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  1. It actually is a cheaper version of the Korean Accent/Verna that is currently sold there. The RB is what India will get
  2. Smart? Still doesnt make sense to me. Fiat 500 or Beetle btw, talking of second hand cars, came across a mint condition Nissan R34 GT-R for sale in bangalore for Rs 15 lakhs.
  3. You might be right but an all new engine will mean extensive modifications to the engine bay and engine mounts which are expensive. Moreover, VW's engine components are imported meaning price will be high. I'm not sure if Maruti will bend for this one especially since the all new SX4 will come in 2012
  4. @winner - Hotdog car designersf2010-08-31 07:41:09
  5. +1 Exactly. New Swift and facelifted i10 with new VTVT engine will be out during October. Wait for them and make your choice
  6. Get the Fiat 500 for that price. Fiat 500 with better engines and features are headed to India in the future. Wait and get that. It's the best small car in Europe
  7. Really? Maruti earlier announced that they will only launch the next-generation SX4 with a diesel option. Competition from Vento, City and Linea has prompted action. It will be the 90bhp 1.3L Multijet and should be quick and efficient. An automatic version would be too good but I'm still skeptical
  8. I guess the Yeti could get a 1.2Tsi later on in its life. Else, I predict the nearest ones are VW and Nissan. The Supercharged Micra will be exported to Europe, why not sell limited edition Sports version in India?
  9. We had this thread before. Good attempt to restart it. Seems to be an unique car. Fuel filler is on the bonnet. DOnt know yet
  10. I was just hearing some rubbish talk from friends that they select new bikes only with the help of a mechanic. It seems they take the mechanic and he starts the engine and revs it. The mechanic identifies if there is any fault (just by revving !! ) and occassionally take it for a short spin. Then they decide if the bike is perfect or not. It seems one of my friends' mechanic rejected 5 Unicorns (brand new, just delivered from factory) because they were faulty and bought the 6th one. This sounds stupid to me. Has anybody ever heard of such a thing? All the guysa re under some sort of misconception. I cant help but laugh. I argued saying that some bikes would have run in the same kilometres (factory test and pre-delivery check). The difference makes no sense as all bikes would be the same. Moreover, how can one say that one bike is superior just by revving it (ins ome cases, its 1km ride)? Anybody else can tell more on this? It sounds like utter nonsense to me!
  11. Petrol for sure if driving enthusiasm is what Im looking for. Diesel might take preference when it is slightly above petrol.
  12. Is this just a display car or does it actually run? I guess the car will get crushed once they remove it from the pedestal it is on.
  13. I dont really think that it will hit the 23.5 lakh price tag. Im definitely waiting to see how much it costs. It will be 25 or little higher (my guess). Cant really compete with the X1 which will be a coupleof lakhs lesser. Might not worry the Fortuner that much as Toyota's service network is far ahead meaning you can own the Fortuner in smaller cities and still get it serviced.
  14. Another take at the X6? The roof seems to slope tremendously towards the rear. Only a test drive can confirm the rear space but more than that, this small crossover is what people are looking for.
  15. Saw the pictures. Looks like a good concept. They did mention that the production centres will be close to populated areas meaning India is definitely on their list. Possibly in 2013-2014?
  16. If you look at month on month sales then Honda and Fiat both are doing well than Maruti and others. + Fiat have lost sales compared to one year ago. last year it was around 2400 while this year in June, it is around 2100. It was expected of Honda. Cruze, Fortuner and Superb are eating into the shares of Civic, CR-V and Accord. Jazz is already a part of history. Only a matter of time before Vento and the others take out the City
  17. AC does take a toll on the performance of any car (other than ones over 80bhp) and the Beat is no exception but personally, as drnishu pointed out, you cant rev the nuts off in first gear and then shift to second. Realistically, try to shift around 20km/h and check, otherwise your Beat will return lower fuel economy
  18. 370Z is 64 on-road Mumbai. So its a lot expensive and although the Evo's interiors and quality dont befit a Rs 40 lakh car, it is my choice simply because there is no better driver's car out there in India
  19. The latest purple on silver looks spectacular. just hope Tata Motors releases a range of add-ons for the Nano just like Fiat did for the 500. I can spec mine to my taste.
  20. Lol, it looks like an Audi Q5 with the grille turned upside down. Look at the side profile more closely and you know what I mean. A diesel will kick other SUVs (even the Outlander)
  21. I got a real Chinese plastic replica for just 100. Bought it because it is India's symbol in the au to field. PS-my model is battery operated and plays Jai Ho song as it keeps rolling around.
  22. I had driven the Beat and didn't face any such problems specifically. Maybe you short shifted to 2nd gear (in 10-15km/h probably?) and floored it. I found its performance to be responsive and good even before it was run in. I drove it with three onboard and the vehicle is quick enough to beat most hatchbacks and the third gear especially works well.
  23. Simple and good. Should make it to India no matter what
  24. Yes. It is beefed up and is expected to get a Kizashi like front end. This is an all new model based on a new platform and not a single panel is shared. Its got evolutionary styling and Kizashi like interiors. Should be a great car
  25. Yup, you can either wait or get the Figo TDCi (which also has a waiting period of a month) or the Indigo eCS. However, I feel that waiting from October 2009 is too outrageous. It might be a one-off or is everybody facing the same problem?