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  1. No doubt its Seating is more Upright & is more comfortable against other FZ bikes. Instead FZ & FZ-S seating position itself feels like a tired & boring one. How do you rate the engine of Yamaha FAZER' date=' considering its just ~150cc. Is it sufficient for some Acceleration sprints & occasional Highway trips ?? As previously i'm too addictive of the Surge of Pulsar 180. What's your views on this ??[/quote'] @ Dr Nishu and rssh.. Though I am no expert in Automobile but correct me if I am wrong. The Seat height and handlebar are exactly at same position for both bikes..In that case how fazer turns out to be more comfortable than? I have driven both the bikes at a stretch of around ~200kms. Trust me.. the feel-free drive that FZ gives..Fazer lacks it.
  2. So far what I have heard is it wont be more than 30kmpl.
  3. Wow, the only word I could use for this masterpiece....I am really happy to see this car on roads finally (as so far I have been watching it out on roads all the time covered with black dirty sheath) Well the project XUV is covered on platform W***(MnM code) and keeping in mind Santa fe as the main rival. and also MnM has already planned for the next variant which is will be by powered by 160 hp engine.
  4. I am not really sure but the 'Pure drive' comes with a different fuel injection. Is there any difference in Micra diesel emission standards for the older version against the new one?
  5. Well its good to hear that Mumbai police is initiating something new for department and probably good for the state too. Besides TML would also be benefited by such decisions. Because anyway Nano seemed not standing up to the mark as anticipated by a Common man . @ Sandy.. The Picture ("Picture you see here") is not visible.
  6. Well PSP is a nice option.. Alongwith excellent gaming, you get world class audio/video (but obvious its SONY) and you get wi-fi too. Its a nice buy but only that where PS2 CDs are around .6 k..the PSP DVDs go 1.5 k. and also the small screen, after sometime it hurts eyes. I have used both. Better buy PS2 if you would be playing at home only. if you travel a lot, go for PSP then.
  7. @hersh: did you install Lambda alongwith? I had gone out with my friend once for his esteem to be converted into CNG. But then the Dealer asked and insisted to put lambda..which when gets disturbed, needs to be calibrated and that too very few know how to do that..But if you dont install it, putting CNG on RC becomes an issue.
  8. About the music system getting On and reading the Trip trip meter.. There is a different circuit defined in cars which does not go through your ignition switch. Mainly the front panel (console). Like as you said asethi919, you can play the music without even inserting the key. Same is for M-Esteem (one i had), I could take out the CD/DVD the same way, w/o even inserting ignition key. Further you can even operate on all your car lamps w/o key.. So keeping user comfort and design allowance in mind, the cars are provided with these features.
  9. BHP.. - As the name suggests Brake Horse Power.. an Engine in running condition is connected to Dynamo. Brakes are applied directly to the Engine crank rotation and the power acquired is recorded as Brake Horse Power.
  10. Load index indicates the maximum load carrying capacity of the each tyre. There is a standard table for it, and usually not considered for tyres reaching over 200 kmph.
  11. Hello guys. Though i never liked enfield motorbikes but lately I have realized that has the biggest and most powerful engines available with the cheapest prices in India. So I am looking forward to buy one 350cc. now the dilemma is between the old and the new bullet. wherever i have inquired, bullet riders say the new one isn't that rugged and tough. please suggest. 1. Old bullet or new bullet? 2. and if new bullet, which one (Electra, Classic)?? looking forward to your valuable comments.
  12. explaining the whole concept theoretically would go little difficult. but for IR plugs..because they are high end performance plugs..you would need electrical wiring /coils of the same rating or higher to withhold the power passing through or else it would either reduce the life or develop resistance and performance would be lowered. So you must not change the plug yourself..must go to some good garage and get it done.
  13. Got any idea where in Pune is it getting Assembled/manufactured?? Is it through the Bajaj Chakan plant or some new set up for KTM??
  14. @Moderators.. I am really sorry for being little ignorant while posting new topic. About buying the new car, I can see lot of people suggesting beat, though no one in my family has ever used a Chevrolet vehicle. How is Chevy after sales?? and spares?? Let me share and incidence, I was driving my Esteem from Dehradun to Delhi few days back. while I was driving,suddenly a bump arrived. I crossed it n later heard some rattling sound. I opened the bonnet and found the AC belt was displaced. I was stuck somewhere in Muzaffarnagar and it was a typical village. Fortunately i found a mechanic and surprisingly he had the spare pulley of some other Maruti product which would fit in my car. He repaired it and I reached Delhi safely. now that makes me little biased towards Maruti. and thats what i am afraid of trying a new product.