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  1. Need opinion on what type of parking sensors are available in the market & which one should be installed for the NHC. Also if it is advisable to get them installed by the service centre or getting it done thru the accessories guys would be fine - any indications on the prices and places of availability in Hyd are welcome. Thanks
  2. sampie

    Loot by Honda

    my 2 cents - presently the duty is high and I believe the govt needs to reduce it if they want to promote eco friendlier cars - ateast till the production commences from India. On the comment of exorbitant pricing, Honda is an economic organisation and they will want to make profits - no body forces anyone to buy an overpriced car but you still see a lot of Hondas on Indian roads - they can price it high and they are doing it - would'nt you & me have done the same.Coming back to hybrid cars, they are a step in the right direction - fossil fuel wont last for ever - so very obvious that the prices will be higher initially - makes little sense to crib about it
  3. apologise - didnt see ur response on the old thread - added a new topic ans the old one only had fiesta & aveo - wasnt too sure of ppl would go in and read the last post to know bout the city as an option for suggestion
  4. frankly am stretching my budget to accomodate the city - guess just need to be contented with the singlr tone dash - no other major differences - they are now giving a audio system and also body coloured door handles& mirrors
  5. am i missing an already active discussion ?
  6. Was looking at buying a sedan - started off with Aveo 1.4 Vs Fiesta 1.4 Petrol....... and now also have the City ZX Exi as an option - any clear winners amongst the 3???
  7. well some developments - choice now also includes the City ZX Exi ........ does this makes choice a lil easier????
  8. would appreciate ur opinions - especially from owners of either.