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  1. If condition of all options is good and exteriors are fine too, I think Civic is a good deal. I second @Bornfree that Corolla should also be available at this price point and segment.
  2. Boy i really thank GOD that i am not into the market for buying a hatch, because its mind boggling number of models with different qualities - Liva and Etios have the T badge, new Swift is good but will be too common, Micra, Ritz, Wagon R, Figo, Alto , i10, i20, Beat and more. I pray for the new hatch buyer that he gets what he needs because its too confusing.
  3. Post deleted: SMS Lingo/Slang not allowed on the Board. You are advised to go through the Board Rules & Regulations before proceeding further. BornFree2011-08-13 12:07:29
  4. Yes , he finally bit the bullet and went with his heart. White Punto active diesel is his new proud posession. I feel the deal he got from the dealer made it worth it. To sell his previous car was a problem too, hence he exchanged it with the new one at the dealership and also got loyalty discount - 20k, cash discount 10k, free insurance and 3 month diesel scheme 6.5k, almost 50k discount for a diesel (not so bad diesel actually) and all in all i think its a good deal. I wish him luck. What you guys think?
  5. Again test drove Punto, dealer had 90 hp for test drive, said would arrange for 75 hp one later. The ride is brilliant, i wasnt happy with engine noise when accelerating and the jerk when accelerator is pressed and left. Fellow owners can comment because the test drive vehicle was ill maintained with around 13k on odo. Doors felt solid, gearshift was average. His heart is all for punto, mind says beat, figo or swift. He is going to drive figo again, swift (old or new)- waiting will wipe it again from contention. When is the Beat diesel coming?
  6. He is going to wait for Beat diesel launch as of now, but day by day his passion to own a punto is increasing. Hope he gets what he needs.
  7. He is not happy with figo diesel only for the low ground clearance and susceptibility to under body damage when fully loaded, as he visits rural roads often. Ritz - he is not happy with the looks. Having owned a fiat - he is all praise for punto, service costs being the only apprehension. He liked the swift drive but the ride put a blemish on a good report card. He is all confused like all of us when we go for a new vehicle purchase. He wants reviews from existing punto, swift and figo owners, HELP please.
  8. After using his 6 year old Palio ELX 1.9 D and almost happy with it (but for fuel efficiency and service issues), he is looking for a replacement. He wants: Comfortable, well built, fuel efficient diesel hatch. He has shortlisted : Figo Diesel , Punto Diesel, Swift Diesel. (All base models). Cant wait for new models, wants it in a month or so. Does not want : Tata Indica Vista diesel, Ritz diesel, Indigo CS, Logan. Out of budget: Micra D, i20 diesel,Polo diesel. Worried about : Service costs and long term reliability. What do u guys advise ?
  9. Mahindra Scorpio - Better interiors, climate control. Tata Nano - Diesel engine. VW Polo - Vento Diesel 1.6 engine. Mahindra Verito -- More power (100 plus) from the 1.5 litre diesel engine. Suzuki SX4 -- More power and better interiors.
  10. Thank God i didnt buy City in march, i almost had it. Was getting just free insurance at 8.78 ex showroom S model and 8.28 E model. 7.49 for the E with ABS and airbags is a steal. I still like the car very much though i bought new verna. Perfect second choice for me.
  11. Been just a week with the vehicle and its getting on me. I am trying hard to drive reasonably in running in period. I like the suppleness of ride around 70 km/h , gives big car feel than viva crdi I had earlier. Pick up is linear till 2000 rpm and haven
  12. @TSiVipul: Havent had much time to drive the car. Shall write the initial ownership report soon. But you are always welcome to Jalandhar. @dr_nishu : Thanks, the pics seem fine for an amateur. U are waiting for fiesta launch to decide i think ?
  13. Thanks TsiVipul for your wishes, rssh for your guidance, sgiitk - no more anhv sir and thanks dr_nishu - have uploaded pic links. Brn2cruz not sure about waxing so early.
  14. Posting a few pics. Hope they are fine coz doing it for the first time.
  15. Buying process It was a typical summer afternoon
  16. Sure, creativebala. But can the title be changed to " My silver ANHV comes home " ?
  17. Thank you all! Finally brought the car home yesterday. Will start a new thread giving the details. Mods, I think this thread can be terminated .
  18. Lucky to get my new verna 1.6 base diesel silver. Its in the showroom today but not taking delivery today because of auspicious reasons. Booked it on 2nd of this month. Have paid fully. Any suggestions or helpful hints for delivery? Also car will be with 15" steel rims, should i change and what would be the cost? I think the dealership will be stingy with freebies because it is not available off the shelf and have already made the full payment (because dealer asked me to).
  19. Prices revealed 8.92 lacs ex showroom for verna 1.6 base diesel . Dealer says deposit money and we will deliver in a week because he got one silver, one white and one golden yesterday. White one sold when i went for the test drive today. It felt nice driving - gearshift and lag seemed alright, i liked the brakes too. Think silver colour looks better than white. So might go for it. Will try to make payment soon. Thanks to all motor gurus - creativebala, dr nishu and ashikawa for the wishes. Will keep things posted.
  20. Got Verna Base 1.6 booked on 2nd May. Today went to the dealership to enquire about tomorrow's launch and to my surprise the Sales Executive took me to the workshop and says the car is here, you can see. It was a test drive vehicle with blue (test drive vehicle) stickers on doors. It was Verna 1.6 Sx white color diesel. Then he showed me white, silver and golden 1.6 diesel base model cars in his stockyard. The suspense is the exact price still, which he says shall be out tomorrow and about test drive he says after tomorrow. Hopefully it should be 8.7 or around ex showroom my place for the diesel 1.6 base which seems pretty well equipped - bluetooth, audio system, steering controls, abs, driver airbag, climate control, fogs.(no alloys though) Got to quickly plan about the finances to get the beauty home soon.
  21. Enquired the dealer for Verna - he says 12th May. Might book one for 50 k (he says refundable). Shape makes heart go verna way, but reviews say vento. Still think 8.6 for base 1.6 or 9.15 for sx seems fine. Hope i make right decision.
  22. Oops sorry, verna deliveries shall begin in third week of may. Also i dont think booking verna now makes sense without prices being out.
  23. Didnt get time to test drive an sx4 diesel or optra magnum tcdi. Also both dont seem to be practical 8 lac options - optra tcdi LS being dated and sells less(hence resale shall be low) and sx4 vdi not feeling like a 8 lacs on road sedan (swift interiors and the A pillar). I am worried that Verna 1.6 diesel (one i am looking forward to buy) shall be steeply priced around 9.5 lacs ex showroom base variant. 1.4 diesel seems to be a compromise even before knowing the price. Vento trendline diesel is too basic again for a c class sedan and price and comfortline diesel is again 9.35 lacs ex showroom exceeding around 9 lacs budget on road i seem to have set. Hence seems again Honda City S is again in picture for the comfort, refinement. It was very easy (city s)had petrol prices been southward. Also seems Verna is making me wait longer than expected. Sold my previous car in third week of march, and verna deliveries shall start only by third week of march.
  24. Guys checked out Optra Magnum Diesel LS at the showroom. Shall test drive tomorrow. Car seems too good - 9.10 lacs on the road. Seems SX4 is out, City has no discounts. Linea shall not be out in couple of months, Fiesta too. Verna come out soon.
  25. Called the hyundai dealer again today. He said new Verna launch is expected by April end. But read on another site Fiat 1.6 MJD Linea is expected soon too - 105 bhp, 290 Nm. Its becoming difficult and choices are all good. Hope i get a good car soon.