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  1. dear readers... just a point to note, i would like confirmation on the dual link suspension i had mentioned, from what i could see, i wasnt quite sure, so am guessing here. it could also be a torsion beam 'H' type .. please validate this for me.
  2. thank you FRG. I got the chance to check out the car today in one of the outlets in Bangalore. My observations as follows. 1. good value for money no doubts 2. some design flaws that could have been corrected from the earlier swift like the thick a pillar and vision obstructing ORVMs could have been modified 3. the underbody is well covered, but they have left the rear brake lines open and they are likely to be hit by stones whilst reversing 4. the model VDi i saw on display had a dual link rear suspension which means the ride at the back could be a little choppy. 5. standard size spare wheel available which is good. 6. Maruti outlets could do better with the availability of the test drive vehicles, most of the outlets in Bangalore do not have the demo car, but the display is availalbe which makes it frustrating to just see it and not get it on the road.