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  1. I have recently bought Mahindra Quanto and am looking to buy Head Unit (digital media player) and speakers for it. I have selected the pioneer 169UI Head unit (Rs. 3250/- with bill & warranty) and the following speakers.

    Please tell how are these & which one is good to fit in my budget & car doors :



    3. Infinity Auditor Co-ax

    4. Infinity Primus 6500CS 6.5 component retailing for Rs.2900/- with bill at Kashmiri gate, Delhi.

    5. Polka db651 6.5 coaxial.

    How I need amplifiers or something like this for my system. I had seen 3 shops which were selling HU & speakers in Kashmiri gate and were sending it outside delhi. please tell how to check if these are genuine or not...

    My total budget for both speakers & HU is 7000/-. I think, I can accommodate only one component out of the above in this budget. Please suggest....

  2. Please tell which will be the cost of reverse camera images to be displayed on rear view mirror. & which Company should I go with.

    What I am looking for is seat covers, Security system & music system with speakers .

    1. For this I have found that there are various types of seat covers like PU, Leather, Jute & cloth. I have heard that PU gets very hot, Leather is costly, cloth I don't like to put in my car & jute. Please tell which one is better of these & what type of seat covers should I go for i.e. normal seat covers, semi bucket or full bucket.

    Budget: 4000-5000

    2. Then comes security of the car. I am living in a gated society in Delhi so there is no problem for the car out there. But when we take the car out, we need security. Please suggest me which one should I go for, U look Gear lock or something else. My friend has suggested to put in a switch to start the car but I think it will void the warranty of the car. How is Xenos brand. Pls suggest.

    Budget - 2000-3000

    3. Now comes the music system. I don't want to spend much money as the car won't run much. But still.... Please tell if the old speakers of my home theatre system will work here, if no, which is the least expensive speakers I can buy and also tell me which music system should I go for.

    Budget: 2000-3000

    4. I also need a vacuum cleaner. Budget: 1000

    5. Parking sensors or Video camera or combo of both of Accorate. Budget 4000. I have searched for it in market and found that the MP5 with video & sensors are coming for Rs.4000/- (Chinese). Can anyone suggest better?

    6. Fog lights - which company & prices....?

    7. Rain visor - Injection type but which company. Budget : 500

  3. Hi friends,

    I have recently purchased Quanto C2 model. Being a base model it does not have accessories. Please suggest accessories for the above model and from where should I purchase it in Delhi.

    What I feel essential is the sides & back door foot step, gear lock, simple music system & seat covers. Dealer is giving the gear lock U look of Minda.

    I have uploaded the Quanto Accessories list & prices. Please suggest if I go from market which Company product should I choose from & what are the market prices.


  4. I have a budget of 6 lakhs (max) & am looking for a Sedan car out of Etios vs.Ford Classic vs. Sunny vs.Manza club class. Pls tell which of these has better mileage, drivabiity & is best VFM car. My city drive is nearly 300 kms pm only and no highway drive. We are a family of 5 adults & 1 kid but we normally go only 4 persons in a car at a time. it is only once in 4-5 months that we all go together. I will keep the car for next 7 yrs or so.

  5. Hi friends,

    I am new in the forum and am here to get your help.

    I have a budget of 6 lakhs and am looking to buy a petrol sedan or premium hatchbatch car. My monthly running is 300 kms. in city & my family has 5 healthy adults but we all travel less together so at a time there will be only 4 adults. Till now I have TD the Etios, Manza club class, Dezire. Currently Ford Classic & Dezire is not avlb. in Delhi in any showrooms, so I am left with Etios and Manza options. Other option which I could get is Nissan Sunny, Sail Uva but I have not TD it. I am not considering i20 as its mileage is low.

    Pls give your views on which one is better & has best comfort, low maintenance & best Fuel economy out of the above.