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  1. New set of tyres - advice please. Hyundai Santro Xing 2004 - approx 41 K Kms - OEM Bridgestone. 2 tyres - very bad - cant run anymore; 1 tyre - bad - can run some more; 2 tyres - ok -can run lot more. Bridgestone website recommends 155/70R13 75S (Model number) S322 (tube type). Another option of same size, ratio etc with speed rating of H also recommended- Turanza ER60 (tubeless). A third recommendation is 165/65R13 77T of the S322 family Should I just change the two very bad ones and keep the bad one as spare or change all? If I am changing all ( to tubeless or tube type) should I stick to the recommended size Bridgestone or is any other company or size recommended due to its ride comfort, road grip, safety, longevity, economy of purchase cost (in that order of priority - since my Santro has a bad rear seat ride quality)?
  2. Prefer the Sumo Grande to the Safari for the following reasons: 1. Front facing 3rd row 2. Dual adjustable AC vents for 2nd and 3rd rows - they can even be shut fully 3. Reclination adjustable middle row 4. Tight turning radius 5. Hummer like looks in side profile - side-by-side it looks more bullish than the Safari. Loses out on the poorer ride quality, slower engine, lower ground clearance and lack of 4x4 capability when compared to the Safari.
  3. Booked the Maruti Swift Dzire Petrol Vxi (Silky Silver color) on 29th March 2008. Some observations: The four dealers I checked out had only the top end diesel variant Zdi for test drive in white color with the 'demo car' decals. No Petrol to try out. Wonder why the petrols are not available for test drive yet? Since the diesel dzire felt almost like the diesel swift, presumed the petrols would be similar and went ahead with the booking. Have paid up the ex-show room price plus registration etc - approx 500k+ - all except the insurance amount. Have been promised mud flaps, floor mats, number plates, steering cover etc free. Do dealers give any other freebies? Dealer says the top end Zdi and Zxi will have a waiting period of 2 months but other variants would be delivered in 1 to 2 weeks. What is the experience at other dealerships across the country? There was a black Vdi with the sign 'sold' on the car. Delivery pending the RTO approval. The delivery of my car was initially promised for 3rd April 2008. The dealer said it was not possible earlier as the RTO had not yet cleared the car. Heard this ? mumbo-jumbo stuff recently from the Tata dealer also after the Tata Sumo Grande launch. Or are they telling the truth - the companies get the 'RTO clearance' only after the launch of the vehicle. Even before the order was confirmed by me they revised the delivery date to 7th as they realised that they did not have the car in their yard but was actually 'on the way.' They also informed the 'chassis number' to me. Is this possible or is the dealer pulling a fast one? For the 3rd time in two years I found a car being used for demo having the speedometer, odometer 'not working'/ ?disconnected. The speedo would'nt move and the odo was stuck on 211 Kms inspite of a 2+ kilometre drive. And this car, unlike the other two, was even marked as a demo car. On questioning, the executive said the speedo and odo were 'malfunctioning.' Same explanation that I had heard before. Found the explanation difficult to buy. Anybody else with similar experience? Three cheers for another FTD & VFM car from Maruti [obviously FTD = Fun To Drive and VFM = Value For Money]!