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  1. Dear friends, I own a Tata Nexon AMT XZA+ model for last 3 years. Recently I went to Hyndai show room and found I20 N line DCT (top model) and liked the same very much. But when I enquired about it's on road price in Delhi, the same was informed to be INR 13.5 Lacs. I liked the interior and exterior of this car very much. I also went to volkswagon showroom to check the new Taigun. I liked the exterior, doors appered to be sturdy but I found the interior to be dull. I also observed the reversing camera of substandard quality. Although I am comfortable at arranging Rs 14 Lacs but am slightly confused weather to go for the taigun at an additinal expenditure of Rs 6 lacs more. I do not want to take MG Astor because its a completely new car and not tried and tasted. Moreover the thai support at the rear seat is less. 

    I want a car with DCT/DSG automatic which has modern and good quality interiors. My average running per month is hardly 500 Km. Request the forum to please guide me. Thanks, Rakesh

  2. If you are considering i20 Asta (O), nothing better than her. She has got 16" tires with diamond cut alloys, 6 airbags with other safety features, smart key features. I think, front looks of Amaze is better than its rear which is flat and ugly. The new i20 now looks better from rear and with projector headlamps, it looks masculine from front. Interiors of Amaze is modern and is better than i20 (I think, it is even better than city). I have driven i20 and observed driving to be effortless with its smooth steering  wheels. I would suggest, please drive Amaze also to decide finally. In my view, Nexon has got maximum features and appears to be safest car due to being a SUV and high driving position.

  3. 12 hours ago, sachins said:

    @rakeshsinha, first thing to remember is that Nexon and i20 are from different class, one is a compact SUV while other is a compact hatchback. 

    Choosing a car entirely depends upon a user's requirements. However, compact SUVs are latest rage in India (and across world as well).

    If you want a compact SUV then possible competitors to Nexon are Maruti Brezza, Ford EcoSport.

    If safety is your top priority then nothing beats EcoSport (top model) which comes with 6 airbags.

    People have this notion that Tata's after sales is bad and they might be right to a certain extent as well. However, they have improved vastly in product quality as well as after sales over the years and to me this point should not be a deal breaker.

    So my advise is stick to Nexon or if budget permits check out EcoSport as well.


    Thanks very much for your guidance. In fact today i took test drive of new i20 and got impressed with driver quality and better interiros very well. However, once again when i visited TATA showroom at Mathura road to check delivery status, i found a Nexon in showroom having very fantastic interiors and exterior looks as well. ok, i shall stick to my first decision

  4. Hi,

    I have booked a TATA Nexon XZ+ petrol in last week of January'18 and waiting for delivery.

    However, I visited Auto expo 2018 in greater Noida to see the new Elite i20 launced by Hyundai. Post this I am in a state of confusion whether to consider Nexon as my next car or not. Prior to booking of this new mini SUV of TATA, I was told by few of my friends that although the car's specification is good including its drivieability, but the service level of TATA still requires major improvement and I will have to face issues later on.

    On the other hand, the i20 has been a great car and now Hyundai have launced a new facelift with addition of few new features once again including a 7" touch screen inside. The overall looks of car from front and rear has also been made aggressive. Against 2 nos. airbags of TATA, the Elite i20 has minimum 4 airbags and appears to be safer. Moreover the after sales services of Hyndai is supposed to be far better than TATA.

    But looks wise, NEXON still imprss me a lot. I am thereofore confused and unable to analyse my decision on opting TATA car in front of i20. Please guide me. 


  5. On 12/2/2017 at 7:56 PM, Sahas.r said:

    hi all, 

    I am planning to buy a car. The short list includes Ford Ecosport Ambi variant and the Tata Nexon XM Variant. 

    Out of the two, my personal fav is the Nexon. However, before i finalize, please help me with these doubts. It is greatly appreciated. 

    a) Who wins mileage war between petrol variant of nexon and ecosport? city and highway? 

    B) which car is safer in terms of build quality

    c) Will tata send nexon to the cab segment? Worried about this a lot. Please help. 

    your inputs are greatly appreciated. 

    Please go for Nexon which is a head turner. Moreover, it has 16 inch goodyear tyre which enhances it look and ground clearance capabilities. Nexon do not carry its spare wheel hanging out side (looks odd in ecosports). The only thing ecosports is having is its 8 inch touchscreen which is better illuminated than nexon. Interiors of Nexon otherwise are far better than ecosports

  6. GM has launched the new Chevrolet Cruze in India which is important car for them keeping in view their future growth prospects in India. In my view, its agressive pricing coupled with punchy diesel engine is hard to ignore. The car is stylist from inside and outside, is longer than Civic, Corolla, Jetta and Laura. Can we compare cruz with these cars in other important aspects? Is this car is really worth buying? 

