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  1. Those who have to crib, will always crib. Esteem was a great car. But dzire is no less. Just because it is an extension of swift, does not mean it can not be a good sedan.
  2. You are not right sir. Consumers are not blind that they will buy a bad product just because it is least expensive. Especially in high value items like cars. Price can be one of the factors but not the sole one. Dzire is selling because it is value for money...not least expensive. Plus there is always a reliability factor linked to Maruti Cars.
  3. Go for petrol if your running is not much. The petrol version is equally good and the engine refinement impressive.
  4. 7 months is a bit of an exaggeration. Its not 7 months everywhere. I have seen so many dzires already on road and personally know people in delhi who have got delivery within a month.
  5. Yup, infact maruti created a record by selling 5658 Swift DZire cars within 5 days of March after launch.
  6. Why is everybody writing off Swift Dzire petrol here? It is not as if the dzire is good only in diesel format. Why don't you test drive dzire once and check for yourself innnocent. I think its s great package. Anyday better than verna.
  7. I did not mention VFM because the definition of VFM differs by what an individual is looking for in a car. But yes, most people think DZire is Value for money.
  8. Without a doubt Swift dzire diesel is the best option available. Good engine, nice looks, awesome features, enviable service network and a mileage as good as swift hatchback. What better can you ask for?
  9. I agree. I have seen that many people try to force their negative opinions on others. I personally have liked the car and its looks and i have read that dzire has received tremendous response in terms of bookings. Which goes to prove that most people have liked the car.