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  1. in 15K you can get descent Rockford speakers, they provide great mids and treble and bass as well and you can later on add a AMP to refine the sound further, I would suggest Rockford Prime components and Ovals . I feel Reliance Auto Zone is expensive, you can get the same stuff from a local dealer at a much lesser cost. From where do you indent to buy ?|Brand:JBL^Rockford%20Fosgate^Blaupunkt&storeID=automotive-car-audio-video_bannersWithLinks_JBL,%20Rockford,%20Blaupunkt
  2. I am with Ajit on this, all your requirements would be met with all three cars but the "WOW factor" is one thing only a Jaguar can bring considering the amount of Audis and BMWs on road these days.
  3. great video merry x'mas
  4. Drifting -A controlled disaster , no doubt it requires immense precision, skill and synchronization with your car. Hats off Mr. Singania. Where can we try this stuff in India ? (legally )
  5. yes, I had a chat with the sales executive, he says if wire cutting is avoided(via using couplers ) then the warranty would not be affected. But I feel that's kinda weird since a the difference to the car done by adding the woofer would be same in case of wire cutting or not(in both cases the battery usage will increase).
  6. Does it affect the warranty ? Is it done from a ford workshop ?? this is laden air pressure . unladen is 31/31 I guess (I usually have people in the car hence I use the laden pressure )
  7. Can I do that with the original head Unit ? Since I like it and I don't want to change it. Also do have any idea about there warranty ?
  8. Thanks a lot sachin, totally agree with you. That is a really nice deal you got. Congrts. Hey I didn't knew that we could get rear power windows, Can we add it after we have bought the car ?? About the Ford A.S.S I had asked a few of my friends who had figo for about 2 years and had good review from the. As far as ground clearance is concerned it is almost same as Swift (2mm less). The wheelbase is longer though (for the xtra leg room and boot space). I did hear a sound while going into steep potholes but that wasn't the under belly touching it was the mud guards. I cannot remember hearing that sound on speed breakers though .I keep my Tyre pressure at 36/40 (front/rear, with passengers). As mentioned in the manual. I believe you need to keep those pressure to avoid any body contact.
  9. Has anyone tried putting sub-woofer in there Figo titanium? I want to keep the OEM headunit and maybe door speakers as well and add a AMP and sub-woofer . I feel the treble and mids of the door speakers and ovals are fine only missing is the audio refining of a good amp and strong thumping bass, maybe tweeters too. Can someone suggest me a good combo of AMP and sub-woofer, I am kinda inclined towards Rockford , My budget is 15-20K.