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  1. Thanks for all the great advise. I've decided to wait and see now. Let's see what Hyundai brings out or maybe some other company. Meanwhile, I might just put down a deposit on the EcoSport and I can always cancel if needed. BTW, the budget stretch is because I'd be fine with 15 lakhs but there is no SUV (I'm more interested in soft roaders) for that price. There seem to be many in the 8-12 and in the 20+ lakh range. P.S. Sorry for my delayed repsonses, apparently my posts need approval .
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. BTW, I just saw that the local dealer has a 1 lakh discount on the middle-range model making it cheaper to get that than the base. Would your advise still apply? For me, I don't necessarily need to fit too many people (5-seater is enough) but I'm looking for a good quality and reliability. It should also be good to use in a city. It's for these reasons that I was attracted to the Yeti. Thanks for letting me know about the upcoming IX25. I'll take a look at what people are saying about it.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking out for an SUV and initally I looked into the Ford EcoSport and the Renualt Duster. The EcoSport has a 6-8 month waiting list here in Bangalore and the interiors of the Duster didn't exactly overwhelm me. This made me look into the Yeti again. The interiors are well made, it has good characteristics and while it's not a huge car, it seems spacious enough. In fact, since most of the use will be in the city with some occational trips off the beaten path, the small size might be a postive. This will be a stretch for the budget but the basic 4x2 active version is just within my reach. All these bring me to ask, is this still a good buy? Should I wait for the budget to come out? Is a successor in the works? Also on a side note, since it's an older generation car, what's the best way to ask for a discount from Skoda? Is it possible? Anyone with experience of who the best Skoda dealer is in Bangalore? If anyone has personal experience, I'd love to hear it. Thanks for all the help.
  4. Thank you very much. He's also considering a new car but I wanted to evaluate what the options are. What about a new Renault Duster? His budget can stretch a bit in terms of maintenance. The reason for buying second hand is that cars depreciate quite a lot over the first 5000km. If it's still under manufacturer warranty, wouldn't this be a better option to get a good deal? Thanks again for the welcome and your replies.
  5. Whats your Budget - Rs 8.00L Kms driven monthly - 400 kms Bodyshell - Sedan/SUV/ MUV City/Highway split - 90:10 Max No.of Passangers - ___1___ most of the time Boot space Importance - Low Usage by - normal Ownership - City Safety - High/Medium Prime requirement - Ride Softcorner'd Manufacturer - Any German manufturers OK so here's the situation. I'm helping my father with advice to replace his current car. He has a budget of aroudn 8 lakhs (more on this later) and he doesn't mind buying a used car in good condition if he can find a better deal for it than buying a new car. He lives in Bangalore I'm not longer living in India so I'm not too familiar with current situation there. One of the first questions is what is a good resource to look for used cars in Bangalore? Is it better to go to a used car dealer or search online or maybe somewhere else? How realiable are they? My brief search online lead to some used car websites. There I was able to see that there are some good deals on sulekha classifieds, carwale etc. Here's my conundrum: 1) Looks like there are some good deals on Skoda Lauras and Corrola Altis. Are these reasonable buys for 2007-2009 models? Is maintenance a problem? 2) There are also Merc C-Class from 2003-2005. Is it a real hassle to maintain these cars? What are the pit falls with such a buy? 3) If he streches his budget to 13-14 lakhs and gets a used BMW-3 series, is it really worth it? Are the maintainace costs too high? In general is it a big risk buying used in this price range? Thanks for the help!