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  1. I am in dilemma to choose between petrol or diesel sedan as i am getting car through CSD which absorbs diesel car cost. but am worried about diesel engine maintenance as it i have heard it is more prone to repair. my monthly travel is 1000 Km.. also i have heard diesel engine in dezire is one of the best in class. Kindly give answers about diesel engine cars below. Does Diesel engine require service @5000 Km interval as petrol engine require @ 10000km? Diesel engine service should be followed regularly otherwise diesel engine will collapse? Does diesel engine car is suitable for keeping long time ( as for next 5-8) years as i have heard diesel engine has more wear & tear and collapse early? Does Crdi Diesel engine too trouble in winters as old traditional diesel engine used to trouble? If petrol & diesel price come par would you recommend diesel car (same price as petrol car) as it has more mileage? Actually we had old diesel indica which trouble a lot which is making me little shaky. Addy