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  1. That's a good news. Hope it will come as a mandatory feature in passenger vehicles also. Most countries in the west have this feature a default or mandatory for all vehicles. Hope for the best
  2. Why do u want to open up another vent or go with a mod? With the stock AC- NO! Modifying Vents and opening up another vent can overall effect the cooling of your AC.
  3. Nice shots. I am a big fan of these type of vehicles. I am delighted to see something more evolved and fully loaded in Jeep style.
  4. Oh sorry to sound like a nerd! But, I just love audio, thumping beats & geek-stuff !
  5. Everybody! Pack your bags, From now on, we will work for Dubai Police! and librankur, i agree with you. You can expect a b-51 bomber running chaotic on the roads killing all the lawbreakers.. Now, i am getting really jealous of them.
  6. Not a single vote to base sedan! Whoa! Noe, everybody is goin peppy!
  7. You have some good data around here folks! that's interesting to see MG Rover on the top of the charts in the worst engines!
  8. Audi has done it! CONGO! But, hey Merc and BMW are really getting hot as they have planned to launch their A-class, B-class diesel and 1 series entry segment cars in the Indian market. They hope to get huge sales with these little baby beasts!
  9. Can you please mention the ohm (it should be mentioned on your Sub box) of your sub you have bought? coz that would clear the muddle! According to your link - your amp can hold an Output of 250W x 1 into 4 ohms at 20 - 200Hz & 400W x 1 into 2 ohms at 20 - 200Hz. So you have to be pretty specific about the power of the subs you have bought!
  10. Correction- This can be done by visiting your concerned area authority and filling up the Form 25(as in Punjab). (After the clearance is given to your vehicle, you can proceed with the formalities of the Renewal of your RC. submit a nominal fee for renewal of RC.)
  11. I loved the facelift. It looks similar to the 6 series.
  12. something behind the curtains??? He said Electric Vehicle, not a project???????????
  13. You should try out Figo diesel. Take a TD and feel the power churnign out of the 1.4 diesel. Plus, its economical, relatively cheaper than swift diesel and a good service network (as they are really focussed upon ASS). But, if you have booked Swift diesel, it's not a bad option either.
  14. I have no clue about this one. Maruti came up with 1.4 litre petrol for the Ertiga but 1.4 Diesel- whooooo!.. I think MSIL has something on the charts. Waiting for some more good news from MSIL.
  15. Effective clutch use is the key my buddy. While you may not get more than 13-14 with AC, but you can expect more than 12.5
  16. DSK Hyosung has done great by introducing the GT250.It was amazing to see a beauty on road with that bright red paint job roaring between the traffic. I just loved the dual front disc brakes. And, with this news, i am just holding my breath to see more Hyo babies on road..
  17. If royal and luxury are the words coming from you- then my personal choice would be to go with the Evoque. I know its not as huge as the LR FREELANDER2 but Hey! it's just me!
  18. We have specified set of rules set by the RTO. These authorities ensure the proper functioning and the safety of our fellow road-partners. Every car in India is fit to drive on road for 15 years max. After that, you wil have to get it re-certified and obtain a fitness certificate so as to renew your RC and keep it running as ever. This can be done by visiting your concerned area authority and filling up the Form 25(as in Punjab Government). The concerned officer will then fix an appointment and will call you along with your vehicle for closer inspection. (Note: Your vehicle should be in perfect condition, from engine to tyres and brakes) If the officer want to, he/she can drive and check your vehicle condition. After the clearance is given to your vehicle, you can procees with the formalities of the Renewal of your RC. submit a nominal fee for renewal of RC. Fee charges of Renewal of RC in Punjab is- Fees Issue or Renewal of Certificate of Registration. S.No. Type of Vehicle Amount 1. Invalid carriage Rs.20/- Motor Cycle Rs.60/- Light Motor Vehicle i) Non-Transport Rs.200/- ii) Light commercial Vehicle Rs.300/- MGV/MPV Rs.400/- HPV/HGV Rs.600/- Imported Motor Vehicle Rs.800/- Imported Motor Cycle Rs.200/- Any other Vehicle not mentioned above Rs.300/- 2. Issue of duplicate certificate of registration Half of the fee mentioned against Serial No.1 3. Transfer of ownership Half of the fee mentioned against Serial No.1 4. Change of Residence Rs.20/- 5. Alteration in the certificate of registration Rs.50/- Amount Payable for belated applications for vehicles other than transport vehicles
  19. If you want economical cutains then go with the sqaure curtains that have a suction cup in the middle.. just press it along the glass.. and you are good to go...
  20. As March 2013 is gone and all the companies have stepped up in the next financial year with their fleet of 2013 models, it's pretty hard to get the cash out of them. I have checked with BMW, Platino Classic are the only dealers in cochin and calicut. So, you will have to play mind game with them. Earlier, i read about 5-7 lakh heavy discounts on the 2012 model of 3 series. But, who wants to buy the outdated one! Hope for the best!
  21. I agree with Prancinghorse as India gets second hand treatment and excessive feature cuts as compared to other countries
  22. Superb is a great car and has excellent comfort. Superb has always been the favourite of mine & its looking much more attractive. Taillights are much similar to those of Audi A7 i think. Nice to see some decent upgrade in Superb
  23. Vey clean app to use and the GUI is excellent keeping in mind that they have developed on their own.