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  1. Hi vishaldeshmukh..welcome to the forum. See as per the constraints you have put, i wont suggest you to go for either Pulsar or HH Xtreme. Stunner will be little bigger for you. I can only find two bikes which fulfills your demands. FZ can be good option for you. it goes little above your budget but when you are spending upto 70k.there is no harm putting few extra bucks. and that too for something which is going to last very long,and when you look at other people around..you feel upgraded. . As said by Anjan too,its the best bike in its segment on Indian roads.. So I would suggest you to go for it. Else Avenger can be the first one,as it is pretty comfortable and will match your body too. But i am not very sure about the mileage,i have heard it varying from 40-50. So if mileage goes good,you can go for it.
  2. I dont think if the 6th gear is really a piece of JUNK. See there is a simple concept of gear reduction.. The more gears are introduced..less will be the final reduced RPM and thus less crank shaft has to reciprocate.. and when the RPM goes low u can very well understand the FE goes high.. No doubt it decreases the power at that very moment,but certainly it increases the efficiency.
  3. As the car will new on on roads and new of its own kind,i guess i will take time to see it performing and will think upon it. But not to forget that its a TATA product,so that makes me pretty confident buying the Nano.
  4. Hello topgear and welcome to this forum. while you have already Xcd in your mind then you can go for it. but i find it really small and really light when there is a pillion too. Do not go for gladiator,it is so because my friend has one and i can see him facing problems. Well shine has a refined engine and it will be good on performance in this segment. Considering your the mileage,Xcd would go on top and rest you can check Shine. even that will be decent on mileage.
  5. http://picasaweb.google.com/karan4aaki/MyBike# those are few pics of my bike.. karan_4n2009-03-13 09:27:39
  6. The new one isn't original... nothing went wrong with that but got little bored and so changed the handle.. following is the link.. check the pics of handle on my bike...
  7. thanx Sudeepd..yeah i did so. i dont prefer much going to mechanics. i have prepared my own tool set and i work on my own. Except for engine i repair all my bike problems.. but still unable to resolve this..
  8. thanx dtandon.....you are right..as in in terms of the explaining.. for so long i've been trying to make everyone understand this only. that with new butterfly system outside the pulsar carb.. the cable plays no role.i tried accelerating directly from the butterfly too. n the RPM did the same stupid thing again. which means that i got problem with something else..,n not the cable.. n thats what m trying to figure out..
  9. here are the links if the url paste not working... http://picasaweb.google.com/karan4aaki/Rare#5310899294491708690 http://picasaweb.google.com/karan4aaki/Rare#5310899303875715042
  10. Has anyone ever seen a topless Contessa?? i could not see properly but i guess it had a convertible shield.. Did Contessa ever come in convertible variant too?? following are the pics..could not take them very clear because i did not have my cam...had to use my cell phone..n it was dark..
  12. they are common..yet important. which people usually forget..
  13. so what you people suggest?? what kind of change does it want now?? i have tries changing the position of acceleration cable too. opened it and made it go through under the front lamp. but it didn't work.
  14. @rugs,i went through the Wayanad Ride Report. i found it really good. Nywy there you said you own a 2007 Thunderbird (Black & Silver Colour). Man are you planning buy one more RE?? @ ZalD, you are really not supposed to compare two bikes,atleast not the ones who have been leaders on the roads. You know one of my uncle's British friend was really happy when he came to know that RE is still running on indian roads. So there is a huge fan following of RE.
  15. thanx FRG. but if it is an accelerator cable problem,why didnt this happen before??? and ya the outer cable makes sure that the inner moving multiple strand iron wire moves freely. In the old bikes or most of the bikes the cable directly goes into the carb,so the outer cable may hamper the inner movement.n thus the acceleration. But in pulsar there is a spring system (i guess thats called the butterfly system) attached to the end which is then attached to the carb. so even if you hold that spring n move it up n down.the bike accelerates w/o even touching the accelerating cable. please correct me if i am wrong.
  16. the bike isssss ok.. . . but i liked the front headlamp.
  17. Hi guys.. I m riding a bajaj p-150,2005 with alloys. i brought it from delhi to nagpur as i am studying here. 6 months back i got it short handled n everything remiand untouched. Bike was still smooth going. 10 days back i came back from home and found that some thing wrong with my RPM. Tried fixing it but could not. went to mechanic and he said its due to accelerator cable stretching of the short handle. but then why wasn't this there before?? went to my known mechanic and on his suggestion got its one valve changed and alongwith that got my engine head too cleaned. this worked for not more than 1 day and again same problem. whenever i press clutch to shift up/down gear (the RPM is supposed to come down instantaneously) the acceleration remains same for few seconds or even increases RPM then slowly comes down. although i repair most of the parts of my bike on my own but this has gone far beyond my reach. i am seeking advice friends...please help me out.
  18. yeah...its not at all impressive. i would still go for the basic FZ-16. the sticker job doesn't suit the bike at all..:| though m least bothered until something is worked upon the engine and performance but still..
  19. nice pics rugs.. roads seems to be really clean... u must have enjoyed a lot... even i have been on solo long rides.. but never been in a group ride..
  20. by the way which fiat is kept behind the red one??karan_4n2009-03-05 17:10:55
  21. I am not so sure,not even read anywhere but while writing this I think Scooter doesn't have a chassis while bikes do have. Scooter was a concept developed keeping maximum load carrying unit in mind,while bikes were made for high performance @ higher speeds.
  22. its not gone anywhere... but its jut that increase of fuel prices and easy EMI's n also the style factor made people buy more from bikes than scooters. n the needy are buying activa or gearless ones.. even i got one scooter @ home,its Bajaj Chetak Classic. Irony is that i din't see this model anywhere again. coz its Chetak+Classic. rare combo..lol. bt its hardly driven..
  23. thats great news.. i personally liked this bike very much.
  24. I am very keen to see that 5yr hard work... please update..
  25. Isn't that impressive.. Obviously the original looks differ the pictures but in my opinion the headlights are better but don't suit the body.. n the edges aren't that fine I like the one currently available..