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    My FZ 16

    See its not really about 500 kms too. Its about whatever comes first. If you cover 1k kms or if it goes 1 month.
  2. Well this is what I found when I googled this Bajaj Concept car. Site:Worldcarfans{dot}com link : http://www.worldcarfans.com/10805121331/renault-announces-usd2500-car Following in the footsteps of Tata, Renault-Nissan Alliance and Bajaj Auto have today announced their own ultra-budget car with a starting price of just USD 2,500. The car is codenamed ULC and will be built at an all-new, yet to be constructed production plant in Chakan, India. A new joint venture will be producing the mini car with Bajaj Auto owning 50%, Renault 25% and Nissan 25%. Initial production numbers are set at 400,000 units per year for mainly the growing Indian market and is planned to go on sale in 2011, other emerging markets will possibly follow. The project has already left its initial feasibility reports and moved into Joint Production Development and is on target to meet its budgeted performance and cost. Source: Renault Press Release Bajaj Auto and the Renault-Nissan Alliance to build the car code-named ULC with wholesale price range starting from 2500 USD Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj and Mr. Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO of Renault and President and CEO of Nissan, today announced they will form a joint-venture company to develop, produce and market the car code-named ULC with wholesale price range starting from 2500 USD. The new joint-venture company will be 50% owned by Bajaj Auto, 25% by Renault and 25% by Nissan. Targeting the growing Indian new vehicle market, the ULC will be made at an all-new plant to be constructed in Chakan (Maharashtra state) in India. Initial planned capacity will be 400,000 units per year. Sales will start in early 2011 in India, as a primary market, with growth potential in other emerging markets around the world. The feasibility has already extended into Joint Product Development and the project is on line to meet targeted performance & cost. CYRUS432009-07-11 18:35:09
  3. Though nowdays the engines are quite flexible of variation in speeds, so no problem if you just accelerate your bike to 80kmph initially too. But at the same time as the system is all new inside,there are gears, bearings and other mechanical parts which need to mesh properly and settle down accordingly with time. So better not accelerate to higher speeds or higher gears. And also Do not give sudden acceleration or sudden pick ups initially. Let it go easy atleast before 1st service and your parts remain smoother and quite there after.
  4. I do agree with GK. and FZ's mileage isn't that low. And whatever the mileage it lags from P-150 and Extreme., its all because of the pair of widest tyres that Yamaha has put up in country.
  5. I guess it has been over a month Sriharsha had put up this query. The bike must have already been bought.karan_4n2009-07-10 06:14:39
  6. well you can consider the new p-220 too,comes within budget and more powerful too. @ sarabjeet, 6 months are not really much. So if your friend's P-220 is making rattling sound, its either bad handling or your friend being unfortunate of getting one bad piece of thousands. After all its man who made machines and thus even machines can go out of way executing their operations. I am a bike enthusiast and me and my friends together have almost every bike newly introduced. I drive alot and i found P-220 a wonderful bike.
  7. Hi rugs.. Is it uploaded over the web too somewhere?? because this channel is not here in my area.
  8. Unless the pictures are clear. it will be really unfair commenting upon. besides the Zma has always been a great performance bike and was once known as the best machine on Indian Roads. The Zma gave a tight competition to its competitors. but after the Fi was introduced in Indian bikes, only few names were considered..p-220 n R15 and sometimes RTR too. but now when the Zma replaces carb with a FI....hard to comment but I hope the Zma doesn't affect other's existence.
  9. and the official video goes here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6ueHxSi1ew
  10. I just went through the specifications of this new Fazer. Well it develops a maximum of 14bhp @ 7500rpm ,seems decent enough. But as the combustion chamber is almost cubical (bore to stroke ratio is 1), this bikes is going to bring out same as the FZ does. But considering the power to weight ratio this bike gains weight of 15 kg over the FZ,so power to weight ratio goes down and thus going to Lag FZ on roads. Rest mostly all features (including the length, height, wheelbase and others) are picked right away from FZ.
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    i am looking for a new Helmet. Though I have a three helmets in good condition,but I need a motocross one. Where do I get it from?? it would be helpful if someone suggest me any retailer in Delhi.
