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  1. I wonder one thing. The Linea is a big car, very big. It is almost as big as Civic / new Corolla. But has the same engine as Dezire (with VGT though). It will be a underpowered car like the Skoda Fabia, but fuel efficient will be good. Remember in Europe it is available with the 1.6 multijet.
  2. I think Swift cannot be compared with Fabia. Though both are similar looking you can buy 2 swift in price of Fabia. It is better if you compare GM optra SRV hatch vs Fabia. Both are similarly priced.
  3. Swift is a much value for money than Fabia. You can buy one swift and one i10 instead of Fabia. However money is no matter then go for the Chevy Optra hatch. Its much spacious and fun to drive.
  4. Being much more heavy and bigger than Dizere will the Linea as fuel efficient as Swift Dz? Also I think performance will sufffer in Linea as 1.3L may be too small for big Linea. What experts think?
  5. I am planning to buy one sedan with the famous Fiat multijet disel engine. My choice is betwen Linea and Swift Dzire. Any idea which one will be better? Will Linea be priced near Dzire Vdi? If the Linea is not coming soon then I will go for Swift Dzire. I will like to know when we can expect the Fiat Linea to be launched. NOTE FROM ADMIN: Please don't use bold for the entire text, instead use it to highlight points in the text. Also please go through the announcements sections for the rules and regulations of the forum. Your query goes under AAA and not Reader Test Team.FuelRunGod2008-04-04 05:55:18