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  1. @creativebala - Before closing their plant, Fiat would have definitely built up enough inventory to take care of sales during the shut down period.
  2. I never thought that the R/// would be such a huge copy. FOrgetting patents and stuff, they should make something new rather than go with the existing designs. Optra is a Suzuki Liana if Im right. There is another thread on this topic. request the mods to merge them.
  3. I know vinnet. The new Sonata YF/i40 is simply spectacular. However, if fully imported, it would cost over Rs 20 lakhs. So, if Hyundai assembled it in India and then sells it sround for Rs 15lakhs, they willd efinitely have a winner in their hands simply because the car is so spectacular that brand name simply doesnt matter
  4. Fiat covers ECU under warranty and this being such a big issue, they will definitely replace it but I hope the issue is something small and doesnt go upto the extent of the ECU being replaced. I feel that there might only be a problem with the Instrument console controller.
  5. . creativebala, 2-cylinders engine do sound that way but once tweaked, they could remain silent but their trademark sound will always remain. I'm personally against Maruti going for a 2-cylinder engine in the Alto
  6. Hey sb-alto, the engine makes just 130bhp? The normal 320d makes 174bhp! How did the power reduce by 44bhp? ysvishnu - Congrats man! You have bought yourself an amazing machine! Jump for Joy; Joy is BMW
  7. Actually, reducing the price would mean a huge reduction in profit margins which many companies will never take. So they would rather be investing the same money in setting up an assembly plant as it would help in the long term. Depends on the brand. Lets see how the market responds to this
  8. Renault owns 44% of Nissan. So Nissan is majority owned by Renault. (source : Wiki) So the best option for both the companies would be to share facilities so that their investment in setting up dealerships is also shared,which would ultimately lead to a huge cost saving. In the present situation, I think that Renault would want to share the sales and service but this would introduce sibling rivalry. So, we wait for the eventual verdict.
  9. designersf

    BMW X1

    The reign of the soft-roaders is here. It will spell doom for most others but the X1 is quite small. Even then, the brand name and the off-roader looks will definitely win a lot of hearts. The rear especially looks sensational on the X1
  10. Yup. I agree. MS is the greatest by a long margin but what a spectacular retuen by Massa! He is simply flying!
  11. BMW's commitment ot India is the very commendable. Other manufacturers like Honda (CR-V), Mitsubishi (Outlander), Nissan (X-trail and Teana) etc say that the volumes in the Indian market are very less to go in for local assembly, BMW put its faith in India and directly went ahead and decided to assemble and sell the X1. This is nothing short of excellent and BMW will definitely give all the SUV's a big run for their money. Same thing will happen to all the sedans as well. Hats off to BMW for taking the ultimate driving machines to the masses so that everybody can enjoy their cars
  12. I tried pushing it out with my hand but the metal is so strong and hence could not achieve anything. Now I will have to take it to an experienced guy to get it pushed out. @Durangodude : Tinkering will be a pain if the colours do not match the original paint and this will be an even bigger problem like you mentioned. So evaluating my options now.
  13. I have been an user of Petro card of BP for over 5 years now and its always been very useful. Just load it up in the beginning of the month and forget about maintaining change and paying everytime. Moreover, you get more points if you buy at the stores at BP and even more if you buy lubricants using the petro card
  14. Yes. Now, Tata are a sponsor for Ferrari but as creativebala pointed out, the TCS logo is missing.
  15. @Bornfree - I will be looking at your option if it is possible @creativebala - I thought TVS were one of the ebst in Chennai. I removed the door trim myself ( merits of being Mech Engineer) and tried to push it but my god its too difficult. It does move out like plastic but comes back to its dented position. @anjan - Im aware of that. I will have to do the maths before I choose my option. @subzero - Thats correct but being an automobile enthusiast myself, I wouldnt want a car to be damaged, even if it belongs to my enemy. It is after all a waste of money and resources
  16. Hey Guys, check out for their collections. The prices for normal 1:18's seems to be the same but they have some latest cars.
  17. The front styling, especially the nose looks fabulous. It is one awesome looking car and this will be the first time Schumacher will fight with Ferrari after his titles so it should be very interesting. What will bring down the excitement will be the ban on refueling which will reduce the in-race excitement
  18. Etios. I have lost count of the number of times have we discussed about this car. It will definitely face stiff competition from all the new cars, especially the Polo which I predict will do everything better than the Etios (except space). If brand name mattered and styling, price didnt, the Etios would sell well; otherwise there are loads of other hatchbacks that get the job done better.
  19. Its got a huge price tag. With Toyota's brand image going down due to the recall, lets see who buys one. More than that, who would put Rs 26 lakh on a Prius knowing that it would not fetch any resale value (over a period of 5 years, battery needs replacement) nor would the service costs be low. As far as I can see, it doesnt give you a so called image as well. A diesel Laura or Superb will be the better bet. Finally, where ever you go, you will have to bear the onlookers mumbling how you spent Rs 26 lakhs on a Prius!
  20. I'm highly grateful to all you guys for replying. I will upload a picture as soon as possible.
  21. The 2CV is the concept shows at Auto Expo and thats the car Honda will make in Thailand too for the Eco car project. Judging the concept is fine but not about the practicality so soon. Maybe Honda wants to show the concept and take feedback from us. Could be that somebody from Honda is observing what we speak about their small car!
  22. Hi guys, just a couple of weeks ago, My Chevrolet Spark had a small accident by a mad rich fellow. I had my car parked and he reversed without even looking behind his car.He had a Corolla and spoke like he is god. Absolutely no care for what he had done and replied "Go and use your insurance - Get Lost". This was his response. I was absolutely angry withy this ***** by name Hariharan from Chennai. My query is - The impact was low speed and resulted in a big dent in my rear left door. The low speed meant very less paint damage. Only the metal has moved inside (quite a bit). The car is less than a year old. So need help on deciding whether I can get it done or live with it. If I need to get it tinkered, what would be the cost? I will post the pictures soon
  23. @creativebala - I'm from Chennai too. And good ambition for which we need to beat Team BHP!!
  24. Its taken me too long to post this but anyways better late than never. Here I go Ps2, Acer One 1gb 120gb, Normal desktop with 1gb 80gb and a Nokia 1600 and a Sony video walkman. Nothing else I can add to this.