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  1. Any idea what price will be these bikes launched at? Personally id go with the flame. Optimus
  2. Thanks a lot for the pictures Zavo and everyone else for the information. Optimus
  3. Yes driving in bumper to bumper traffic, the automatics are so much better. But right now only the santro comes in automatic which is somewhat in the reach of the masses. Hoping for maruti to do something about it. Optimus
  4. I know the rollcages make the cars safer. But just seeing the badly mangled wrecks, makes it look really bad to the parents, they don;t understand rollcages all they can see is mangled cars. Optimus
  5. Then its fine. Be Indian, Buy Indian, Just dont be a Blind Indian. Optimus
  6. Try explaning that to my mum n dad. Optimus
  7. Buy Indian, but would you buy it if there were something better from abroad available in the market at a similar price? Patriotism is nice. But if I were to spend my hard earned money, I would go with the better product. But in this arguement, my vote is on the 220. Optimus
  8. Looking at the timings, the K&N has made a difference. It should work on my 800 as well. But a few posts by gurkha have put me in two minds. Optimus
  9. Its still an Aston bro. But agreed on the power bit. Personally I liked the DB9 better. Optimus
  10. Optimus Prime


    Welcome bro. Why such hatred for bikers? Optimus
  11. I would have to go with circuit racing. Rallying just doesnt do it for me. Optimus
  12. Xtreme that is something great that you are doing. I would have loved to join, but my parents dont approve of motorsport because of the dangers involved. Optimus
  13. No it looks quite ok. Just because its a step away frm regular bikes doesnt mean its bad. I like the looks of the 220. Optimus