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  1. Hi ! I just saw your discussion today & thought I should share my experience with you. I just bought a Getz and had installed Pioneer 5090 HU & JBL 6.5 " components on all 4 doors. I also wanted the effects of a sub but not at the expense of space, After a lot of research ,I found a 8" active sub [ it has a built in amp. in it's enclosure] with 120W RMS output .It is very compact,fits behind your rear seat and the sound is Awsome ! It is from a company named "Xenos" which is a unit of Pricol and the brand is "Xcite". I shall try to post a pic of the sub very soon and the best costed me only Rs.7100/= [MRP. Rs.8000/=] after the discount. I am based in Ghaziabad [u.P.] and here it was available on order. I don't know where you are from but you can easily get this sub in Delhi at Gem car,Lajpat Nagar or if u need to contact me,let me know on my e-mail : In the end, do let us know what unit you Did get. Adios !
  2. Dude, look for kicker sub TCVT 10 or 12 ,very thin cabinet, excellent bass. Also try a pair of Xenos 8" active subs,they are compact.
  3. Kicker has a kick-a** sub with thin cabinet in 10" & 12" Kicker 10" TCVT 10- 10,500/= Kicker 12" TCVT 12 - 18,000/= APPROX. It can be easily fitted according to yur space. I am planning to get 10" soon for my Getz. Also Xenos by Pricol have come with 8" active subwoofer which also takes very less space and though it would not give the same effect,yet it should be better that no sub....Very soon I am going to have a demo for that too for my wife's Getz. shall let u know the results.
  4. I have JBL 973 SE and they are damn good. Since Polk is out,I would recommend JBL anyday and definitely NOT sony.
  5. I second Pioneer 5990 and recommend JBL 973 6" * 9" for the rear.
  6. Please give us the details of this system with model no. and separate prices .
  7. I have always used Autocop or Terminator[it's sister brand] and I had no difficulties. Aura alloya are good but costly. Alloys from Hijoin [Taiwan] are reasonably priced in comparison and of good quality [ I can give you there no. in Delhi]. Xenos have god reverse parking sensors.
  8. Hi ! My name is Bharat and I am a doctor .I have various interests like cars,bikes,gadgets,electronics. Does anybody know any threads on car audio, if yes,please guide me to it.
  9. Fabia is rich man's wife's/daughter's has comfort features,has upmarket brand value[at least in India] ,it's loaded with "brag-able" features....but logically it is at least overpriced by a lakh. A 1.4 Lt. top model for 7.5 lacs Vs Getz GLS for 4.75 lacs ....I could not digest the difference of 2.75 lacs. As for Ford, well the battle goes on......
  10. i 10 is your best bet. It is spacious,fun to drive,decent mileage and top of that Hyundai service which you must have god experience of. spark is OK but I personally find it's interior a bit low in comparision and Chevy gives only 3 yrs warranty whereas in Hyundai,u can extend it to 4 yrs. Believe me,it helps !
  11. That is an overwhelming response and very fast too and you guys totally cleared my doubt...I am going for 185/60 R 14 now. Thanks for all the help !
  12. bsrind

    i10 mileage

    Sorry to deviate from the original topic but reading about i 10, couldn't help. I recently test drove 3 different cars[i10s] and having driven santro for more than 4 years I found that the gears even in the new car are a bit hard and also the position of the cluth pedal is at such an angle that the leg gets painful even after a very short drive. Since you have been driving one, any comments on these ?
  13. Hi ! I have a Getz GLs . Can I upgrade to 15" alloys...any "side effects" ? What size tubeless should I go with?