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  1. I have not tested either of them, but from what I hear the comparison broadly remains the same. The Merc has a better ride quality and the BMW has a zippier engine. The choice is based on personal preference, but mine would be the Merc. Do try the Audi A4 as it has a little of everything.
  2. I just read that Audi has a minor upgrade internationally and that they have improved on the suspension. This has been an issue in the current Audi A6 and I hope that the new model which is likely to be available in India next year will overcome the ride quality flaws that it currently has...
  3. I think the latest Auto car has a comparison between the Audi A4, Merc C230 and the BMW 325i. I have not yet seen this, but have a feeling that the Audi may come out on top.
  4. I also feel that the new Audi A4 at 36 lakhs for the 3.2 FSI will eat into the Audi A6 market.
  5. The Mercedes C 230K Avantgarde is available in showrooms at the moment. My own thoughts on why Audi has not done well in the Indian market in spite of good products as follows... 1. Poor dealer network and support is the primary reason. 2. Poor ride quality on Indian roads compared to the Mercedes Audi, plans to open more showrooms and service stations during the current year and hopefully will take into consideration that their cars are being driven on Indian roads which have a lot of potholes. So feel of the road in India does not provide the most comfortable ride quality.
  6. Yes, they have released a 230K six cylinder engine with 215 BHP in the Avantgarde trim with all bells and whistles. It costs about 39 lakhs ex showroom. The Audi A4 3.2 FSI will be a better engine than the Merc and the BMW, but I am concerned that their ride quality will be poor and harsh, especially on Indian roads. This makes a huge impact if the car is being used daily to drive up to the office etc. on city roads. Comfortdriver2008-06-03 10:01:02
  7. FRG, I just read the first drive review of the new Audi A4 that is going to be launched in India this month. It seems like a great option compared to the BMW 325i and the new Mercedes C 230K. While I am sure that there would be a formal review out comparing the three cars, please do share your views on the ride quality of the new Audi A4? The article did mention that it was better than the BMW 3 series, but the real question is whether it will be better than the Mercedes C class. The car also seems large enough to compare with the next class of cars viz. Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 Series and the Audi A6. Any feedback especially on the ride quality would be apreciated. Thanks
  8. FRG, How would you compare the drive quality of the Mercedes C Class to the BMW 5 Series or the Audi A6?
  9. I agree that the Merc is classy and have great ride quality, but the BMW is unquestionably the 'ultimate drivers car'! If you enjoy driving, the BMW certainly scores better than the BMW, and refinement is excellent too in the Bimmer. The dash layout and interiors of the Mercedes is very elegant and classy, and the BMW doesnt quite match this. When it comes to servicing; yes, BMW doesnt have an established network like Mercedes in India. All the same expect service costs to be better for the BMW. The service intervels are longer for the BMW although it depends on your driving style. If yor drive it hard, then service intervels are smaller. All the same, expect to do 3 services for the Merc when the Bimmer only would have required 2, for the same mileage. The review at the start of the thread is fair, keep it up! Although it focuses mainly on the negative points rather than the pluses! To be fair, there are so many good things about these cars that it would take too long a thread to capture all their features. So I focused on the short coming of each of these cars relative to the others. I think ultimately it is for the individuals to choose dependent on what they plan to use their cars. If they plan to use the car in city driving, I suppose the Mercedes is still the car to look at in spite of all its lack of features, purely on ride quality. However, I hope that Mercedes takes note and increases the features that they put into their cars and stop short changing their customers. If you are a user who has the opportunity to drive fast in your day to day life, then the BMW is the ideal car. If you are a person who has a combination of doing long distance drives and city driving, then the Audi cound be a good choice. However from my perspective where I do a lot of city driving, I only wish that the Audi and the BMW had better ride quality.
  10. Hi, I read that Audi is planning on a facelift to the current A6 this year on the web. Does anyone have any information on when this model would be available in India and the type of changes that are likely to be made to the interiors and its suspension? I hope that they do something about their suspension while retaining atleast their current features (with the comfort package) which is way above competition.
