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  1. i meant i havnt calculated the mileage yet....dirty mind!!!
  2. but i dont think it is wrong to make a bit we cant buy nissan....we can have dzire instead....if we had both cars in market then may be it wud be a bit problem
  3. well swift dezire has one of the best diesel engines.....its mileage is yet to cum exactly but its arnd 12-14 in city... i have driven it to 150 with AC and 200 being its maximum speed..soo you can very well imagine its load taking's pick up is also increases as rpm goes above 2...
  4. heyy....i got 14'' alloys fitted by company only...and goodyear tyres in my vdi....i think they are pretty cool....i dont think there is need to upgrade
  5. thnx for ur wishes guys!!....well 2day I tuk dZire to highway nd was amazed to see its touched 140 with AC within a few seconds and dat too widout vibrating at all....its luks are gr8!!..i dnt know why some ppl r disagreeing on luks lik sporty compact car frm side and rear end is also sporty...i wil upload some pics tomorrow
  6. Pricing is fine. But man!!...on road price reaches far too high...I bought Swift DZire Vdi was supposed to be of Rs 5,93,000 but after adding accessories and alloys it reached Rs6,66,000. But still I am satisfied with car so far...although its 1 day only. I will keep postd o its performance as I explore