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  1. Both are little different..with the Front telescopic inverted shock absorbers..,rear mono shock..,Tyres,mirrors and others.. though both look photoshop jobs but the second one looks neater...
  2. I have been getting rumors or whateva from friends around and so i just googled the new P-200 images.. here are the ones and the second one was
  3. Do check what all Sudeepd asked to. Go through them all and even then if the problem persists. You can check your muffler inside the silencer tube. That has catalysts which prevent the harmful gases move out in mass.
  4. you have really kept it maintained..I am an engine freak but a bike enthusiast too...and so i am really happy to see someone taking so good care of his machine. Keep it up man. Cheers
  5. True Cyrus....one has to make sure while working upon a two wheeler that the balancing should be untouched or least bothered.... And ya the way you are taking care of your bike is really appreciable. i am again requesting you to put pics of your bike..
  6. thanx Anijog but my question was different. I asked the FI in 220 is MPFI or SPFI??
  7. Blue I think u can make it upto 100/90 tyre...,not so sure if discover had 17" or 18" tyre. and also wider than this wont even your chassis support or not even it will be good for discover power and performance. Have you really spent 50k on your bike?? Can you please post some pics and explain in detail what all have you worked upon?
  8. As Linea is not seen much on roads. So this is for all who havnt yet seen this car's interior. http://www.fiat-india.com/images/flash/Linea_int_360.swf Found this on other thread by viveksonkhla .
  9. @Blue, See if u want your bike to look good and as you said about the front looks,the bike has to be in an equation on all aspects. Shouldn't be the case that you make it look heavy at the front and it still has a rear 90 tyre. so whatever you do to make it look good make sure you take care of everything.
  10. @ Archit, No buddy thats thats not FZ light. Thats actually Hayabusa head lamp. Bought it long back after i crashed my three original headlamps..n it was before the FZ was launched.
  11. dont have much solution for your problems buddy..i am no retailer n not even i got the specifications. 1)@ GRS Suspension - I don't think it makes sense of putting other bikes suspension..may be coz that looks better.. about the nut and bolts,they are usually same so you can get it changed. but ya length would be affected and offcourse it would affect balancing too. as said b CC too,Hunk's Suspension are stiff. 2)@ installation of FI- See Fuel Injection is not merely set of nozzles,venturi and float chamber and not even it is mechanically driven. As the name suggests it it has got injectors and sophisticated mechanism controlled by ECU. So i dont think its wise to replace the carb with FI..,or say it will be too expensive to change whole assembly and then synchronizing it with the old system. 3)@ front FZ forks Those are called telescopic forks and ya ones which you are asking about,the Inverted ones.. aren't yet incorporated on indian bikes. and i dont think if you can get them custom made. 4)@ Seats- See your seat,footrests.handle,your posture n like everything is designed ergonomically... and designers do spend lot of RnD..that precious time n money. and so they come up with best possible what they can do. See if u make it narrow it wont rest your body and if it goes wider it would obstruct your legs and you will have to spread them more while riding. Changing your seat design is quiet an easy task but make sure it comforts you. 5)@ 5 speed- All gears are installed in the gear box. and have proper meshing there in. So if you want to make it a 5 speed gear box..,again u have to do a lot of work on gear box..or may be have to change whole gear box. n even then need lot of arrangement for other systems..,making them work together. 6)@ Exhaust Well I don't think Discover exhaust is noisy. Its really smooth and free flow. You can obviously change it,n that may increase your power too,if the silencer is good. but mind it.. can damage your valves too. though i have suggested/commented on all..,but i would still suggest you to keep the bike the way it is and if really want all such things..better get a new bike. Even i keep working upon my bike but try not to affect its rideability and handling. check the pics here http://picasaweb.google.com/karan4aaki/MyBike#
  12. sorry for interrupting guys... logged in after few days..but Sudeepd...,i had only heard that 220 has got FI..is it MPFI or SPFI?? n ya i got your queries too..
