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  1. Without any doubt your Friend should go for the DZIRE. Awesome package. A true value for money and quite stylish too.
  2. I was waiting for DZIRE for quite some time. On 28th took the test drive. I feel the beauty was worth a wait. The 'plusses' in it as an entry level sedan are as follows: 1) Beautiful exteriors, especially the rear. It is not at all ugly, as feared by many. To the contrary, the design is stylish and I am sure will grow upon most with time. 2) Tried and tested swift engines. 3) Wonderful mileage of Swift, especially in Diesel version (17-18 with AC in city and 22-23 on highways). 4) Trusted and wide service network of maruti. 5) Good boot space with a 30 kg addition which will not affect the performance untill the boot heavily loaded, which generally doe'nt happen in city running. On highway, anyway the average is enviable. 6) Rear space seems to be a bit more than swift hatch, although can't say this with 100% surity. Exterior definitely is more lighted. 7) Unlike the Indigo, which was a notch back of a taxi car, it is a notch back of a super stylish swift. This, I feel, is a plus. 8) Affordable prices. Minuses: 1) Inbuilt stereo quality is satisfactory although I being a Bass enthusiast, would have been happier with more wattage. 2) Can't think of any more. ---- MARUTI has got a sure shot winner up its sleeve which is going to catch the attention of all value for money customers for whom upgrading to a sedan from a hatchback is a matter of 'Esteem' or rather now I should say a matter of 'Dzire' :-) And that too a quite stylish 'Dzire'. I definitely fall in the above category and have already booked my DZIRE VDI.