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  1. gotta choose b/w logan n Dzire?? Go for Dzire..i am sure you won't be disappointed..
  2. yeah it looks like innova front.. and the old safari looks better..
  3. if you are selling the bike at the same place from where it is registered,i think you'll get around 27k (+-)3k .. well if you are looking for a 150 segment again,then i guess you should check the thread already going on.. further,the FZ is leading the race...
  4. i can trust any place on this earth..except for palika bazar.. i live in delhi but never visit palika..atleast if i go there i avoid purchasing anything from there.. besides...,nice information Tandon..
  5. First of all great to hear that you own a Laura...thats one of my fav ones.. @ dilemma between Civic and city..i would suggest u to go for civic as you are replacing Laura.. bu if you are looking for a cost cutting performance now...go for city..
  6. yeah it seems nothing internal is affected... the body n front is badly screwed...
  7. welcome to this forum Arjun. hope to have good time....
  8. Arjun i could only see the seat lifted.. is there anything else you did?? please mention..
  9. ohhh...you were really lucky TV.. i told u in my second point that the sprockets might have damaged.. but did you really use them so bad?? because that doesnt happen so early and it does only when you keep on making sudden pick ups with high acceleration..initiating with 1st gear.. it suffers a sudden jerk and the teeth undergo damage..
  10. TV is your bike not at all able to move?? anyway it is very rare but may happen when your chain goes really loose and left unnoticed
  11. Well i can think of three problems.. 1. while putting the 1st gear,the gear teeth must have slipped which caused the sound but that is the problem with much used bikes or badly used bikes..so may not be yours.. 2. the chain sprocket had went through much wear and tear and so the chain is skipping the tooth.. .. 3. there is a coupling between(inside) the rear chain sprocket and the tyre drum... On regular use it happens to undergo reduction in the rubber size and thus there develops a gap between the drum and sprocket..,which might have caused the sound..
  12. ohh these are really good.. i am planning to put one on my neighbor's car..lolz
  13. the battery removal only affects the system what u program for.. others like the ECU are programmed from the manufacturers and so they are not at all disturbed..
  14. ohhh i missed re.... couldn't come down to delhi..
  15. is there some official news for its launch??
  16. Today i was in my automobile class when suddenly my Professor's phone rang..it was a call from Abu Dhabi.. Some passed out students from our college are into this project of the new Ferrari. Its foggy region there at 39 degree C . and Ferrari is upto constructing a race track which will be all Air Conditioned(by Voltas) on which my seniors are working upon. Its a massive project considering the heat and humidity in atmosphere and also there will be lots of heat dissipated through the cars.. I will post some pictures of the ON-SITE later..
  17. may be this makes things simpler.. SOHC/DOHC (Single/Double overhead cam): the main camshaft is above the engine head and has cams fitted at different angles but with common dwell period..,which are responsible for the valve timing. the SOHC has a single shaft and all cams are fitted at different angles..corresponding to the firing order of cylinders. While the DOHC has two cam shafts..one goes for all input valves and the Second goes for all series of output valves.... OHV(Over Head Valve ): while the overhead valve has valves above the engine head..operated through the Rocker arms which in turn are operated by the cam shaft below.. karan_4n2009-01-12 18:11:34
  18. Ans 1. Get your tyre cheked from any MRF dealer.. may be the tyre is really old and was incorporated by mistake for the bike.. so get it checked from the MRF dealer..,he will help you out easily.. Ans 2. The common problem(what i have observed) is that commonly the shorter silencer cover(below the brake pedal) is loosened..that creates cranky noise.. i hope this helps you.
  19. ok so if u prepared or modified the mustang or 599 GTB FIORANO...how did u do that??
  20. well that is your opinion BS... i like Accord but i find Camry better than Accord.
  21. hello speedking..welcome to this forum.. where do you stay speedking?