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  1. Hi I am not in favour of PAJERO all I want is value for my money and dont understand how one can say a SUV is better than another if it having less comfortable second row and handling is also not better than vehicle compared. I came to this forum to seek help from those who are driving these vehicle also test drive doesn't give you the full picture to get to know the tru character of these vehicles you need to live with the vehicle and drive the vehicle for atleast 2000kms This is what i think i miight be wrong. Thanks
  2. Thanks fellas, I already know ENDY has got 1- Looks much better and nicer from outside. 2- Good interiors. 3- bigger and torquey Engine. I have read the AUto car It says, Pajero has advantage over endy with coil spring rear suspensiopn it to me means that more comfort for 2nd row passanger for the long drives. Endy motor thought it is bigger it runs out of steam once it close in 4000 RPM ????? Pajero's gearbox is slicker and being an old motor surpprisingly very less turbo lag. Straight line performance ENDY is 7 seconds ahead of Pajero (0 - 100 thing) but again it is straight line performance. Pajero has good handling and pliant riding both on highways and bad roads. Lastly PAJERO IS A HEAVIER CAR BUT FROM BEHIND THE WHEEL IT FEELS LIKE IT IS HAVING HALF THE BULK OF THE FORD drive both back to back and ford comes out as LOSER it pitches up fairly over bad roads especialy at speed and possesses none of the body control of the pajero. Handling again Endy loses again but sill at the end Endy wins dont know how. How can you be comfortable when the HANDLING and RIDE is not good . COMFORT Endy ******** Pajero ****** Same goes for the Engine even if you have 4litreof engine instead of 3 litre and torque twice Endy is havin in Thunder + whats the use if you are not comfortable and ride quality is not good. PERFORMANCE ENDY ********* PAJE ****** *********WHAT'S THE USE IF RIDE IS NOT GOOD AND COMFORTABLE****
  3. Hello Fellas, This is my first post in AUTOCAR infact this is the first time i am writing any of the automobiles Forums as the title says could you please help me with choosing better SUV Between Thunder+ & Pajero SFX. considering 1- Handling, involvement of driver. 2-Comfort for driver & rear passangers for long journey 500 kms. 3- Good Offroad Capabilities. please donot suggest Safari, Innova, CRV, Captiva, Tucson and (x-Trail - It is out Of Budget) I am looking forward for the answers from the guys who have driven or still driving the ENDY Or Pajero. Thanks