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    Flocloxia reacted to dr_nishu in 2012 Toyota Fortuner: First Drive in India   
    Most automobile manufacturers today have begun to give a similar family face across all models in its lineup. Toyota's siblings until recently looked different from each other but now even the Japanese manufacturer has decided to give their models a family treatment. That brings us to the SUV you're seeing here, it is the new Fortuner that will be soon be seen on Indian roads. When you look at it, the first noticeable change one will notice is the new front end. The new face looks fresh as it now gets sleeker looking headlamps with projector lights (now self levelling), headlamp washers, a new trapezoidal design three-tier front grille that's now seen in most Toyotas across the world and a sharper front bumper that also houses redesigned front fog lamps. The bonnet too has more prominent lines while the air scoop has got become slightly bigger. This new design gives the Fortuner a more car like look and is less butchy when compared to the present model (which may not be a good thing for an SUV). The front also has a resemblance to the bigger Landcruiser
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    Flocloxia reacted to deepakk_18 in Best Compact Diesel Car   
    Hi am Deepak,
    I am planning to buy a compact car mainly for the city use.
    Can you suggest me the best value car in the compact segment - (best value for price & performance).
    Budget - 5 - 6 Lacs
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    Flocloxia reacted to Arjun_M in The Autocar Performance Show 2012 report   
    Maybe next time, we'll post our schedules and then meet up.Did you get to ride the Polaris?
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    Flocloxia reacted to ashikawa in My All New Volkswagen Polo   
    Summer check up camp- 2012
    VW-India has introduced "Summer Checkup 2012"
    Available till May 31,2012
    1. Vent Cooling Check.
    2. Poolen filter Check.
    3. AC control Check.
    Additionally you will get
    10% discount on door visors
    10% discount on sun control film
    10% discount on navigation system
    20% discount on 3M car detailing services
    Source:Volkswagen Fans Club
    2nd Update: Mobility Max -Details updated on VW India Website.
    Volkswagen India Website
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    Flocloxia reacted to jayan in New car   
    Hello All,
    I am planing to buy a new car and monthly running will be 1200km.
    I am interested in diesel car. Last week govt announced payout of direct cash subsidy to people.Oil is not added to the current list. May be next year oil sector also will be included in the list. In this case is it wise to buy diesel car?
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    Flocloxia reacted to Vijayendra in Classic 500 Vs Thunderbird 500   
    I am not a great follower of Royal Enfield in the past but now am planning for one! I pretty much like most RE's and this is causing me confusion on which one to choose. I am a regular biker, never driven long.. always opted cars. But the new RE should get me starting small trips. The main purpose of the bike is City driving (approx. 20km-30km a day) and very occasional long drives. Classic 350 is out of option due to wait period.. Ive made up my mind on 2 bikes and cannot finalize which one. Classic 500 and thunderbird 500. Im not a big fan of cruisers and preferred classic 500. I felt classic 500 is more ideal for city driving, looks pretty nice and also easier handling in city. Thunderbird on other hand I feel is more preferable for long drives and I loved the new TB500 compared to older TB's.. My concern is, thunderbird comes with lot of good features that lack in classic. the digital meters, LED head lights and tail lamps, Front and back discs at almost the same cost of classic. Also I value safety measures and heard classic 500 rear drums may cause bad breaking as it is unable to handle the power. Comfort wise I heard TB is more comfortable than classic, but does that matter for 20-30km per day? I did test ride both models and liked both prioritized by Classic.. but still unable to finalize. Please help/suggest based on your experience...
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    Flocloxia reacted to Lokesh in The first Hero-developed bike in 2013   
    Hero set to launch own bike sans Honda tech in 2013
    (source: The Times of india)
    NEW DELHI: Nearly a-year-and-a-half after splitting with long-time partner Honda Motor of Japan, homegrown Hero group of Munjals is close to scripting a solo ride as it will launch its first bike, sans Honda technology, next year. The two-wheeler will be built by Hero's newly-established in-house R&D set-up that will work in tandem with the company's three overseas technology partners.
    "We are working aggressively on this front and the first Hero-developed product should be out in 2013-14," Anil Dua, Sr V-P (marketing & sales) at Hero MotoCorp Ltd, told TOI here.
    Hero, that has the option of using Honda's badging and technology till June 2014, has been working over-time to shed its association with its erstwhile Japanese partner. The company has dropped the Honda tag from its products earlier than scheduled and is focusing on quick independent product rollout. The new products will include motorcycles and scooters and are expected to be across the price spectrum of the two-wheeler industry.
    Hero's R&D set-up is still in a fledgling stage as the company develops a full-blown facility in Rajasthan with an investment of Rs 400 crore. The new facility, spread over a 250-acre area, will employ over 500 engineers and will be operational in the second half of next year. Apart from its own set-up, Hero has also sticthed up ties with US-based Erik Buell Racing (EBR), Austrian engine developer AVL and Italian two-wheeler design firm Engines Engineering. "Our R&D will be doing the lion's share as far as the development of the bike is concerned," Dua said.
    Hero and Honda had been promoter partners in the vastly-successful JV, Motors Ltd (HHML), that lasted for 26 years before heading for splitsville in 2011. Analysts had doubted Hero's ability to roll out new products on its own after the exit of Honda as the Japanese company was the sole technology supplier to the JV.
    Dua, however, said the new independent products from the Hero stable will be as efficient as the company's existing products. "We will meet our own proven standards in terms of manufacturing quality, durability, re-sale value, fuel efficiency and running cost." Hero's solo strategy comes in as Honda has been expanding aggressively in the market. The company -- through its fully-owned subsidiary Honda Motorcycle and (HMSI) - has already launched a 110cc bike 'Dream Yuga' that is in direct competition with Hero's best-sellers Splendor and Passion models as well others from Bajaj Auto. Hero's sales in the first-half of this fiscal are under pressure just as HMSI has witnessed a big surge in volumes.
    Hero's volumes in the April-September 2012-13 period are down 3% at 28.94 lakh units just as HMSI saw numbers go up by 49% 12.90 lakh units.
    Will Hero Motocorp prove it or not?
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    Flocloxia reacted to FuelRunGod in Forum Functions Explained(Must Read)   
    Here is a brief guide which explains the basic functions and features of the Autocar India Forum.

