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  1. R12 is not available anywhere. So the question is R134a with or without the required changes costing Rs. 8k or there is some alternate available required for R12 other than R134a which is cheaper/compliant?
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  3. Respected Members, My M800 car a/c is having a R12 gas condenser which needs top-up but this gas is no-where available in Kolkata city. The alternate suggested by the local A/C repair shops is to either make it R134 compliant which costs Rs.8K or empty the existing R12 gas and fill the R134 gas in the same old R12 condenser costing Rs.1K. The latter option they say is not gurranted and may cool my car for 1-2 months only. I do not use my M800 frequently (Year 2003 model, a/c fitted from outside) and hence reluctant to spend Rs.8K on my old car. However I do need my car a/c workingto run it comfortably, so please advise whether I can go for the latter option as mentioned above or have to shell out Rs.8K as I am not planning to sell this car in near future.
  4. One of my neighbour has bought an i10 yesterday, as per him why to buy an 120 when you are getting the same 1.2L engine in i10
  5. Well I have seen couple of i20's in Gurgaon and they look really good. But we should not expect this car doing volumes on road unlike Swift due to it's pricing as Indian hatchback market is still not that mature.
  6. BS... must say you have a sharp memory!! Yes, I booked a Dzire in July last year but cancelled the booking after 02 months as I was travelling to Chicago for 05 months. I am back now but the time gap has made me to think again before again booking a Dzire. Tanmay my budget is 5-6 lacs & I am looking for a good reliable car mostly for city use, rear seats would be used rarely, monthly run approx 1000 kms, should not be high on maintenance, and I am comfortable with both hatchback / sedan option. I am very clear of not going with Fiat (Palio,upcoming Punto), Tata (Vista,Indigo), Ford (Ikon), GM (Uva) and Skoda (Fabia). So the options left are Suzuki (Dzire only, I do not like A-star due to zero baggage space & already having a Swift in family), Hyundai (i20), Logan or upcoming Honda Jazz. Your thoughts please..
  7. Thank you all for your views, this really helps
  8. Hi Forum Members... need you expert views on whether to opt for a Petrol or Diesel engine if one decides to go for a Logan. I am not considering the monthly run of the car here and simply need to know which is a more refined/successful engine for Logan. Also I am puzzled over the choice between Logan & Dzire. I am not bothered about the resale value/brand equity of the car... for me the negatives of Dzire are looks & rattling problems, and negative of Logan are that hey are not selling in enough numbers making me feel that there is something seriously wrong with this car. Would appreciate the insights on the comparison of these 02 cars as well.
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  10. For me it would be BMW5 series, based on my short driving experience of 3 series..Innocent2008-08-08 08:05:04
  11. not only Honda, but Indian car market is heavn for all the Companies who can sell their both outdated & new products at 1.5 - 2X prices So though the per capita income in India is low, but it's the other way for these car manufacturing companies (higher earnings per car sale)
  12. Thanks bluesapphire, so then what would be the Maruti's answer to i20?