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  1. @ silencer.. where exactly is the hole building up?? Though the muffler has no standard repairs..you have to have it replaced. But still you can give it a try and get patchwork done.. @ rpm.. Did you fiddle with the accelerator cable?? or did you change the handle bar?? If not..i doubt the external valve of the engine is damaged.
  2. I just got my cousin's swift repaired and got its few scratches and a dent painted. Got it done from Carnation kurla(west). Job done satisfactorily. @ Cyrus, do you really own a paint shop?? or just for the paint job that you do on you scales?
  3. well i guess i am quite lucky to be in mumbai these days.. or else i have had the same problem of this channel.
  4. hmm this sounds little interesting. While others are upto performance n high end bikes..,HH is still running after smaller ones..
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    Well this is what I kept in mind and demanded this helmet. It has a wider opening, but just have to make sure that you got to carry riding glasses too. else you get such helmets with slass fitted too, but yeah they weren't so appealing. Don't know about the price because this yellow was a gifted one. @Helmet Reuse...,Yes CC you are absolutely right about what you have heard. The helmet once crashed Should Strictly not be used, but well I was not a pro biker those days and couldn't stand scratches on other new helmet so used to carry the same one always.
  6. See there's a simple concept Technology comes with price or rather higher price. Bajaj had to introduce FI and so it did on P-220. Now the sad part is they that they very soon launched the same model with basic fuel system(the good old carb). See we have to move ahead with the technology. Look the better aspects too..while I am planning to buy a new bike,I wud certainly prefer one with fi. n that may be the P-DTSFi . coz I like riding on lontg highways and the hilly tracks. There the carb may get you in trouble sometimes. It has a float chamber which is very well affected with the gravity and bike's position. So pulsar-fi owners not to worry, you are still a step ahead. @ Fastest Indian, few kmph increament hardly makes any difference. You could rarely reach those limits.
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    Hi banned..welcome to the forum. little weirdo is your name...,but hope to see useful posts from you. Do share your interests and experience. n ya Go through all the remarks, notifications and rules. Have a happy stay..
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    refreshing the page i can not see my own pics. If you find the same problem here's the link for the helmet pics http://picasaweb.google.co.in/karan4aaki/Helmets#
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    Well the newest one you see has wider view port and thus gives you better visibility. When I was using the small Habsolite, it was really light and strong. Fell too many times from my bike while trying stunts, but this helmet saved my skull . But for better visibility I bought the Aerostart GTS.., but found it really loose. Then i bought the Ninja and found it really good regarding the comfort and viewfront(as the chin panel can be suspended upwards). But even this I found was little heavy and gave me back ache on long rides and hills. And now I have got the open motocross helmet, I hope it satisfies my needs. Between I tried the open face helmets too but they are kinda unsafe on highways and doesn't give you feel of safety of being all covered. So I personally never recommend it.
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    I just tried clicking few random pics of my helmets. Here are they This is the newest one that I got. I needed one with no sticker job so that I can make custom ones and can put my signature over it. This one is what I was using before(with custom stickers) Sorry for the dislocated pics...couldn't untie them of skateboard. This one I used when I use to drive Shogun back at home and was into little bit of stunts. n this saved me number of times. and the one below is hardly used, but i keep it for pillion rider on my bike. karan_4n2009-07-21 06:47:16
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    will upload pics tomorrow.
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    which helmet are you using CC?? I have tried many ones and almost of every shape. The last I got is a gifted one which is used in motocross. That has got wider viewfront and thus better visibility. But just I will have to get pair of riding glasses too. before this motocross helmet I was using Studds Ninja, Steelbird openface, Habsolite, Aerostar openface and GTS.
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    I have got the helmet I wanted. So thread can be closed now.
  14. Thats really surprising Sudeepd. Looking at Indigo's body , even I had never expected this much.
  15. Do Cars/bikes ever reach the maximum speed to which the speedometer is made for? I was sitting with a maruti engineer last evening and he said "yes you can reach the maximum speeds given on your speedo, all you need is a clean straight strech." Do automobiles ever touch the maximum speed limit that they are provided with on their speedometers? If yes then in What conditions? If no then why are they provided with such extended limits? Why is an Automobile given with such speedometer speed limits which it never even touches throughout its life span??
  16. Engine Block for Maruti Alto Recently my Alto met with an accident and some minor dents were to be repaired. The car was all repaired and was ready to be delivered. As soon as my brother inserted the key and tried starting the car,it made some noise from the engine area and didn't start. While checking it was found that the crank was broken and needs to be replaced. Now the maruti people say that the Crank is not available for this car and hence i have to get the whole lower engine block replaced(whole engines except the tappet cover,engine head). The approx expenditure was initially 20k, while after this new development it is raised to 55k. My car is Alto LX 2002 model. Now, #Can the Cranks be repaired and made reusable (due to unavailablity of new one) ? #Is it advisable to replace the whole block for this much old model? ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE APPRECIATED
  17. Well I guess with P220 lowering down its prices with a claim of better power and to be "The Fastest Indian", HH for once has to sit and think about the new Zma's price tag.karan_4n2009-07-13 06:13:47
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    Teflon on ANHC

    Yes the Teflon coat is a marketing strategy but its useful too sometimes. It depends upon the place where you staying and your daily drive. Teflon protects your paint surface of getting faded out at higher degrees of temperature(but upto certain extent). It also develops smoothness over the paint to avoid pollution and dust particles which otherwise get easily stuck over the surface.
  19. @ ALL Above Well I really had no idea if the dealers themselves are appreciating this kind of mod. Do they just change the tyres or work upon other things too alongwith?? Forget about the tacho but the speedo and tripmeter would get hampered for sure. The teeth inside counts revolutions and gives you correct speed or distance. But if the diameter of revolutions is changed, then.....!! I still wonder how dealer says yes to it. Otherwise DD is absolutely correct the mileage will suffer for sure. But Stability will increase. karan_4n2009-07-12 12:11:45
  20. well your monthly travel is 500 kms and that turns out to be 6000 kms p.a. So diesel won't be a good suggestion. Now there are lot many cars in the market that fall into this category. I can suggest you to make choice betweeen Ritz Zxi and i20 Magna. You can get these nice hatchbacks within your budget and you end up saving a lot that you can further spend on accessories or anything. MSIL has very well caught the Indian nerve and gives you best possible configuration amongst its competitors. On other hand the i20 is proved to be a great car. (except for the fact that Hyundai costs higher on services and accessories than Maruti.) Though Punto is a nice piece of engineering but I am not too sure about the After Sales Service that Fiat is providing through TATAs. (If you have Punto in your mind, do check out the dealer's services in your city and there responses.)
  21. So when are the mods expected to be?? I am eagerly waiting for The Cyrus effect on Dio..
  22. thats claimed in few sites that the max torque and bhp will be 21.5 , but even there "Expected" is put ahead. So not too sure if its true.
  23. Even I dont find any good reason for paying extra 8k for just the fairing job over old body. but ya if I am given a choice,I am left with no option but to pay this extra amount.
  24. @ kain. Wider tyre is a major reason for stability but the friction too. Wider the tyre, more is the contact area and more is the frictional force acting against bike.