  7. Hi there

    We all are facing extreamly hot summer this year with temp 40-44 degree C. My car is looking like a fire pack and not comfortable at all till it passes 30-40 minutes from start with AC on. I afraid of some accident due to high body temperature. The car can be parked under a shade to avoid this but this facility is not available everywhere. Please suggest me for preventive steps to avoid any accident..thanks

  8. smiley1.gifThis is a good news for Chevy owners. GM are trying to expand their business in India. Their cars are very comfortable and good looking and they have to work hard to increase their sale figure including some innovations in marketing. Surprisingly the AVEO 1.4/1.6 are not amongst the best sellers despite better look, comfort and ride quality than its competitors. I am also an owner of this car. I know few optra owners wo are quite satisfied people. But News coming from US for GM's financial breakdown which too will not be in favour of their business.

  9. congrats rakesh. Unfortunately the things u mentioned is just due to lack of practice. As u keep driving u'll get better at everything. But do take care to use the clutch properly' date=' that is something u can consciously do. Other things just need practice.


    One suggestion i have: When i bought my first car (2nd hand 800) althoiugh i did know driving i had no experience driving in cities. So what i would do is, take the car out for a drive morning 5.30-6am when roads are pretty empty. Would go for a big round, do some U turns and stop starts and some parkings, then when i got better started going out around 7 when traffic was higher but still not peak.


    Like that step by step i became comfortable driving.


    If you had not yet bought the car, i would have suggested a 2nd hand car for a year or so.. Anyways all the best and hope this helps.


    Note: As suggested use L board. I currently have an L board on my car as my wife is learning. I notice people give u slightly more respctsmiley36.gif
    [/quote'] Hi Rajeev, This is nice idea to take the car to roads in the early morning. I will do this instead practicing in grounds. Yes, i am a new owner of Aveo 1.4 which i bought on 20th May. This is my first car. At present I can handle my car at around speed of 35-40 but whenevr I see croud, I become worried for clearing due to not having enough practice. But surely I will be a better driver after covering some KM independently

  10.  ...then i think converting your car's gearbox into automatic will be best solution..and what is the problem in brake ??can u explain it...........if u have problem in left side road clearance u shud use the left side ORVM or IRVM

    Hi Vibhor,

    Thanks for replying. The car is wide and whereas I can easily see my right side from where I am driving, left side is completely missing, I always have confusion and use to ask my co-driver for clearance of this side. Any idea as even after height adjustment of driver's seat, I am facing this problem. Moreover, I use to bent towards gear for shifting which is dangerous.


  11. I have just competed driving-training. I have also got my first Car Aveo 1.4 LS Limited Edition and drive it upto 100 Km appx independently.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


    While learning to drive I have noticed my lack of co-ordination between the clutch, gearshifts and brake operation. A number of times I have changed the gear without properly pressing the clutch. How do I overcome these while driving my new Car?

    Please suggest some tips. I also have very little perception of the left side road clearance and parking the car using reverse gear. How to have a better judgment in this regard? It is more difficult for me to drive the car on busy road than learning on a big ground. Request your guidance as I am loosing my confidence.

  12. .


    Dear all,
    I got my Aveo 1.4 in the first week of August and after having driven 500 kms, I am putting here my views and reviews.

    Before Buying: confused.gif
    I was equally confused, as most of the others in this forum, as to which car should I buy? My budget was around 6L and main priorities were comfort, FE and low maintenance cost. I had zeroed in on Getz 1.3 / Esteem / Accent / Aveo 1.4 / Fiesta 1.4 / Sx4. Based upon various test drives and owner feedbacks, I finally decided to go for Aveo 1.4.

    I liked the car when I looked at it the very first time. The contours give it a solid and a muscular look and the car makes its presence feel on the road. I got 'Platinum Metallica' colour and it looks nice on Aveo. The overall paint work and finishing is really good.



    The interiors are classy as compared to other cars in this segment. The black and beige combination is nicely planned and gives an executive look and feel. The quality of plastics is also good.


    The new spedometer cluster surely looks better than the old one. The green dials with bright red pointers look attractive at night. Chrome has been used nicely on the outer dials.


    The center console is also placed conveniently with space for keeping glasses, mobile, etc. The ashtray, cigerette lighter and glass holder have been integrated nicely. The black-beige dashboard looks great and has a digital clock. However, at times the beige colour reflects on the windshield under direct sunlight which causes a little discomfort while driving. But this is not very serious and one gets used to it over time. The front seats are spacious and have a reasonably good leg room.


