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  1. dont know dear,but you should try on ebay us/uk
  2. i remember our company driver used to pull out a fuse under the steering wheel area in our mitsubishi lancer and the odo used to stop(maybe?)


    go for the ritz. swift has been around for too long now and everybody seems to have one....especially those "rat grey" color ones DARXIDE2009-05-23 15:17:47
  4. these car care products nothing else but "eyewash" and a scheme for your dealer to squeeze more money out of you. all your car needs is good quality car polish(e.g turtle wax),car shampoo and loads of elbow grease to keep it looking good for years
  5. r15 is great bike.just concerned about your slip disc situation since r15 has a very sporty riding position. dont be fooled by BHp figures only.while testdriving & buying a bike try to realise the handling,build quality, techonolgy etc.yamaha has been making bikes for years and they are masters of their art! DARXIDE2009-05-23 15:05:05
  6. try making it a 2 door
  7. manishO O, no more sad posts ..PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
  8. ok ok ,on a more serious note. a safe way to check if you seatbelts work_ *sit in the car , *fasten seatbelt, *firmly grip the belt where it crosses your chest area and give it a sudden quick tug. *the belt should lock up at this point and not unlock unless you release it. this is one way of checking of the locking mechanism of the seatbelt is functioning...although it is not a 100% reliable indicator if the equipment is fully safe and functional
  9. this thread was great.lets try and revive it
  10. .....depressing news! DARXIDE2009-05-19 07:49:02
  11. it should ...that's the point be safe

    new here XD

    hi macey welcome to our forum. it would be nice if you tell us more about yourself and interests. or you can sit back and entertain your self by going thru all *the intersting topics(eg.how does a turbo/supercharger work), *heated debates(eg which is the better car palio vs getz-though they both should be shot dead), *irritatingly childish questions(what type of steering/seat cover should i buy?) etc. i have been a member little over a year now and must admit that im mildly addicted to all the madness here DARXIDE2009-05-19 07:12:54