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  1. Volvo Buses India, for the first time, will export buses manufactured at its Hoskote Plant near Bengaluru to Europe. Previously Volvo was exporting India made buses to South Africa & SAARC countries. This move by the Swedish Bus Maker is in accordance with 'Make in India' program. It will be a very proud moment to see European Buses badged as "Made in India".
  2. Michelin Primacy LC will cost you around 6500 /-, but they are worth the price. Extremely good handling and absolutely zero road noise. They will even make your hydraulic steering further effortless. At speeds of 130+, you will be pretty confident and the whole dynamics will be predictable. They also offer excellent grip in wet conditions. Only issue with these tires is the sidewalls, they are a bit thinner making it prone to damages. If you can live with it, then this is the best rubber around. Next is Bridgestone Potenza GIII, it is a perfect combination of comfort, durability and performance. These tires can survive most of the Indian roads pretty well. Road grip and braking are equally nice. Though there will be a little rolling noise that will enter the cabin. These tires can give you >70k kms running life.
  3. Ha ha ha....thank you so much LeoRahi. Also the registration number is pretty awesome.. OR 02 CA 0770
  4. Finally ended with a Royal Enfield Classic 500 (used). The bike is in immaculate condition. The previous owner has driven it only for 4600 kms in 18 months. I negotiated it for 1.3 lacs. Here are the pics....
  5. My personal views, (Based on regular usage) Michelin = Soft compound tyre. Excellent grip and outstanding performance in wet road conditions. Superb braking and minimal road noise. Proper tyre pressure, balanced and aligned wheels and timely tyre rotation will give you a decent 55000 km mixed usage. The soft compound makes the drive-ability easy and minimizes steering effort. The only major drawback is weak side wall protection. The sidewalls very thin and are prone to get damaged in side impacts. Bridgestone = Its an all rounder !!! Also easy on pocket. Potenza range is premium and comparable to Michelin and Yokohama. Goodyear = I had these as OE tyres hence quality was a bit low. But recently I have bought Dura Plus series for our Punto. I am satisfied with them. Grip is good but there is noticeable road noise. Apollo = These tyres have improved a lot over time. Alnac and Accelere are very good tyres from apollo. In muddy and slush tarmac, these tyres really need some improvement. We have put Acceleres on our Fiat Uno. MRF/JK/CEAT = Long lasting. They work decently upto 70000 kms. Easy on budget and readily available.
  6. Grip & Stability on wet road Michelin >Yokohama > Bridgestone > Goodyear > Apollo > MRF > CEAT > JK Grip & Stability on dry and dusty road Michelin >Yokohama > Bridgestone > Goodyear > Apollo > MRF > CEAT > JK Response to Braking on wet Road Michelin >Yokohama > Bridgestone > CEAT > Apollo > Goodyear > MRF > JK Response of Braking on dry and dusty road Michelin >Yokohama > Bridgestone > CEAT > Apollo > Goodyear > MRF > JK Lowest Wear and Tear MRF = JK = CEAT = Bridgestone > Goodyear > Apollo >Yokohama = Michelin Shelf Life and Immunity to climate changes Yokohama > Michelin > MRF = JK = CEAT = Bridgestone = Goodyear = Apollo Scoring by Experience Michelin/Yokohama = 6/6 Goodyear/ Bridgestone = 4/6 MRF/CEAT/JK = 3/6 Apollo = 3.5/6
  7. It looks very cheap. Instead of going red, they could have done away with black. All chrome bits could have been replaced with black inserts. IMO following things could have added a lot of sporty character, 1. Ground clearance should be improved to 200mm. 2. New sporty matte black or diamond cut alloys. 3. Cross roof rails 4. A new grill without the teeths and chrome. 5. A simple front nudge guard. 6. Rear door mounted spare wheel. To keep the cost low, they could have removed the electronic goodies, like, infotainment system, reverse parking camera, tyretronics, climate control, auto lamps, auto wipers, mood lighting etc. Without creature comforts the XUV will be raw and a true sport off roader. Itz just my personal idea.
  8. Some more to choose,
  9. Some cheaper options doc,
  10. Some wheel caps,
  11. Dear Doc, Before putting new wheel caps, get the rims colored. Preferably Black. On the interior side, install small blue colored LEDS under the dashboard and behind the front seats. It will act as mood lighting and is pretty cheap. You yourself can do it. Also search for door scuff plates, they will really look premium. These are certain makeovers which will refresh your attitude towards your ageing babe. You will also enjoy driving it more keeping your Dzire safe at garage.
  12. Dear Doc, Change the wheel-caps. Go for some new wheel caps. For R13 you will get a lot of options in wheelcaps. For tires, Michelin and Yokohama are some decent rubbers with attractive tread pattern. The tire tread pattern will give your car a refreshed look. Another suggestion is to blackout the B pillars with either matte black or glossy black stickers. You will love looking at your car once it is done.
