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  1. Hi guys, am back after long long time, may be after more than a year. I had purchased an Audi A6 in April,2013 & since then i am facing many problems in terms of Part Failures in the car. Everytime i was given assurances that the problems wont crop from now onwards. But the story is quite different, the number of visits to workshop are increasing by the day & now they are even not responding properly, neither the Dealer nor the Company. I have sent quite a few emails to the company & posted few posts on their Facebook page since last week but have not got a single reponse from them. The details of problems & the email which i sent to them are as below: "Hi, My name is Sunny Chandwani & we have communicated before too for some inconvenience & problems in my Audi A6. They were all solved but only to get some new problems, i dont know whether i have spend my hard earned money for peace & quality or Problems. Every now & then some or other problem occurs in the car, in one & half year the car has visited the workshop for more than 10 times due to some part failures or unncessary noises only to get some strange & irresponsible answers from your end. First let me give you my car details: My car details are as follows: AUDI A6 premium 2.0 TDi City - SURAT State - GUJARAT. Today when i was on my way to my office suddenly the Air Conditioning system stopped working, this is second time since my purchase & to my knowledge the same problem has occured. When i immediately took car to the workshop, they were too busy to attend me & asked me to drop my vehicle just to check it, well i have not purchased a 40lac+ car only to dump it at your workshop every now and then, when you cant provide a Quality product then you should stop charging the premium on your products, it seems Audi India is only here to grow their sales numbers & not their Quality, Service & customer satisfaction. The list & details of problems i have faced since my purchase: 1.) 3rd June,2013 - Air conditioning system stopped working just after 2months of purchase. Reason given - It may happen as it is an engineering part & thus a proper reason cannot be given. Solution - Presure switch replaced. 2.)21st November,2013 - Just after i recieved my car for some dent Job another problem occured, this time the CD player stopped working & fuel flap sometime was not working. Reason Given - first of all all blame was given to poor CD's by the CEO of Audi Surat & then it took more than 15days to resolve it. The Fuel flap according to them was working fine. Within these 15 days the Suspension was found creating some faults which the Audi engineers were unable to solve since many days & there was some noise from Accelerator pedal which till date still persists. Solution - CD changer replaced, Accelerator pedal noise still persists & Suspension problem solved after much arguments & ignorance. In this case the car visited more than 5days in parts to the workshop. 3.)26th April,2014 - It was time for 1st service & there was some squeezing noise while braking. Reason Given - Sir its India, dust can accumulate there so we need to remove it. My Take - While there are many other cars surviving in Indian dusts, even some expensive German cars which i have owned so stop giving these non-sense talks. Solution - Solved. 4.)11th June,2014 - Finally the Fuel Flap gave up. Reason Given - Same, sir its India dust can accumulate so it can damage the part. My Take - Well if India is such a problem to your cars, just stop making & selling them here, & if not then design the cars accordingly & stop giving such foolish answers. Solution - Replaced. 5.) 8th July,2014 - Many noises started cropping out from Rear Seats, all Windows while opening, rear door & same noise from Accelerator Pedal. Reason Given - Same for most of the problems, its India & Dust can accumulate. My take - Fed up & frustrated. Solution - Some noises still occurs. 6.) 27th August,2014 - Airconditioning system again stopped working, seems like your High German quality parts cant live longer than 1year. And another noise started few days back from Tyres or Suspension as it occurs only while taking Full Turn. Reason Given - Well they were not in a mood to rectify it neither was i to given it to them for repairs, now i want proper relevant reasons & Quality Assurance. From above you must have got to know that on an average its an bi-monthly affair for me to take the car for workshop for some or other problems. This kind of Quality i am getting from a premium Luxury brand, sometime ago an Audi Surat employee even went on to say to me that please buy the extended warranty as you see your car is having full of problems so atleast you are assured for 4years. See what a nonsense & stupid reason is being given as even they are aware that their cars are not trouble-free. Your Service Advisor even went on to say that if a person comes from Germany to India for few days, he will definately fall sick, same is the case with car, it cannot sustain Indian conditions like dust & road conditions. This kind of argument simply seems ridiculous & full of ignorance. Cant expect something like this from AUDI. If this is the case, after 4years i need to give the car to the scrap dealer as your company is not committed to quality. From very beginning i am saying that i had been handed over a faulty/Defected vehicle, now i want an responsible answer from AUDI INDIA as to why i have been handed over a defected/faulty product & does their customers deserve this kind of inconvenience. Regards, Sunny Chandwani," Please find a way out to this problem. I am fed up with them now, waste of my hard earned money & energy. How can such a big company selling luxury products, be so careless & shameful.