  13. i am really happy with ur decision Aditya that u'll stick with this bike..
  14. http://lh6.ggpht.com/vleeon/SO9rgQWZ8TI/AAAAAAAAADA/nfCpV2rSsTQ/s400/!CBR150RR%20BLACK.jpg U can see the pic here.. this was sent by a friend in Honda RnD,gurgaon
  15. yeah so its all upon how u drive and where u drive..
  16. yup..will do it for sure buddy. anyway the handle bar is still the shorter one..
  17. i really don't know what had gone wrong and i still don't know,but its working well now. One day i cranked and found its perfect now.. Thanks people.
  18. @ sudeepd..yeah thats again a problem.."the clogging". but its in pulsar..,n thats due to the reason when its kept slant (on side stand) for much time...,n that too i summers. The fuel vaporises and increases pressure inside fuel tank. also the float chamber in carburettor works no more with slanting..(and there the Fuel injection takes an advantage). So while riding a pulsar you have to open the tank inlet for few seconds and close it.it take the air in and releases the vapor pressure. Well what I am talking about was the air intake. The Air intake which the carburettor sucks...,n then mixes with fuel.
  19. Hello rx23989.. b/w FZ and Unicorn?? follow the link http://www.autocarindia.com/new/autocar_forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=4135
  20. sorry for using acronyms SI=Spark Ignition Engines = Petrol Engines AF=Air Fuel O2=Oxygen RPM= Rotation Per Minute karan_4n2009-04-09 11:51:01
  21. Few days back even my friend has the same problem in his pulsar. I tried resolving the problem,,but couldn't. So after so much of trials,i finally found a cloth kept underneath its Seat. pulsar has the Air intake inlet overthere and this piece of cloth was blocking it. So it had problem of reachin higher speeds and jerking on higher speeds(as if running outta fuel). See in SI engines,there goes a specific AF ratio into the cylinder bore. and to be specific,O2 has its share of around 5th part of the total air intake. So when its lacks the air intake,on low RPM it may take it and work well but while you accelerate,it needs optimum air volume and thus it restricts higher speeds due to incomplete combustion of fuel.
  22. @ SG,I just commented over the benefits of 6th gear and not being JUNK... but yeah the application varies so your consideration is true and very well accepted
  23. Prabhat is your bike okay now?? i just went through this thread,and i dont think if the fuel pump goes dumped so early. If it works now then its good or this could be an Air Intake problem. please reply soonest possible.
  24. Hi Aditya,sorry for getting rude answers from Sudeepd,forgive him for reason that he has been good member on this forum. Anyway @ your decision,see no one can change what you are cooking inside,but for sure...you are doing injustice to your bike. I don't see any good reason for buying R15,or replacing P-220 with R15 for that matter. Are you going to race or going to be on sprints everytime?? R15 is only good on higher speeds and performance. else P-220 is a wonderful bike and I would suggest you to stick with it. Also what you can do is you can ride it for sometime,meanwhile there will be new bikes too in market and may be you find something better that R15.. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DECIDED TO GO FOR R15, I CAN ONLY SUGGEST YOU TO ATLEAST TAKE A LOOOOOOONG SATISFACTORY RIDE OF IT,OTHERWISE LATER IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT,YOU LEFT WITH NO OPTION
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    What bike

    Hi rx2389 , I havnt heard much about the XCD ergonomics,but surely its a light bike. @Crazy Cat,FZ has good handling. The bike has F-100 and Rear-140 so you can expect better stay on roads and excellent stability. It has got low sitting position so that may help you with the riding position. and ya if you have back ache problems Beware of Honda Unicorn,because even i have severe back problem and @ times i ride my friend's Unicorn which gets me in trouble. P-200 is again a good bike but it has the inclined sitting posture (quiet same as superbikes,of leaning forward) so considering your back problems,not sure if it is comfortable on long rides.