    Active Topics
    You can view the latest topics which are in discussion by clicking on the Active Topics link located under the main header on the main page. After clicking on the active topics link, you can choose to view active topics based on a timeline which means that you can choose to view topics which have been active in the last hour, two hours and so on. Alternatively you can scroll to the bottom of the main page to view a rolling list of the latest topics.
    Posting New Topic/Poll
    You can find the New Topic & New Poll button at the bottom right corner of each index page of every category. However, users with a Learner License can not post in the market place section. They acquire that right once they cross 50 posts and acquire an Intermediate License.
    Posting Pictures
    You can use services like imageshack.us to post pictures on the forum. Kindly use thumbnails as not all users have broadband.
    1. Go to imageshack.us.
    2. Use the browse button to select the photo.
    3. Check option to resize, use resize 320x240(for websites and email)
    4. Click on Upload.
    5. After uploading, you will get a set of links. Use the last link - Direct Link To Image.
    6. Copy the link and paste in your post with the tag.
    7. It should be entered as follows (remove the space in img and **) [ img ]**Direct Link To Image From Imageshack**[ /img ] 
    Contact Us
    In case you are facing issues with the forum. Feel free to mail us at forum@autocarindia.com and we will be glad to assist you.
    Best regards,
    Autocar India Forum SupportFuelRunGod2009-03-28 14:21:44
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    Flocloxia reacted to FuelRunGod in Forum Downtime   
    Dear Users,

    You may have noticed the forum and the autocar website was not functioning for the past few days. We were facing some server difficulties and were working to fix the issues.

    As of now, the problems seem to have been sorted out. We regret the inconvinience caused.

    The support staff can be contacted anytime at forum@autocarindia.com.


    FuelRunGod2007-12-03 14:35:38