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  1. You don't have any choice. Its obviously Captiva. Endy is a bus/truck.
  2. Chevrolet Optra Magnum Diesel. Great engine, amazing pickup, good FE and decent looks.
  3. Buying a new car is a very emotional thing. It doesn't matter if you buy a Accord or Maruti 800. Its equally important to the owner. DZire VDi is my 5th car and I still feel equally excited about it. Its not good to criticize someones newly bought car, especially when its not at all deserved. DZire is a good VFM and I dont have any complaints about the look. I liked it best in the segment.
  4. We were actually discussing tyre upgradations, but DARXIDE seems to have gone offtopic.
  5. hahahaha, you are not funny. There are only 2% people like you who dont like the car. I am amongst 98%. I went in for Michelin. STFU
  6. Nopes, its not fitted with Baleno's engine. SX4: 1586CC, 102BHP @5500 RPM Honda City: 1497 cc long-stroke engine has two valves per cylinder and only a single overhead camshaft, its output is a respectable 77Bhp at 5000 rpm with 125 Nm of torque peaking at a low 2700 rpm. SX4 has more powerful and peppy engine. Its better than Honda's
  7. I dont like to buy a car, knowing that it would be discontinued in 5-6 months. With launch of a new model, resale value of old model decreases. I know, its a HONDA and you will always get a good value. But, still, there will be a difference.
  8. There is no doubt that the current City is a great car. Honda, unlike Maruti (who change lights and bumper and call it a new model), completely revamp the car including interiors and exteriors. I personally would wait for Honda's new model. SX4 is a new car and is very unlikely to have a new model for atleast 2-3 years.
  9. A completely revamped Honda City would be launched in October.. I would recommend waiting for that. If you cannot wait, go for SX4.
  10. I went to the dealership where I booked the car, they say it will be delivered to me on 16th of this month I think I will go with 15 inchers, since they are already there in the ZDi model. I will consult with a mechanic in a maruti workshop.