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  1. Hi i have uploaded the New pics of my Ecosport. Did my 1st road trip in Ecosport from Chennai to Coorg Almost 2000 kms trip, duration 3 days. Day 1 - Chennai - Bangalore- Mysore-Madikeri (Night Stay) Day 2 - Madikeri - Bagamandala - Thala kauvery - Abbey Falls - Bylakuppe - Mysore Day 3 - Mysore - Nandhi Hills - Srirangapatnam - Chennai Mysore - Coorg Highway Coorg - Thala Kauvery Road Thala Kauvery Next update with review
  2. Hi Guys, Driving a new car is always a enthusiastic feel for everyone, if it is a "Ecosport" then sky is the limit for your adventure. I got my vehicle delivered on Jan 3rd, a beautiful Friday. The Sales Executive was with me during the waiting period for delivery. He ensured everything is perfect and patiently he explained me the features of the car. Since there was 67 cars waiting to be delivered that day, i decided to explore my ecosport sometime later. We did a small pooja while taking the car. We got a complementary Fuel of 30lts. from MPL Ford. Initially i was very excited to take the car. It felt very much like a big car. What Excited me : 1. Driving Postion - It was so high, we can have a commanding view of the road. 2. A/C - It is too good, it almost made my hands feel numb in few mins. 3. Music - The Audio system is excellent Got my Number from RTO on Saturday. I was not able to wait to take my Ecosport out on a long drive. We decided to take the car to Tirutanni ( a temple town) which is around 85 kms from Chennai. We are 6 members family which includes a Kid of 2 years. The Steering Wheel is nice and light while driving in low speed and it gets heavy in high speeds. Since it is a new car i decided to keep the rev range below 2500 rpm for the first 2500 kms. In the city limits the car is well drivable in 2nd and 3rd gear. After escaping the city traffic, my Ecosport was ready to taken on the highway with ease. With rev range just above 2000 rpm in 5th gear, i reached 100km/h. But it never felt like driving at that speed. It was like driving in 60 km/h. The engine is well refined. It never felt tiered. The Suspension of the car is well tuned. The body roll is well controlled. I didnt bother to slowdown on patchy roads, except the big bumps. The brakes are also powerful. One thing i noticed while climbing up the tirutanni Hills was, we have choose the right gear to get the puchy pull. I wouldnt say its not powerful, for a sporty drive we need to use the right gear. It has been 6 months since its launch, the car still have huge admirers all around and wherever it goes. People come and ask you abt how is the car, milage, maitainance, etc. The car lights are also very powerful (to my opinion) and the coverage area is big. To my opinion there is no need to upgrade to HID lamps kits which would cost you another 12-18K. The most important factor - Milage The MID shows that the car was giving me milage around 13.8 kmpl. I believe it would get better. The leg room for rear occupants is big. (Equally good as in Sonata Embera and More than Tata Indigo). The Shoulder room was decent enough to fit my family. The new pics are coming soon.
  3. Thanks for your views guys, 1. librankur - The Loan Duration is 5 years and the EMI is 19.7K 2. rssh - The essential pack has carpet floor mats, boot mats, Spare wheel cover, Umbrella & a Pillow. I know its not worth that money. But Still i bought it. Since i got the loan & Insurance on my own, Dealer requested to take the essential pack as mandatory. I didnt want to argue with that, just accepted it.
  4. Its a really good car.. What I felt during Test Drive was - " I was able to feel the Engine's Vibration in the Clutch Pedal" - I tried Two Test Drive Vehicle - in both I Felt the same". Is it the case in all Rapid, Need your feedback
  5. Purchasing Scenario: When we decided to go for Ford Ecosport - we paid Rs.50,000 at the time of Booking. After that, When we were informed about the Car Allotment, we went with HDFC Bank for Car Loan. We got a competitive Interest Rate @ 11.0% The Ex.Showroom Price for Ford Ecosport Titanium (O) - Rs. 9,57,564 Essential Pack (Mandatory) - Rs. 18,200 Insurance Bumper to Bumper with HDFC - Rs. 29,000 (Dealer Quoted - 38,029) Reg, Life Tax, 4th Yr Warranty - Rs. 1,23,688 I decided to take 3rd & 4th yr Warranty Later which costs Rs. 16,400 Final Onroad Price Rs. 9,57,564 Rs. 18,200 Rs. 29,000 Rs. 1,07,288 Total - Rs. 11,12,052 The Dealer Quoted On Road Price - Rs. 11,37,482 Savings - Rs. 25,430 Intial Down Payment - Rs. 50,000 + Rs. 1,58,000 = Rs. 2,08,000 My only advice on carloans : Make your own research on car loans than blindly believing in the words the Loan Counsillors available with the Dealers. They would misguide you for cheap commissions that would get from different Banks. "I very much experienced it."
