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    rohitshakti got a reaction from unulkjatt in Budget ICE for Mahindra Quanto   
    I have recently bought Mahindra Quanto and am looking to buy Head Unit (digital media player) and speakers for it. I have selected the pioneer 169UI Head unit (Rs. 3250/- with bill & warranty) and the following speakers.
    Please tell how are these & which one is good to fit in my budget & car doors :
    3. Infinity Auditor Co-ax
    4. Infinity Primus 6500CS 6.5 component retailing for Rs.2900/- with bill at Kashmiri gate, Delhi.
    5. Polka db651 6.5 coaxial.
    How I need amplifiers or something like this for my system. I had seen 3 shops which were selling HU & speakers in Kashmiri gate and were sending it outside delhi. please tell how to check if these are genuine or not...
    My total budget for both speakers & HU is 7000/-. I think, I can accommodate only one component out of the above in this budget. Please suggest....