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  1. A similar front grille is fine to carry over the Nissan family look. What i'd really like to see in the facelift is the kink in the rear passenger window area changed. If the sheet metal instead of curving up and limiting the window glass at the end of the rear door sill, goes on straight to the end of the door i.e in a more conventional manner, then the quirkiness of the car is toned down and it'll improve the looks quite a bit.
  2. Will this car fit inside the 4m size? I really felt Honda missed a trick with the previous Jazz. When the price fell, i'd recommended a friend to go in for it and he's been a happy bunny ever since. I hope Honda prices it well this time and brings in a paddle shift AT box - that'll be perfect.
  3. Thought provoking and unique topic. I've seen and owned many cars where the interior look just did not match up to the rest of the car with grey dash colour which is an absolute no. My first take would also be black Dashboard, Instrument panel, gear console - A matte black dashboard and gear console with leather wrapped gear and a simple glossy black gearknob. Rectangular AC vents with thin chrome surrounds note chrome and not silver paint which looks tacky. The drivers and center console can be lit up with a soothing white or blue backlights. Seats - A combination of black and beige fabric, For indian conditions (read Very Hot most of the time), I prefer cloth seats rather than leather. However if leather then combination could be black seats with red piping Doors - Again a combination of black and beige with chrome door opening levers (I have a partiality towards chrome door levers, dont know why) Lighting - Mainly 3 lights within the cabin. At the front set of 2 left and right map lights, one more powerful central cabin light and a flexible reading light at the back. Well, I put some thought into this but not too much. Hope to come up with better ideas. what about the rest of the folks?
  4. I depends on the overall package. If the Enjoy comes with the 3yr maintenance package then thats definitely a plus. I haven't sat in either so cannot compare first hand on space, comfort etc. despite there being online reviews. Having to choose, on the face of it, it will be the Ertiga - known quantity, looks are decent, proven engine, good coverage of dealerships and reliability (I personally own a Wagon R which goes on and on without complaining while other cars have come and gone from our family).
  5. Spot on here and my thoughts exactly. A lot of folks bu cars just to commute within cities at an affordable rate. Within cities, for most of the time the car doesn't cross 60-70 km/h so the engine power doesn't matter. And these cars if driven correctly can be used for short highway trips outside cities e.g. a Mumbai-Lonavla, ok you might arrive in Lonavla 30 mins faster in the car in PlatzdaTurbo's profile pic, but does it really matter if the customer does this once a year only? This is the kind of TG that these small diesels are aimed at and rightly so.
  6. I'd choose the Manza, its a complete VFM car compared to the Vento. The only place where the Vento scores is with its stonking diesel engine, but there the in-city driveability due to turbo lag and cost of purchasing the top end Vento will deter me.
  7. I suggest that a mobile app for the forum be made ASAP. A lot of corporate firewalls block automotive sites and forums. So i'd rather prefer a mobile app. Plus the sheer convenience of a mobile app means it will take hardly few minutes to open up the forum and post, wherever you are and whenever you want to post - while travelling (not driving), tea breaks at work, when you have a few minutes to kill but not enough to boot up the PC/Laptop and log on - the list is endless.
  8. @PrancingHorse, Thanks for the coverage of the event. These are the prices that will get the Dzire sweating. I've yet to see the Amaze but I've read reaports that the interiors in the Dzire are better - possibly the only thing in Dzire's favour apart from the dealership network. I guess we'll soon see the impact in the monthly sales figures. I won't be surprised if steeper discounts are given on the Dzire - the current version just seemed like a market skimming price strategy by Maruti.
  9. Its high time that Tata Motors started getting some cross-group love from JLR. The reason for todays perception of tata vehicles is their quality (or lack thereof)....in everything. i hope they borrow not only the engine tech from JLR but also their design and quality standards. I dont mind paying 50K more for a tata car as long as it is well built and can give me a hassle-free ownership experience i.e. no unexpected breakdowns after 4yrs of ownership, no fleecing from service centers.
  10. This is an interesting hypothetical scenario If Maruti did not have the 1.3 MJD, they would not be leading the charts. However, considering that the Alto and Wagon R - both petrol engined cars - are among top sales performers for Maruti, I don't think they would be too far behind. Remember that the diesel Swift came out almost 1.5yrs after the petrol engined model which was already a runaway sensation. And Maruti has been one company which has been unafraid to experiment with alternative fuel (CNG/LPG) powered cars and you have to wonder why other manufacturers haven't followed that trend quickly. So to summarize this scenario, maruti would still be strong (maybe even leading) in the small car segment with Alto, Wagon R and petrol Swift, but overall sales would probably be much closer to all other manufacturers. Its like comparing a fashion and class. Fashion is temporary and keeps changing, class is permanent. Similarly, this craze for diesel is also temporary. The companies which will be class leading consistently over decades will always be ones which have strong basics in place when building cars.
  11. Interesting to note a Rs. 1.2 lakh price difference between the base petrol and diesel variants. I wonder how they have priced things though.I was checking their website for prices in Thane and there is a difference of Rs. 70k between bottom and LS ABS diesel variants whereas for the petrol variants such a price comparison comes to only Rs. 30k.
  12. A Micra CVT priced will has the potential to get really good sales. Small car + Autobox = city driving nirvana and with diesel prices rising, in an year diesel vs petrol would be less of a debate. So a small car petrol engine + autobox will be more attractive.
  13. Everyone's mentioned the choices available with an AT gearbox and almost all with petrol engines. I'd suggest the Verna Diesel AT but it'll go above budget as PlatzdaTurbo mentioned. Do let us know more about how you'll be using the car i.e. city only, city + highway with lots of luggage on highway trips and other criteria which will help narrow down the choice.
  14. Honda needs to get this car in India ASAP to revive their flagging sales - an automatic variant will be great too! I didn't quite like the looks though, reminds me a bit of my recently sold Indigo CS especially the front and rear proportions. If honda manage to give as much space inside the car as the Indigo CS had then this could be a hit product - priced right.
  15. But why does the boot look so boxy. It's still a bit similar to the Dzire, and just slightly better looking. Anyway, high time Honda got this car out to market. Priced right, small car economy + sedan looks + Honda badge can be a runaway success.
  16. If the Nissan version of the duster is cheaper that would put it in the similar price range as the sunny. wow! that'll be a hit. however by 2014 there will be many more players in this area which is just great for us consumers!
  17. the question is why is maruti so quiet about the autobox options? Even I came to know only few months back that the wagon r (previous model) was also available with an autobox and this was nowhere mentioned on their website or by their sales people.
  18. Gomzi