  6. Here are the New Pics.... During Pooja. The Ultimate Pics Coming Up on Jan 2nd 2014
  7. Hi guys, I feel in love with Ford Ecosport ever since the first image started lingering around on the net. Once it was launched i made a thorough study ( which took me 1 month since launch) and went ahead to book the Ecosport. Options I had while Booking a car withing a Budget frame of 9 Lakhs to 12 Lakhs 1. Ford Ecosport 2. Hyundai Verna 3. Skoda Rapid 4. Renault Duster Currently Owned Cars: Hyundai Sonata Embera (AT) Petrol, Tata Indigo (LS) Diesel. First i decided to sell the Sonata Embera because of its heavy maintenance cost and poor spare availability. Even a minor fault took me in spending 5 digits figure as a min. charges. Hyundai Verna I visited my near my Hyundai showroom and booked a test drive of Hyundai Verna 1.6 (sx). The Executive were prompt and arranged me test drive vehicle as scheduled. Verna is in fact a fabulous vehicle in its class. No match to its interiors and features. It felt so premium and upmarket. The material quality is top notch. Fit and finish is flawless. The engine is so refined, i wasn't it even able to hear a diesel engine's rev sound inside the cabin. It felt great to drive. My only consideration was the suspension. It was too soft for my style. It felt bumpy while riding it on a bad Indian monsoon road. Other than that there is nothing Flaw in this car. If not Ecosport I decided to go for Verna. Skoda Rapid Skoda being performing well over its sister concern Volkswagen is decided to go for Rapid Instead of Vento. Rapid was better performer in all aspects when compared with Vento. Be it space inside cabin and ride quality, engine performance, it felt great. I felt like taking on any road with a flat drive. It felt very comfortable for driving. Though it was not loaded it flashy interior as in verna, Skoda Rapid is decently equipped Performance Vehicle. Since the service of skoda is not that overwhelming i decided to play safe in post vehicle maintenance. So Rapid was ruled out from my Game Plan. Renault Duster It is a vehicle with Muscular looks from outside, but inside there is hardly updated as of 2013-14 requirements. The interiors are poorly laid out because the buttons are not it the place where u expect them to be (bad ergonomics). I felt spending 12.4 lakhs for basic variant duster wasn't worth it. The engine of the TD vehicle which i drove was so noisy. It did 25000Kms and the engine's turbo lag is so evident in it. The Executive himself told that the car needs to be serviced and they don't have time to do that. It shows the quality of service they would offer in the future. I felt even my Tata Indigo (LD) diesel engine which did 91,000 Kms was more refined and powerful. Sorry for duster as in engine performance. But when comes to ride and handling Duster is no match and comes out as a clear Winner. Be it any road, the ride feels so comfy and spacious inside duster's cabin. Ford Ecosport The moment i stepped into the Ecosport and pushed the start button, i felt isolated inside the cabin. The NVH level is very low inside the cabin. We cant hear the outside world, the insulation level is very good. The Ac cooled the cabin in mins. Since we are not heavyly built people, we found the cabin space was decent to accomodate 3 people in the back (though not as spacious as Sonata Embera or Duster which cannot be compared with this segement of car). The interior looks so futuristic. All the features inside are controlled/monitored by the Microsoft Sync Device. The music quality in amazing. Even the small nodes are so clear and the bass is setup to perfection. I need not comment on the exteriors, as it has already taken up the crown of the smart looking car on the road. The engine is so nice to drive and Gear shift is so smooth and effortless. I only used the 1st and 2nd gear during the test drive inside the city. The car is well driveable in lower gears. The ride quality and suspension set up is good. It suits both city and highway drive. Though the Boot space is the only issue, i decided to compromise it on packing my weekend luggage as compact as possible. No wonder it won my heart as it has already won millions hearts all around the world. Love you Ecosport. Thanks to Ford Designers for making such an Masterpiece for Us. Booking and Delivery Scenario I booked the car in 3rd week since its launch Jun 26 in India. My dealer was MPL ford teynampet. I got a waiting period of 6-8 Months. Though they said we can expect the car in 3-4 months. I preferred to wait for this Jewel instead of buying another ordinary car on road. After continuous follow up for 6 months i got my vehicle alloted in the first week of Dec. After paying the initial amount and completeing the Bank Loan formalities, the car was ready for deliver on 13th Dec. I got good discount on Insurance from HDFC, the difference was nearly 9K from what the dealer quoted. My Booking Executive Shiva Ganesh was really very helpful and polite all through the process. I really got to thank him. He is an example for customer service. I took the car on 13th Dec, as it was the auspicious day as per Hindu Calendar and Father's Advice - I went along with my brother to the delivery point and take the vehicle for pooja to the Mylapore Kabaleeshwarar Temple. We decied to take the car after registering the car from RTO on Jan 1st week 2014. The Driver from MPL ford took us in their car to the delivery point. There we did a small Pooja and took few snaps. The Ford person was driving the car as we wanted the car only for pooja and final delivery on Jan 2nd. We went to temples performed pooja. Our family was very happy to see the new car, sparking like a Jewel in the evening light. It was memory of a life time that needs to be embedded in Gold. The car was so good. Though the stock wheels came up with MRF vts tyres. Though i was ok with it. The Final Day of my Jewel Landing in my home will be on Jan 2nd 2014. Eagerly Waiting for the day. The pics at delivery point are coming soon.
  8. Hi. Your Review was great. The picture spoke for its own. Please do post some interior pictures too. Also post your new reviews after taking it for a long trip. Keep this thread alive. All the best for your new Eco sport. Am waiting for my turn. Lets catch up soon. I have booked TDCI Titanium (o).
  9. Hi am Deepak, I am planning to buy a compact car mainly for the city use. Can you suggest me the best value car in the compact segment - (best value for price & performance). Budget - 5 - 6 Lacs