  13. Thank you Sachins. I was totally impressed by the Pulsar 200NS. Liked the new chassis design and the engine refinement. Its a good VFM package. But it didn't really suited me. It looked very odd when I sat on the bike. The bike is tall but it doesn't looks proportionate with my body physique. I am 6ft tall and 95 kgs, quite a bulky body I have. It would be great if you can tell me about the regular maintenance details. I have heard that the gear shift is also a bit sticky and it doesn't gets to neutral easily. Please help me with the basic maintenance things and not-do-things with the thunderbird. Thank you
  14. All that sticky gear shift problem solved ? Check for clutch cylinders also (both master and slave) and change the fluid. If there is too much rust below the body, it is advisable to replace the gearbox mountings also.
  15. While sourcing used tires be careful about the manufacturing dates printed on the sidewall. If a tire is too old but it has a nice grip, there might be chances, upon use it may bend and the steel belts inside the tire tend to break. So dont by too old used tires. Tires are major safety components which we generally ignore. A good set of tires will give you peace of mind and driving pleasure. Better look for Chinese make tires like Kenda, Nankang or Nexen. Better not to compromise on tires.
  16. Dear Doc, Please see my considerations, 1. Moto X (Itz not a dual sim. Voice features are the best. Excellent crisp display, intuitive gesture controls, smart camera functions) 2. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 (5.25 inch display, 1.2 GHz Quadcore hangs while multitasking, rest all are good on paper) 3. Sony Xperia T2 Ultra (6 inch screen is too big to hold) 4. HTC Desire 600 Dual (I myself own this handset)
  17. I am so sorry LeoRahi Get well soon buddy !!!
  18. Dear Friends, I am planning to buy a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 within this month. I have decided to sell off my Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi and have short listed this beast. Pulsar has been a faithful companion to me but the maintenance costs have become surprisingly high. I have driven it for 60 000 kilometers in last 5 years. The fuel efficiency has also gone down to 25-30 kmpl and vibrations are prominent. After a lot of research I have made up my mind with the Thunderbird. I had no specific criteria for my new bike. I just simply wanted to move on to something new and refreshing. Hence i made a list of prospective bikes and calculated the pros and cons. But one thing I strongly nagged for is whether the bike will suit to my bulky body(I am 6ft-95kg). I should not look disproportionate on the bike while riding. My list included, (No particular budget constraint) 1. Bajaj Pulsar 220F DTSi IMO: Its a outgoing bike in the market. Soon will be replaced. Performance is breathtaking and is loaded with projectors and other modern gadgetry. Suited my physique. But its outdated. 2. Yamaha Fazer 2014 Limited Edition IMO: Most comfortable and refreshing color (Military green-matte black). Though it is in market for a long period, still its a head turner. Where it lacks is power. 153cc is not for me...Coz I am moving from a 180cc. 3. Bajaj Pulsar 200NS IMO: Everything you need. But it looked very odd when I sat on the bike. It didn't suited my physique. 4. TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS IMO: Itz fast. Itz sharp. Itz compact. It looked like a baby cycle when I sat on it. It was disappointing, hence I started jogging. Its a no ! 5. Royal Enfield Electra 350 IMO: Made like a gun. Suited me perfectly. Lacked some basic features and tech stuffs. It was too basic for me. 6. Royal Enfield Continental GT IMO: A sure head-turner. 535cc of pure adrenaline. But the seating position gave me an instant backache. And it is 2.12 lacs on road ! 7. Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 IMO: Comfortable, easy to drive, good fit n finish. Loaded with good stuffs, digital display, Discs (both F and R), projectors, LEDs and some eye catchy colors. Service and niggles are a problem. Fuel efficiency is okay. Delivery time of 20 days. After all the research, I have finalized RE Thunderbird 350 (Stone Color). It comes around 1.49 lacs on road here in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. So friends I would like to ask you for suggestions regarding my choice and the things which I should be careful while owning and maintaining the Thunderbird. I would be glad if you can suggest any other bike option. Also RE people are offering 25k exchange price for my Pulsar. Would it be wise to exchange it ? Please suggest !
  19. Nice review LeoRahi. The pictures are worth of HD Wallpapers for my lappy. Great piece of work !
  20. Maruti Suzuki Esteem, during its time it was one of the elegant cars around. It went through a number of minor cosmetic facelifts and some major too. In Odisha State, the current CM Mr.Naveen Patnaik used an Esteem for his official travels during the year 2001 to 2008. Later he switched to a SX4.
  21. Washed my Fiat Palio Stile with just only a bucket of water and a pair of clothes. Water shortage !!!
  22. Dear vikky1971, If there is any issue with Honda Amaze, take it straight away to the Honda authorized service because messing around with it may void its warranty. Also there is absolutely no issues with Honda Services. As said by LeoRahi, ask your dealer for the manual.
  23. Toyota Etios Cross is just the Liva in plastic disguise. The looks are aggressive and it may prove to be a serious competitor to VW Polo Cross. When manufacturers are going for crossovers, they should keep in mind to design and equip a true cross over with all the necessary characters intact. The car should be adventure inspired and should have the ability to surprise the owner with it's skills. What I find in the both Polo Cross and Etios Cross is that they are just marketing gimmicks. Now we are much more matured to understand what we are paying for, and what we are getting in return. Waiting eagerly for Fiat Avventura.