  11. I agree that the Audi A6 is a good balance between the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes E Class. My wish list with Audi is that they imporve further on their ride quality by increasing the tire wall size. They are trying to model their cars as sporty, but that results in a bad ride on Indian roads. I don't think that BMW and Audi have figured out that they need to focus on better ride qualities on Indian road. I am hoping that they are listening to the voices in these forums.
  12. I was watching the Overdrive program on CNBC TV 18 today and the feedback seems consistent. The Audi A6 and the BMW 5 series have very stiff suspension and the ride quality is harsh. The Mercedes E Class has the best ride quality and would probably be the best bet for day to day driving though the BMW 5 series is truly a drivers car if you manage to get into a race track. It is really unfortunate that the Mercedes E Class lacks the features that the Audi A6 and the BMW 5 Series offers. The Audi A6 may be a good option if they manage to do something about their suspension and improve their ride quality.
  13. My understanding is that this will be assembled in India. I agree with you that the cost does not make it very attractive and people will look at the E Class. The ride quality on the E class is definitely much better than the C Class. The new E Class is expected to be in India by January, 2010. Comfortdriver2008-04-06 18:38:21
  14. Hi, I just heard that Mercedes is introducing a fully loaded Avantgarde version of the new C Class. It would have a 230K 6 cylinder engine producing 205 hp with all the bells and whistles including memory seats, parktronics, seven speed auto gearbox etc. This is being targetted against the BMW 325i. The cost is likely to be 5 lakhs more than the C Class Elegance. The car is expected to be available in market from May, 2008. My hope is that Mercedes will upgrade the current C Class Elegance to the same engine and features as the current stripped down version of the C Class Elegance with manual seat adjustments is not worth buying. My own understanding is that the Avantgarde will not have the same ride quality of the Elegance. It is also likely to have a lower road clearance which make it susepatable to the bottom getting hit on Indian roads.
  15. Has BMW made any changes to the 5 series suspension, just as they have made changes to the 3 series?
  16. Hi, I drove the new C Class Elegance today and here is what was visible to me. 1. The steering wheel was easier, making the car feel much lighter. 2. The ride quality is almost the same as the previous car and I could not perceive the difference in ride quality from the earlier car. 3. The engine is much more peppy and accelerates quickly. 4. Interiors are much better than the previous car, though not as good and luxurious as the 325i. Overall the car is better, though I still prefer the design and looks of the previous car. The flaws of the previous car atleast in India continue with Mercedes in India insisting on manual controls for seat adjustment and does not have parktronics built into it. I believe that the 325i has been given an upgrade from a suspension perspective and it might be good to cosider the 325i if the suspension issues have been resolved, as it is definitely a superior car except for the suspension. My own take is that Mercedes will find it very difficult to compete with BMW in this segment. Only time will tell if this is the right prediction. Comfortdriver2008-03-24 06:26:03
  17. The reason I choose 200K and the 325i was due to the cost which was almost the same. The new 200k Elegance is about 31 lakhs on road while the 325i is about 33 lakhs on road. Both models being fully loaded as sold in India. Comfortdriver2008-03-24 05:48:26
  18. Hi, Does anyone have feedback on the new C Class that has been released last month? From what I have read, Mercedes does not seem to have learnt from its past mistakes and I am curious to get the market feedback for this car.
  19. Do they have an automatic transmission option?
  20. Can you post the url for this so that I can check out the details. I suspect the engine may be longitudinal (to accommodate the AWD or quattro version)' date=' also the front wheels are far more tot he front in Audi's than in most others. [/quote'] Here are some links about the car... Thanks Regards
  21. The Audi 2.7TDI which is a front wheel drive car claims that it has a 50:50 weight distribution. How did they manage this if this claim is correct and will the concerns of a front wheel drive be addressed in this car due to the equal weight distribution?