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  1. Dear forum members: I have ritz petrol car. Recently i have given my car for washing at a pertrol pump. After that my a/c blower is making noise due to hitting of blad on leaves. I used to park my car under a tree and lot of leaves fall on to the windshield and go inside the engine area. I am sure it is leaf that got stuck into the blower but how i have no idea. May be during high jet water wahsing somehow it got into the blower. When i opened the glow box are in front of the left front seat, the blower is not seen there. I took the car to a local workshop, but he told that blower is not accessible from the glove box area and to be accessed from the engine area. Has anybody faced these problem and how to remove the leaves? How to access the A/C blower of Ritz. Your comments are much appreciated i stay in mumbai..