  2. Well, finally the decision is taken. Have booked A6, white with Beige interiors, Heart was & is still on the moonlight blue color but dark colors needs much attention & maintenance & may not look great in long term so settled for good old white. Will get the delivery in 1st week of April. Thanks for all the help... Mods please change the title to booked A6 2.0TDi. Thanks again.
  3. Well yesterday again checked the 5 & A6 back to back...Now we are almost convinced on A6 as the interiors are just too good, has more features & has good legspace though the rear seats still are better in the 5. Parents are convinced with A6, still it depends on whosoever gives better deals, we are open to both of them. 525d has a difference of around 3.5-4 lacs & has less discounts on offer, the only difference being rear view cam & paddles. Well Jaguar most probably is out of race, the major reason being the 10lac price difference & its 4star ncap rating, which should not be case in car of this class. Also, its quality though good may not be perfect to rival the germans, & might be too expensive to maintain, though the looks, the exclusivity, a combo of good ride & handling & that FEEL GOOD FACTOR are still unrivalled.
  4. Last week, had gone for the TD of the A6. Well, the car seems to be good, the interiors are well appointed & quality is top notch, the features & technology is very modern & the instrument cluster was classy. The rear seat was spacious but wasnt as comfortable, i found the 5series to be better. Driving wise, well it was short strech of good tarmac so cant judge it perfectly, but the engine was refined though not as the 5series, even the noise seemed to be almost on par with the other two, tried changing the suspension modes, the sudden difference felt was in acceleration, the steering felt weighted in sports mode but nothing much difference felt. But the ride quality felt really good when i tried on some bad stretches. but the FWD structure & CVT are putting me off. Am totally confused now, XF seems appealing but there is a whopping 10lacs difference between XF & the other 2, now i dont know whether that extra amount of money is really worth it or not. XF looks amazing, has simple but classy interiors, has all features except TPM, cooled glove box n all, rides better than 5series & handles better than A6, has a good overall balance but still its 4star safety rating, that a little slow touch screen is confusing me... PLEASE HELP!!! Mr. Sorabjee, can i hear something from you!!!
  5. @Raj, well you have a merc, a 3series too, so after test driving & booking your new A6, how would you compare it with the beemer, in driving dynamics, i mean obviously there is no competition to BMW in this regards, still is the A6 too boring to drive or the steering too lifeless that you wont have fun, i want a good all-rounder that means though not the best but it should be atleast good in driving dynamics if not the best. I mean everyone says that A6 isnt for enthu's, are they saying it with comparision to 5series or seriously is it? Am not a racer or a rally driver, but to me driving a car should be stressfree for long hours & loving, in short addictive like am with my JETTA, i have never got tired or bored driving this car, instead its driving it is a stress buster to me... Will the A6 or the XF would give me THIS!!! i know a beemer can but what about these two??
  6. Well, this week i had back to back TD's of the Jag 2.2 & 5Series. The XF 2.2 is nosier than its 3.0 V6 sibling, also the latter being more refined & Rev-Free. Overall liked the car, the changes made to XF2.2 apart from engine, addition of Navigation are its wooden trim, its now matt finish than the former's glossy, the keys design is changed to a more simple & elegant design & the addition of hydrualic opening of boot. While Jaguar obviously looks more striking & beautiful, 5series too is very elegant with its smooth flowing lines. Just floor the pedal & it immediately brings smile on your face, the driving manners are obviously better & it has 3 suspension settings too (Even jaguar has a Sport setting). The engine is more refined & rev-free & noise too seems same from both the car's engines. The legroom too wasnt too much different, features wise overall XF has more, while 5series has some common features like rear window sun-blinds, Tyre pressure monitoring, cooled Glovebox, start-stop technology, etc which the XF sorely miss. But then again 5 series misses rear view camera, navigation system, paddle shifters & a Spare Wheel !!! Overall both are good cars, though only thing worrying me 5series getting a facelift any time soon which may get some important upgrades. Though there is a significant difference of price too. Most probably by day or 2, i would be finalising the car. Yet to TD A62.0 Tdi, had dropped it before because of its looks( doesnt looks bad but too similar to new A4), & more passenger focused than the driver. But still now thinking of a TD tomorrow, the interiors & its features seems to be good & is available with good deals.
