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  1. What are your budget for the amp and the sub ?? p.s-- Sorry if i missed reading it in previous posts
  2. ID CTX 65cs sound very good , lil bright but that can be tuned . ID makes one of the best speakers and subs . But i would suggest you to burn in the speakers properly with lower gains for atleast 40-50 hours.
  3. Nice looking Car man , simply love the projectors . Are they day/night LED's ?
  4. Should be multijet engine . Thats what i am waiting for
  5. Obviously it would be better than Skoda .... They are simply crap .
  6. Well there is no risk if u wanna keep the car for 5 years or so ..... As far bankruptcy goes , launching a car isnt a joke , they under go number of tests etc 2 launch a car , so dont worry about that part . Obviously there A.S.S wont be that good as well as availability of parts . Specially in Patiala .
  7. You can use NOISE KILL , cheapest in the market arond 140-150 per sq/ft
  8. Dude u seriously need to check out the spare part costs of Honda and Fiesta . They are way above Linea . For an example Ford Fiesta Fuel pump costs 71k Fiat Linea Fuel pump costs 7k
  9. Well if u haven't picked up the HU , then don't buy JVC . If u have then its ok. What kind of music do u generally listen ?? Do u like music to be bright ? or a bit laid back ??
  10. @ Ronit , dude even i know that ;p , i asked two different questions . My fault , as i did not write it properly . Well if u want SPL , then do try Ground Zero subs . Even Blau Velocity SPL 15inch can go very low provided u power them with proper amplifiers. If u want i can get u a good deal on Blau Velocity SPL . And regarding headunit , i wont recommend you JVC . If u can spend around 20k over a DVD player i would rather suggest you to buy Pioneer P80rs . SQ of P80RS is way way ahead in comparison to JVC.
  11. Well I dont like JBL 608c components . Too bright . Buy Bull Audio components costing around 5.5k with bill . It sounds way better than those crappy jbl ones . Nice mid bass and good detailing for the speakers for that price range . Woofers have many options . What type of bass u like ?? SQ or SPL ??
  12. Well as far my knowledge goes Bosch doesnt make HID kits . They are chinese version which we get here for 4000-5000k in Chandigarh
  13. Well we cant really blame FIAT for this . Employees are appointed by the Dealers and its not the fault of FIAT if they are not trained well enough for the job. It simply shows that Dealers are bad . But it indirectly forces people to hate FIAT .
  14. Well JBL 608c are on a brighter side , so did u audition these before ??? And did u auditioned few more components before actually selecting one ??
  15. I have seen around 12-15 in my city and one of the dealers claimed that they sold 30 cars . We have 2 dealers for FIAT and 2 service stations also . 3rd would be opening soon . trojan_virus2009-03-13 18:00:49
  16. Well i have no idea about this news , whats d source of news ;D ?
  17. yea Petes is available for Swift VDI
  18. Well here is the MONO i was waiting for a long tym ..... SPECS Type: Mono Block 1-Ohm Power Rating 1x1200 2-Ohm Power Rating 1x900 Turn-On Delay/ Mute Frequency Response @-3dB: 20-250Hz Damping Factor: >250 Signal To Noise Ratio: > 95 dB THD + Noise: < 0.1% Variable Input Level Control (RCA/Unbalanced): 0.2V - 9V Variable Input Level Control (Mini DIN Balanced): 0.4V - 18V Input Impedance: 47k Ohm Input Impedance: 20k Ohm Power and Specific Diagnostics LEDs Protection DC, Short Circuit, Overload Power Supply - All MOSFET: Full PWM Power Output Circuit Type: Ultra-Fi MOSFET Variable Phase Shift Phase Change in Degrees: 0-+180 Variable Low-Pass 24 dB Octave: 35Hz - 250Hz Variable Subsonic Filter: 15Hz - 35Hz Bass EQ: 0-+18 dB Balanced Inputs RCA Inputs RCA Line Outputs Remote Bass Module Included (Via RJ11 Jack) Gold Plated Power Terminal Blocks: 4 GA Dimensions WxHxL: 11.41"L x 10.39"W x 2.63"H Brutus Class D Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier RMS Power Rating: 4 ohms: 450 watts x 1 chan. 2 ohms: 900 watts x 1 chan. 1 ohm: 1200 watts x 1 chan. Max Power: 2400 watts approx. 1-Channel Mono-Block Operation Super D-Class Amplifier Topography Ultra-Fi MOSFET Outputs Illuminated Hifonics Logo PWM MOSFET EXVP (Exponential Vari-Power Supply) SPC-Twin Turbo-Torroids with Simpatico Coil Design Fully Adjustable Accu Cross Crossovers include: - 24 dB Subsonic Filter (Adjusts 15 Hz to 35 Hz) Phase Shift Adjustments, (0 to +180-Degrees) 24 dB Low-Pass Crossover (Adjusts 35 Hz to 250 Hz) Bass Boost: Variable Bass Equalization (+ 10dB @ 45 Hz) Remote Bass Control Included Balanced Line INputs w Optional Hifonics MM-BLD1 Gold RCA Line Outputs: Permit Amplifier Daisy-Chaining (0.2v to 9-volts Signal Level) 4-Guage Power Connectors Dimensions: 11.42"L x 9.45"W x 2.52"H trojan_virus2009-02-22 11:03:54
  19. Well my Palio has done 1 lakh 23thosand kilometers , it does shows some sign of rattling but that is due 2 my college road n 17inches alloys i have .