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  1. Dear Friends, For the last 3 years, I have been owning a TATA Nexon XZA+ automatic (petrol). Now I want to sell it and own a new i20 NLine DCT topend varient. Can someone suggest me if I will be doing right? I know that comparison between the two might not be possible for being SUV and Hatchback, but I know that the N Line has beter technology. However, i don't know about its safety rating which is 5 star for Nexon. I live in Delhi and so far didn't find any issue with the Nexon, but the blue N line looks very appealing to me. The -ve point of N line however is lower ground clearance and higher price, rest everything is either at par or are better.
  2. Dear friends, I own a Tata Nexon AMT XZA+ model for last 3 years. Recently I went to Hyndai show room and found I20 N line DCT (top model) and liked the same very much. But when I enquired about it's on road price in Delhi, the same was informed to be INR 13.5 Lacs. I liked the interior and exterior of this car very much. I also went to volkswagon showroom to check the new Taigun. I liked the exterior, doors appered to be sturdy but I found the interior to be dull. I also observed the reversing camera of substandard quality. Although I am comfortable at arranging Rs 14 Lacs but am slightly confused weather to go for the taigun at an additinal expenditure of Rs 6 lacs more. I do not want to take MG Astor because its a completely new car and not tried and tasted. Moreover the thai support at the rear seat is less. I want a car with DCT/DSG automatic which has modern and good quality interiors. My average running per month is hardly 500 Km. Request the forum to please guide me. Thanks, Rakesh
  3. If you are considering i20 Asta (O), nothing better than her. She has got 16" tires with diamond cut alloys, 6 airbags with other safety features, smart key features. I think, front looks of Amaze is better than its rear which is flat and ugly. The new i20 now looks better from rear and with projector headlamps, it looks masculine from front. Interiors of Amaze is modern and is better than i20 (I think, it is even better than city). I have driven i20 and observed driving to be effortless with its smooth steering wheels. I would suggest, please drive Amaze also to decide finally. In my view, Nexon has got maximum features and appears to be safest car due to being a SUV and high driving position.
  4. Thanks very much for your guidance. In fact today i took test drive of new i20 and got impressed with driver quality and better interiros very well. However, once again when i visited TATA showroom at Mathura road to check delivery status, i found a Nexon in showroom having very fantastic interiors and exterior looks as well. ok, i shall stick to my first decision
  5. Hi, I have booked a TATA Nexon XZ+ petrol in last week of January'18 and waiting for delivery. However, I visited Auto expo 2018 in greater Noida to see the new Elite i20 launced by Hyundai. Post this I am in a state of confusion whether to consider Nexon as my next car or not. Prior to booking of this new mini SUV of TATA, I was told by few of my friends that although the car's specification is good including its drivieability, but the service level of TATA still requires major improvement and I will have to face issues later on. On the other hand, the i20 has been a great car and now Hyundai have launced a new facelift with addition of few new features once again including a 7" touch screen inside. The overall looks of car from front and rear has also been made aggressive. Against 2 nos. airbags of TATA, the Elite i20 has minimum 4 airbags and appears to be safer. Moreover the after sales services of Hyndai is supposed to be far better than TATA. But looks wise, NEXON still imprss me a lot. I am thereofore confused and unable to analyse my decision on opting TATA car in front of i20. Please guide me.
  6. Please go for Nexon which is a head turner. Moreover, it has 16 inch goodyear tyre which enhances it look and ground clearance capabilities. Nexon do not carry its spare wheel hanging out side (looks odd in ecosports). The only thing ecosports is having is its 8 inch touchscreen which is better illuminated than nexon. Interiors of Nexon otherwise are far better than ecosports
  7. I think Fiat will replace Linea with Cronos which is a better option with great looks and impressive interiors
  8. Nexon has edge over other small SUVs and mid sized sedan as regards interior quality, fit & finish are concerned. The time you enter inside the cabin, you will scream 'Wow'. it is unfortunate that TATA is delaying in releasing AMT version which is much awaited by people leaving in cities
  9. @PRANAB It seems you are disparately waiting for CRUZE owner
  10. GM has launched the new Chevrolet Cruze in India which is important car for them keeping in view their future growth prospects in India. In my view, its agressive pricing coupled with punchy diesel engine is hard to ignore. The car is stylist from inside and outside, is longer than Civic, Corolla, Jetta and Laura. Can we compare cruz with these cars in other important aspects? Is this car is really worth buying?
  11. Hi there We all are facing extreamly hot summer this year with temp 40-44 degree C. My car is looking like a fire pack and not comfortable at all till it passes 30-40 minutes from start with AC on. I afraid of some accident due to high body temperature. The car can be parked under a shade to avoid this but this facility is not available everywhere. Please suggest me for preventive steps to avoid any accident..thanks
  12. This is a good news for Chevy owners. GM are trying to expand their business in India. Their cars are very comfortable and good looking and they have to work hard to increase their sale figure including some innovations in marketing. Surprisingly the AVEO 1.4/1.6 are not amongst the best sellers despite better look, comfort and ride quality than its competitors. I am also an owner of this car. I know few optra owners wo are quite satisfied people. But News coming from US for GM's financial breakdown which too will not be in favour of their business.