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  1. i guess u must che out the auto transmission version..,even if sometimes u get to kno the shock ups sound..,trust me u wl neva come accross gear shifts sounds. they r really smooth.. pajero is kinda bulky n gives rugged luk..
  2. but heard Dzire is really good...,got the max power to wt ratio..
  3. ahh ford mustang..,it sounds amazing.. i wud love to hav one.. i gss the best cars.,offcourse mustang, ferrari F599, Lamborgini gallardo, bugagti veyron, Dodge charger n Viper, jaguar XK..
  4. great job by Kimi..,Ferrari is ma all time favorite i wish them luck for future
  5. i wish i get to see somethin new from TVS
  6. i have driven both of them n i felt Endy a little hard offroads.. but still other than looks Endy is better.. Pajero.......,is Pajero ,'the unbeatable beast'...
  7. santro is not bad but i10 is little better than that..,so go for that
  8. ya man..,go for i10.. its obviously better than santro anytime
  9. i wud certainly prefer Dzire,if u can compromise with its rear... looks little weird , in fact doesn't suit the body.. but it has the maximum power to weight ratio so u can't even neglect that..,choice is urs.. else have a look at Logan n SX4
  10. i drove some 200 kms last night from Nagpur to mp n back to Nagpur,n believe me it was a lot of times when i had to stop roadside in dark. there u cant keep ur engine,even the engine needs rest.. n there i really wished i had parking lights in my bike
  11. even BMW had a twin spark engine bike so thats what TVS says..,n also the TVS twin spark is 3 valve unlike bajaj 2 valve
  12. karan_4n


    its yet not confirmed from bajaj people..,even pics are there from different links but i guess they are all fake.. http://bp1.blogger.com/_zHSiY_7MGUY/RwTMyfNaTqI/AAAAAAAAAEs/PYe0--r_SmA/s1600-h/300_render1_6.jpg this is the link for the new model of pulsar 300 fi
  13. wat exactly u upto?? what do u want to do with ur tacho???
  14. ask ur mechanic to remove all the carbon & if needed to send it for lapping... check ur carb settings too.. i hope it works
  15. have u ever got your engine or engine head opened?? if not then get it done
  16. Do remember before u buy Hunk that even it has a plastic part (as CBZ had TPFC) which can easily break down if sometimes the leg guard hits somewhere.. Hero honda did not work on that part.. n also its rear mud flap keeps vibrating while u drive..,doesn't look good. but feel is good,after all u r driving hero honda... go for this bike considering these facts
  17. Apapche RTR is really good no doubt,infact its worth buying the bike in its range bt only if u can compromise with its height
  18. production of AV-180 is soon goin to be stopped by bajaj..,so u can opt for AV-200.. it has got oil-cooled engine..,n better power. do check
  19. heyiii why dont u check the new honda shine..,its better than discover n glamour..
  20. get ur piston rings ckecked,coz sometimes they are much used and thus the engine oil goes inside while reciprocation n emits smoke..,get it checkd
  21. i cant see any number plate above the headlamp..,do check ur querry
  22. mm quiet confused between Dzire n Honda city..,plz suggerst the better one