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  1. I check it out too and space is definitely on par with the Swift at the front with more legroom at the rear. Boot is larger than the smaller hatchbacks with 226L and is well shaped too. The beige colour used does look monotonous though. Beige with splashes of black would have looked better in my opinion. Quality is overall very good with good fit and finish. The control stalks are very solid but the rear underthigh support is just about acceptable. With regards to styling, it is to the buyer to decide. Apart from the styling (which is personal opinion), the car is very good.
  2. your explanation makes most sense to me. As far as I can see, nobody would buy a mini-Xylo with a m-Kite engine and I guess the World SUV will get the M-Vulture engine But the Xylo is Body on frame design while the Logan is Monocoque. Will take lots of time to develop ground-up designersf2010-06-04 09:09:33
  3. I got the picture from this link. If this is how it will look, then its not great but good looking. designersf2010-06-03 11:22:58
  4. Are these the pictures of the Beat diesel or the Beat EV? I guess that it could be the EV on the lines of the Spark EV but the engine clatter and presence of tailpipes do mean that this could be a diesel. Nice scoop though! Beat the Figo
  5. Their cars are really good, only the After Sales needs to be taken care of. They need individual sales and service centres to give them a boost.designersf2010-05-29 05:14:57
  6. Good decision Cyrus. The Micra is a good car. People need to look beyond the exterior styling. It is a genuine Swift competitor with lots of kit and higher quality at a price comparable to premium hatchbacks. Never knew cars cost so much in Bangalore though! 14% Road tax is just too much.
  7. The headlamps just look like that on the Pulsar without the visor!
  8. Exactly. From the Maruti range, its got to be the WagonR else it will either be the Beat (petrol) or Figo (diesel)
  9. I say its a good move. Only way to remain competitive is to produce locally..
  10. It really is a bit too much. As far as i know, VW has got the momentum they needed. Now they need to make sure their sales and service are taken care properly. Offer test drives to people, after all even if the person cannot afford one, his valuable words (word of mouth) will prove helpful
  11. The website is now live - I registered and immediately received an acknowledgement.
  12. @CB - I think you went a bit too much there. We will have to wait and see if this is better looking than the Fortuner. And good news from Cyrus too. I would like to say that Mahindra is India's Land Rover or am i wrong?
  13. Great weekend to look forward to. Lots of changes in the cars
  14. The offset grille looks great! I love that design element. This is a made-for-India car. Look at the plastic cladding - it means that dents and scratches wont cost a bomb to repair. Moreover, the high-ish ground clearance would help in India. The interiors are very well designed too and this car should make it to India! @ Fiat Bring it to India and price it below the Punto!
  15. Dzire and City have both crosses 1,00,000 i believe. Although the fiesta has crossed 1,00,000, it sold some 200 units lesser than even the Verna in March saying that it is indeed losing out market share. Ford needs to bring their new Fiesta sedan to stay alive in the competition, especially since the VW Vento is almost here
  16. My prayers are definitely there Bala. Sad to hear that such a thing has happened. Wish her a speedy recovery
  17. A better idea would be to use a simulation software that will tell us what changes we could expect.
  18. You are somehow completely wrong. Micra and A-Star have nothing in common. Micra is based on the new V-platform and it is 2cm longer than the Swift (nothing big) but it ias as big as the Swift which I guess can be compared to the Figo and Punto. Moreover, it will come with a 1.5 diesel which should offer loads of torque and great fuel efficiency as the Logan is one of the most effiicient in its class. The Micra is around 100kgs lighter too which should make it more efficient. The diesel will come at a later stage, maybe by the end of the year. designersf2010-05-03 06:41:54
  19. I think VW are better off just sharing platforms rather than badge engineering Suzuki's models. It will only spoil their reputation.
  20. @winner48 - What is the present duties for imported bikes? Is it the same 110% as that for cars? By how much is it expected to reduce?
  21. With rising input costs, I think Honda will find it very difficult to meet the lower part of the 4-5 lakh price bracket. Maybe 4.5 is possible for the base. For the Jazz, Winner has said it all.
  22. I suggest you look at the Beat and test drive it as it fits your budget. It is small and has lesser space compared to the Ritz. Ritz is a great car but you might need to extend your bedget and since you have been with Maruti, continue with them.
  23. I think Toyota is going the mass appeal way. They seem to be more interested in making cars that appeal to everybody than target a specific crowd. The only area where Toyota has so far outdone Honda is in SUVs. Oh and I just remembered, the Lexus LF-A is an awesome car too.
  24. designersf


    Welcome man! Enjoy yourself and as Cyrus already mentiong, go through the rules
  25. The so called SUV in the first pic is massive! I wonder how much power the engine makes and how fast the car can actually go. I guess it can top 20km/h with such huge tyres! Reminds me of Top Gear's South American special edition where JC and Hammond fit huge tyres and pay the price