  12. I do agree rssh about the OEM switches.. yes you can not get that finish like the one what you get with the original fitted power windows. Also the installation is a bit typical too. My Esteem's left door got crashed by some other vehicle.. I got it fixed soon but even after the Maruti people working upon, the power window is not working well till date. So better get the standard company fitted power windows.
  13. Though Yamaha has come up with new products like R15 n FZ.. Do you ever think of how these bikes were brought so fast after RnD? Yamaha has caught the Indian nerve and is doing nothing except for resizing the cubic capacity and specifications of its most selling bikes worldwide.. While on other hand Bajaj whatever bringing up to the market has made it new. And Bajaj knows the Indian market very well....The roads are full pulsars moving around all the country ..
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    bike selection

    Well I do not own Yamaha FZ...but few days back I took it on Delhi-Noida Express way.. We were two on that bike and another friend was on my pulsar.... for a moment we both accelerated and I found awesome torque in FZ.. Balancing is just too good @ 140 rear..makes it so stable. I found it better than any other bike in this segment.. Go for it..you won't regret.
  15. Change in design is not so appealing...not even looks much different from the previous version.. but ya if its really 70k..this is really going to grab huge market.
  16. Honda Dio is one of the most stylish scooters of all in its category.. Congrats for being its owner now..and the colour that you chose Cyrus is really sporty, rarely seen on roads. waiting to see your mods now...
  17. Even if they make it a 200 cc bike the Apache will be an Apache. The front lamp is still the same which doesn't suit the bike. The body looks too small too...
  18. I can't expect any new name from bajaj now.. You never know whats Bajaj RnD cooking in. You buy the next ACI issue and find a Discover 200 or may be a Pulsar 300 with monoshock...
  19. i drove Unicorn n found it good. But if you are considering looks too,I think you should look at HH Hunk too. The only problem i found was the fibre part (don't remember what name). Its same as the TPFC of old CBZ n which used to get broken as soon as the bike falls very first time and the leg guard hits on TPFC panel. Same is the issue with Hunk. Else I find the transmission really smooth and the engine refined. And after all looks..IT DOES MATTER. You can observe the sitting posture that hunk gives you,on the contrary Unicorn has little weird posture. Think about it,rest choice is yours..
  20. Go for Unicorn,but make sure you get its 1st service done before taking it on that long drive. While the bike moves out of a plant,the joints are not tightened that hard,neither the movable parts like bushes, bearing, pistons are soft. So ride it for sometime,get its service done and then move out. Safe journey
  21. The FZ will be a better option. Though it depends upon your daily drive and your pocket too. If your daily run is long,Do Not Prefer R15 ,can cause you back aches. And if you want better mileage too,go for FZ. Now comes the performance part,you want the adrenaline rush, looks, posture ?? Go for R15. Though I personally liked FZ on looks,I like the naked bikes.
  22. You can consider between the Honda Shine and Bajaj XCD. I haven't tried the XCD much so can't comment,but for sure shine is a good option. Stands good on mileage and performance.
  23. and i am sorry for the short forms used..TDC stands for Top Dead Centre and BDC stands for Bottom Dead centre.
  24. Hi Afzal...and we are really sorry if you havn't yet recieved any reply for your querry. Well a 4s engine differs from a 2s engine in means of number of strokes it needs to complete a cycle. In a 2s engine,the piston reciprocates from TDC to BDC once,executing two strokes at a time. n then going back to TDC with two more strokes. This way the crank revolves only once and piston reciprocates twice(up and down). Whereas in a 4s engine,there is reciprocatory motion for every individual stroke. thus in 4s the pistion reciprocates 4times(up,down,up,down) and and hence the crank rotates 2 times. and hence we say 2s completes cycle on 360 degrees(due to single revolution of crank) and a 4s completes cycle in 720 degrees(due to 2 revolutions of crank). Mechanism of fuel consumption is moreovwer same in both,however due to double crank rotation in 4s for same quantity of fuel,the 4s gives better mileage and stands better on efficiency.
  25. well i find the exhaust system to be really usefully under the performance kit...but the edges need to be refined and needs better looks..