 that is coming soon
  19. @DD - You are right. Indian Lancer has a naturally aspirated diesel engine. It uses Indirect Injection and just 8 valves as you pointed out.
  20. Congrats to ACI. I have personally followed ACI sicne 2003. I have all the issues from that time onwards. I personally give credit to ACI for my success during school and college days.
  21. Its a 7-seater and will definitely cost upwards of Rs 20 lakh as it is a CBU, unless Hyundai skimp on equipment which I dont think they will. Moreover, the interiors are poor (ACI) compared to the competition. Maybe some enthusiasts who want the 200bhp R-line may get it but all that power and 2000kgs weight, monocoque construction (platform shared with Sonata) and no real off-road capabilities. Is it worth the money? Fortuner is definitely better. We even have the mighty Endeavour. If you want performance, look at the Laura TSi ***EDIT - Just checked Hyundai USA site - the Santa Fe range starts at Rs 10 lakhs and goes up to Rs 15 lakhs for the top of the line PETROL. Not diesel mind you. So I expect it to come at a price.*** designersf2010-09-01 07:46:41
  22. The Yen is getting very strong and that will impact all the cars/parts that come from Japan. In April and May, we got 2 Yen for every rupee but now, we just get 1.80. In 2007, we got close to 3 Yen per rupee! All Japanese cars will cost more as the loss is too much to be borne by the manufacturer. CBUs like Accord, Camry and Teana will be badly hit
  23. The big question - Would I buy it? In a word - NO. Rs 60 lakhs!! There are better SUVs for that price like the GL and Q7. Moreover its a MPV but has a petrol engine. I think Merc are going too far here.
  24. If the market has grown at a lesser pace, then their share is up. 32% is a huge rise though. Any idea of the month on month figure?
  25. SX4 DDiS, if launched will be priced at least a lakh higher than the Dzire spec on spec. It may steal very less in terms of sales but its real competition are the Linea, Vento and Verna