    The back seats are also comfortable and can easily sit three people with a reasonably good leg room. Overall the cabin is very silent, spacious and is well designed.



    The boot space is sufficient and well-lit. The back windshield has defogger and a printed antenna as well.


    Engine: The engine is very silent and turns on smoothly. Since there is no vibration at all, at times you can feel as if the engine is not running. Initially I felt the pick-up was not as peppy as you would expect from a 94bhp engine. However, after driving for about 300 kms, I feel it has improved. Moreover, once you move beyond 1500-2000 rpm, you can feel the power and momentum it gains. Not only that, you can feel that this car has a very good torque. You can come down to the speed of 30-35 in the 4th gear and move up again while being in the same gear. Changing gears quite often is thus not required.

    Gearbox: The new improved gearshift is definitely better than the old one. Those who have driven the old version and the new version as well will agree on this. The gear rod is very stable with no vibrations and does not shake while the engine is running.

    Suspension: The car's footwear is tubeless. It has a superb suspension which makes the drive and ride very comfortable. Deep potholes and high speed-brakers are very well taken care off as Aveo has a nice high ground clearance.

    Brakes: Quite effective. No problem faced as of now.

    Air Conditioning: Not bad at all. I have (when driving alone) not felt the need of moving beyond the first level cooling even in the day time. The blowers/vents are round and can turn 360 degrees and can be covered when not required or not in use.

    F.E.: I have driven just about 500 kms (98% in city), and rough calculation indicates around 10 km/litre with AC on. I guess this should improve once I cross the 1000/2000km mark. Will let you know as I drive more.

    Sony CDX GT560 xplod with 1622 round speakers with inbuilt tweeters: Very easy to operate, nice features with large display. Sound clarity is great and output is more than sufficient for me. -- 8K

    Other Expenses:
    Teflon Coating + Underbody Anti-rust Coating: 4.1K
    Autocop Central Locking (with engine immobilizer): 3.7K
    Xenor Gear Lock: 1K
    PU seat covers -- 4.5K: Will be getting them this week.
    Future Expenses: Chrome door handles and Body-coloured ORVMs.

    Price: 6L on road
    Dealer: Autovikas. Waiting period at delivery: 1 hour. Overall experience: Good.

    A very good car at a very good price. Real value for money. I have no regrets at all having chosen Aveo 1.4. smiley32.gif

    Hi Loksh,

    I also own an Aveo 1.4 LS Limited edition which I bought on 20th May only. The car is nice and interiers are impressive. There is no noise inside the cabin which I liked most. I made a number of researches and finally end up with Aveo which is really VFM. I also liked its pick up and ground clearance 181 cm highest in this segment. I don't worry on resale value which the other people use to question.

  13. Its good for u go ahead ...as u are not enthu driver this is a car for u with upper segment like interior quality n good features ...n gm's service is good so go ahead.

    Hi  AKS

    Thanks !! But are there few concerns with AVEO related to safety (Poorly performed in NCAP crush test) and noisy gear shift ?? In my view people are talking on these because they hv tested and read reviews on AVEO 2006 and not the latest AVEO of 2008 which was relaunced in 2007. What is the average milleage it is giving?? In my view the after sales service is excellent in my city and don't hv idea about its resale. Looks, FE and comfort wise, it is better than the other cars of its segment.

  14. hi rakeshsinha.. why is honda city and hyundai verna not in your list any specific reason because they both are very good cars.. can you tel me your requirements and where do you live so i can advice you better..  

    hi, Hona delears are not available in Ranchi (where I live in). The cost of Verna is also higher and the milleage is low as compared to AVEO. What I liked in AVEO is that they are providing all the luxuries in their 1.4 LS SPECIAL EDITION like 1. Alloy wheels 2. Tubeless tyres,3. Leathers Up..4. 2 DIN 6 speakers KENWOOD music sys 5 Keyless entry and antitheft alarm etc. Few of these features are not available in SX4, Fiesta and Verna at Just 6.61 L (They are offering a discount of 12 K to Reliance employee). Hi wat's yu idea. I am a family person and not an entusiastic driver. Please advise the pros and cosn of AVEO

  15. hi,

    Nice test drive report. Thanks, Can u pl update me further as I am confused among FORD FIESTA, SWIFT DEZIRE, MARUTI SX4 AND AVEO 1.4 (all Petrol sedans)?? Should I go for Aveo 1.4 LS Special edition?? I hv heard that performance wise Fiesta is better (??) but Looks wise Aveo is far better. Have you faced any difficultiy/trouble so far with Aveo??