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  1. You can do that but you need a specific ECU for that. Aftermarket ones like Motec offer a port that can be connected to laptop.
  2. He is offering a discount of Rs 15,000-20,000 I think..Its still too pricey for the Jazz..Remeber way back when Autocar predicted that the Jazz would cost around Rs 5 lakhs? Everytime I think of that, I only laugh
  3. @Endless I think the WagonR has got a very peppy engine now. Who told the K10B is not peppy? And the Santro's is the worst upgrade ever. They did nothing at all while the WagonR has got new everything and you are a Hyundai fan which explains why you have placed the Ritz below the i10. I feel even the beat is better than the i10 which is just an overpriced hatchback. Your review is overall too biased and makes no sense at all. I agree that it has lost boot space et al, but there are some good points too.
  4. That is one awesome achievement! I cant believe he did it in less than 50 minutes..Is there any video of this feat?
  5. @ rkw 12 -Water mixed with a mild dose of household glass cleaner will do the job.
  6. It has gained lots of fat, a no-no for a Beemer although the weight has remained the same. The extra bulk coupled with an electronic PS has stripped the new 5-Series of the best driver's sedan tag. The styling too passes off as just another BMW and nothing revolutionary like the present 5. Chris Bangle's styling was breathtaking. Bring Bangle back!
  7. @asethi and coolboy007 Even I'm an enthusiast and would wish they put the petrol 1.4T but think of the rest of the people. We can take it, they cant. VGT does not affect fuel efficiency in any way. It makes more power and thus would reduce FE marginally. That's all.
  8. The gearbox is the same. Tata have tweaked it that's all. Moreover, the Punto is heavier than the Vista which makes it slower.
  9. It is the same. T he engine is the same Multijet with a new monicker called Quadrajet and the gearbox is from the Punto/Palio (I'm not sure which one) with modified gear ratios. So, Drivetech4 is just their way of marketing the BS4 Vista and nothing more. The normal BS4 Quatrajet Vista is Drivetech4 now.
  10. You are on a tight budget hence Figo is the best bet. The Punto and Fabia are quite expensive. Punto s tarts at Rs 5 lakhs for the base diesel while the top end Figo Titanium is 5.6-5.8 on-road. The engine is brilliant too - no lag and excellent fuel economy. Ride and handling is No1 too. So its a good car and better take a test drive and see what you feel
  11. There is no reason for one to consider the older Zen Estilo. The new model is the new benchmark. Its got a great engine and upgraded styling and interiors. The sales as carispassion has already mentioned is steadily growng but I do not know how the new WagonR will impact sales of Estilo hereafter.
  12. Alright.. Try it out and let us know what we can achieve
  13. Fiat's 1.3 Multijet in the Linea is a decent engine. Although it does not have the most power, it is very driveable. Even then, the VW brand name will also help the sales of the Vento. I dont quite like its rear styling though. Ford will have to bring their new Fiesta sedan in order to stay alive.
  14. COCO bunks usually have aboard that says that they are operated by the company. However, in Chennai, there is one of BP's biggest bunks, also a COCO and they are bloody cheaters. The calibration is completely improper. It delivers only 0.9l or something but the meter shows 1 L. Moreover, they dont show us the ) setting most of the time. So even COCO cannot be entirely trusted too. The bunk is BP in Mogappair, Chennai
  15. It is a normal computer like chip. That much I know. Its got on-board readable and re-programmable memory. @Cyrus - Scorpio petrol uses a Renault 2.0L engine right? How come you got a petrol Scorpio? and have you run the cd? what all parameters does it ask?
  16. Hurray for CSK! Congrats to the entire team on their performance. They won the tournament coming from behind designersf2010-04-26 06:44:22
  17. Here come the Beemers! BMW's have always been the better choice compared to E-class but ACUK says that the new 5 is on par with the new E and the decision now rests with the individual to choose which car he/she prefers. Should be an interesting battle when it reaches India
  18. Cyrus! you are 100% right. It happens when their pockets are empty and moreover, they actually book a case sometimes to show a record to the department. It happens all the time in Chennai. Its good to see these norms and hope they are adapted in every state and followed strigently
  19. Even though FIat is improving, I feel Fiat needs to open up dedicated service centres, if not showrooms. Tata's dealers are keen on selling Tata cars rather than Fiats. Its good to see FIat rising up the ranks though. For me its got to be Maruti. Few niggles here and there but then, all is well
  20. Petrol hot hatchbacks wont sell well in India. FIat might end up with loads of complaints telling that the 1.4 T-Jet returns poor fuel economy and that is going to upset the Punto brand name and result in the same fate that killed the Palio. The 90bhp diesel is a sensible move by Fiat and if power is bumped up, we could see a Fiat one make racing series juse like the Polo cup!
  21. Yeah..This is a good initiative. Should go a long way in promoting 2 wheeled motorsports. Funny to hear that a mixer grinder company is sponsoring this!
  22. @DD - Service will hit you badly but come on man, its a BMW and nothing gets close to that experience
  23. I understand the cost cutting measures but why not share the platforms and atleast make the models look different?
  24. Yes true sgiitk. However, the Outlander has no chance if it is a full import. I'm not sure if it is a CBU or SKD/CKD but i feel assembling it in India with a diesel motor and a facelift can evoke good response. However, there is till poor dealer network from HM. I feel Mitsubishi should break their venture and start their own network or else push HM
  25. VW is evaluating launching the Golf in India. So this could be their preliminary test. Maybe VW were evaluating Indian conditions too. Yes, Pune will host a race in the VW Polo cup, and its a street circuit.