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  1. 12-14 kms/l probably at 3 am going downhill with the wind on your tail
  2. Either an amount of gas has leaked or the condensor/radiator fan is not running properly.
  3. barry

    Idle Rpm...

    The reason engine idle speed is increased when the engine is cold is to overcome the increase in friction encountered due to lower than optimal operating temperature not to kick start the alternator or to warm the engine up faster. The reason you can start of and drive in most/all gears is due to the higher low end torque of a diesel engine, and as long as you dont rev it too high you do not have to run at idle for any length of time and can drive off as soon as you start we seem to have a lot of myths and incorrect things advised and passed down from generation to generation. As far as normal idle rpm the more cylinders the engine has the lower it is kept ie a 3cyl idles 800-900 4cyl 650-750.
  4. bmw have now announced that hence forth cup holders will not be provided in any of their India bound cars and prospective buyers will need to undergo breath and blood analysis.
  5. maybe they give us less powerful engines because they feel people here are not mature enough to handle them, and by and large I think that is a fair assessment
  6. then who does that 5-6k that you mentioned go to
  7. I hope all of you appreciate the effort that I am making to be popular and liked by one and all on this forum
  8. You end up spending 5-6k every month on speakers that are replaced under warranty? Amazing! Also as you use your car approximately 50 hours a week how often do you change engine oil? Every 1.5 months?
  9. I wonder if you can see beyond your own nose are people who buy mobile models early, ***** because the price drops by over 50% over a period of time? Likewise computers etc? In this forum we need a big sign saying THINK BEFORE HITTING THE KEYS. Assuming ofcourse you have the capacity to do so. Companies are there to carry out business not charity and they will price their products according to what they feel the market will bear and not what barking dogs feel it should be. So sorry if that does not fit into your view of how the world should be run. We have enough of ***** as politicians who do the same.
  10. You seem a bit confused and also do not take into account that an increase in base price would have a compounding effect on the otr price because of registration ott insurance etc. Also nobody seems to have commented on my observation that it is the Indian companies that have sold us substandard products for years
  11. made in india or fully imported would have nothing to do with the price difference between the corolla and camry would it?
  12. I dont know how you make such a ridiculous statement by and large international companies give us quality products compared to premier and hindustan motors which for decades sold us junk quality and now are joined by Tata to an extent as well. You are not a politician by any chance are you?
  13. barry

    Car Vandals

    from personal experience?
  14. ? ? ? thank you barry for seeking clarification. and for proving my point that most skoda loyalists are uninformed. You are so deluded that you cant figure out what the articles actually say
  15. skoda a budget brand internationally? That was shed years ago shows how little you know though.