    New ACI'er

    yes, aftermarket anything is dangerous if not installed and maintained properly. I had the kit checked before buying the car and will be getting my local installer to go over it carefully as soon as time permits. BTW, I just had a happy realization that both my cars - civic and wagon r - run on mainly on alternative,clean fuel! the govt should give tax breaks for such good behaviour :-)
  19. Gomzi

    New ACI'er

    yes, unsafe if not installed and maintained properly. I had the kit checked before buying the car and after an initial car servicing from Honda, will be getting my local installer to goover it with a fine tooth comb. BTW, I just realised that both my cars, the civic and the wagon r run on clean alternative fuels - the govt should give tax breaks for such good behaviour :-)
  20. That's Ajay Devgan's car. I distinctly remember him buying a white Quattroporte and don't recall seeing any other white Maserati's in Mumbai for the past few years.
  21. Disappointing to read this, especially after all the ruckus around paying the import duty for the car, and personally as a tifosi I find it shocking that someones sold a Ferrari to buy a GT-R.
  22. There doesn't seem to be any game changers in this list, however a couple of cars could throw up a surprise or two - the Honda Brio Automatic (for sheer small car/automatic convenience in our ever congested urban traffic landscape) and the facelifted Ford Figo (priced right is THE VFM candidate among diesel hatchbacks).
  23. Aah! If I was in the market for a new hatchback, this would definitely top the list. A small hatchback with an automatic gearbox is perfect for city driving, the only improvement to this combination would be a diesel engine - thats just me being greedy!
  24. Gomzi

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    All, thanks for the warm welcome! @AMG1 - I'll post a review of the car with the searching and buying experience. @prancinghorse - yes an automatic on CNG is the perfect option if you're clocking high city miles. @librankur - I was looking for a good Civic AT to convert to CNG, found this one which had already had a BRC kit in it. I've only had it for ~3 weeks and its not seen much running since then due to different priorities, so its mostly been running only in thane, stopping almost as soon as the engine warms up! Its the same age as my old car but with less than half the kms on it. I'll post a review of it with details. W.R.T. Automatics, I don't think the maintenance costs are scary. In my book buying a used AT car is likely to give you a better car (engine/gearbox wise) than a similar one with manual gears. Scouting for mechanics is only for some small work (non-mechanical) and minor servicing in the future - major services will be at Hallmark Honda, the local honda dealership.
  25. Nice pics of your car. Even though its been some time since I saw it, It never looked like a 8 yo car back then and you've maintained it beautifully! Now even i've purchased a pre-owned Honda so will be pinging you for tips on maintaining honda's without punching a permanent hole in my pocket