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  1. this is a very gud option..only problem aveo has is in driving pleasure..engine is not punchy as fiesta 1.6 or baleno..gear shift is vague...suspension is too soft 4 sporty handling...but aveo is a very comfortable car & has a gud if driving pleasure is not ur is the best buy
  2. K&N air filter does not hamper ur engine...but the increase in performance in negligable..if u want better performance u can buy a pete's tuning box for won't affect engine adversily..power will increase up to 98bhp..pete's fitted CRDi can match honda city V>Tec and verna CRDi4 performance
  3. honda civic is a generation ahead of corolla...the only better thing abt corolla is its ground every other dept civic is far better...i think u must wait 4 new corolla which may lauch here around october,,it may be more expensive or buy a civic
  4. if u don't want a boot getz is a great option....other wise choose Accent or logan....aceent back seat is not comfortable...on the other hand logan is extramily comfortable & has a bettr ride...don't know abt after sales & reliability though..I think logan is the best chsoice..