  7. Well, now its time to close the matter & come on a concrete decision. Most probably the car i will buy now will be a sedan. Have always obsessed for Jaguar since they have come with a bang with new looks. XF is a nice car with great engine, nice drive, exclusivity, nice features, nice comfort but am still confused whether its advanced in Safety features & technology. Interiors are simple though but are classy nonetheless but have heard its quality not as great as Germans, i doubt. REALLY???. A6 is a nice car, its technologically advanced, interiors are good too, it has good features also but looks are too plain, looks too sleek, not my choice, doesnt looks that premium, the only downside to me till now. After kicking it out of the contention, my mind is again on BMW 520d, it looks great, just too premium & grand, the fluid lines are just too appealing, but the noisy engine, less features (compared to Jaguar) and upcoming LCI update are on downside. Heart says BMW, mind says AUDI, while part of both agrees to JAGUAR. The only concern with which am not too sure is the Overall QUALITY & advancement in Technology & safety on which only you people can help me.
  8. Well i am in the same boat, but this would be my 1st luxury car. I started off with choosing between Q3 & new 3 Series, but then got carried away by the deals on XC60 & A6. Had almost finalised on XC60, there came the 2.2XF. As there are no deals on XF now, m waiting for march end to get some good deals, still i am confused whether XF will be the right choice, i know it has the WOW factor, but apart from that is it technologically better than the A6 & does it has more safety & comfort features is a question. While Volvo is far ahead in safety & technology, its engine is noisy & not as refined & does not have the snob value of others, the only thing against the XC60. Still, it seems that most probably XF will be finalised. I also love the looks of 5series, but A6 & XF seems to be overall better choice.
  9. Also its engine was very quiet n refined, had rev free nature which i liked it, its not the same case with ths xc60...
  10. Well already the confusion is increasing even more...had almost zeroed in on Volvo but the td of Jag has blown me off...though lack of common features like tyre pressure monitoring, non hydraulic opening of boot(even my jetta has it) n 6months schedule of service is a let down considering the service costs will almost get doubled....but it has some good features too like rar camera , jaguar handshake, literally all leathr interiors, navigation , etcc... More importantly the dynamics, looks , n the brand which is currently has the most snob value...butt its too expensive at 50 lacs OTR..n there is no deal available as 2.2 is new...lets see what happens...
  11. Nope, the Mini is still the lifestyle vehicle & it isnt really worth the price tag, if i have that extra money i will definately go with that but let me enter into the luxury bandwagon with some sensible car first, then later i can think of something like that. No offence meant. Well, the decision is still pending. Last week i test drove the XC60 D4(2.0 diesel), well it looks great, drives good, interiors though not very attractive but are rich & elegant, the build quality felt superb & the car was comfortable. The drive well i liked it but still the roads were good so cant comment on it accurately. The summum variant we drove also had great features but now the question is, the D4 is 2wd & not AWD, at 46lacs OTR, should i go for a car which is not an AWD when there are cheaper cars like Q3 available with the same. Also, it didnt had features like Hill descent control which i think should be there in a car of this size & segment. Q3 does have for uphill, inclined & even for normal parallel roads. Also, this would be our first premium category car, the segment we have always dreamed keeping in mind the TRIO Germans. Should i ditch the germans & go for a comparatively unknown brand like Volvo is the question remains unanswered. So, now actually there are 4 cars into consideration, 3series & Q3 because they are within my budget & A6 & XC60 because they are available with good deals, i would opt between the latter 2 only if they are available at or below 40l otherwise my choice would still be with the former ones. More or less now i am also convinced with the Q3. Lets see what happens...
  12. Well i know both are good cars even when driving dynamics are concerned though beemer is always a drivers charm, audi though more luxurious, comfortable n offers more gizmos doesnt looks a 50lac car, doesnt Have a presence of 5series. As far as fl2 is concerned well there is no dealer at my place n even though its a great off roader doesnt seems to be a great all rounder...
  13. Well, Volvo are still yet to come & i need to come on an decision fast, although i like Q3, i still doubt if its a great DRIVER's car which is my top priority. Its feather light steering is making me feel so... Another query, i know i may sound too confusing but as there are good deals going on, based on my above mentioned requirements, which car to choose from bmw 520d & A6 2.0TDi.
  14. Well merc. Is just too expensive and even we arent that much interested in merc as a brand. Tomorrow volvo is coming to my city so lets see what happens i feel that it should be better than the Q3 n lets see if it delivers on driving dynamics i am looking for. Safety n feature wise its great n looks good too just that volvo wont raise any eyes as the trio german still does on the roads...n if its gonna be sedan it has to be 3 or 5 as there is only little price difference between both... Also are there any owners of q3 n xc60 who can provide a detail review. And if anyone knows as to how much discount can i get in volvo considering its not sellng much...