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  1. Congrats on your purchase. I am also contemplating buying ANHC vs SX4. You have written that you scaped 2 speedbreakers. Was there any damage. Were they abnormally high speedbreakers. I travel to some remote areas occasionally and am concerned about low GC. Thanks
  2. Beware of the 300-500 ones. Bought one from ebay. They are like a toy. Totally useless. Have no suction power whatsoever. Have heard good things about branded car vacs but they are in the price range of 1500+. Hope this helps.
  3. Are there any defects in Verna petrol. Verna petrol fully loaded ABS model is 1 lac cheaper than the City E MT apart from having alloy , fog lamps, ACC.. Please advise. My driving is around 1000kms only. Does this warrant a diesel.
  4. Any idea of the discount being offered on Verna Petrol. Thanks
  5. Hi Not interested in Linea Petrol . Very bad Tata Service. Am having problem's with my tata indica due to poor after sales service. Verna CRDI -- Expensive by nearly 1 lac from the petrol and my driving of 1000kms does not warrant a diesel. The interest on my loan would be more than the savings.
  6. Hello I am in the same dilemma. Honda city or verna petrol. Dont want diesel as I also drive around 1000kms max.. Dont like SX4 and ford service is pathetic in my area. The price hike of 30k on the honda city has made me think again. I can wait for 2-3 months max. if honda offers some goodies at this price eg alloys.. Should I wait or pick the verna petrol. Thanks
  7. sx4 check out the backseat . its comfortable for only two people. I was all set to buy the sx4 but the dealer gave me a 50000km driven sx4 for test drive. The dashboard had scratches while the gear knob had lost its original color. So, obviously the quality was not upto the mark. Hence, interior quality and the back seat swayed me towards the ANHC, though yet to buy it. The price hike on ANHC has been a deterent.
  8. Hello Thanks for all replies. Took a test drive of SX4. The dealer's demo car was 1.5 years old and had been driven 40000kms. I was quite disappointed by the interior plastic quality and the rear armrest hump. The writings on various panels were already dimnishing. The rear middle hump makes it uncomfortable for 3 in the back seat. I am finalising the ANHC polished metal colors. Honda delaer has offered 30K cash discount on the MT-S model. Thanks again guys
  9. Am planning to upgrade to one of the two mentioned above. Would use the car on highway as well as city driving. Plan to keep the car for 5 years and my average driving is roughly about 1300kms/month. ANHC has the honda stamp but lacks ACC and alloy wheels. Also, it has poor ground clearance but I have heard ground clearance is also related to other factor i.e distance between wheels. My highway driving involves driving on rough roads. SX4 is loaded but as per reports fuel economy is 9kmpl and 13kmpl. Also, the interior quality is no very refined. Have also heard the car starts rattling after a few years. Its cheaper by atleast 1.25 lacs than the ANHC What is my best bet for a maintenance free car for atleast 5 years.
  10. mk15

    New Honda City 2008

    Hello all Thanks for ur comments. I was just seeing a shoot out btw sx4 and city on aaj tak - chake pe chakka screened on Sunday wherein it was stated that honda has shelved its plan for the new city till next year due to the encouraging sales of March 2008. Any info or confirmation regarding this. Thanks
  11. mk15

    New Honda City 2008

    Thanks for replying. Gord is not offering any discount. Morever , I do not have a service center in my city for Ford. What are the cons of honda city Gxi ?? Thanks
  12. Hello I am on the verge of purchasing a new Honda City gxi on which delaer is giving me 35k off . However, the threads here regarding launch of a new honda city later this year have made me reconsider purchasing right now. Is the slated launch confirmed and any info available regarding the new car?? Thnaks so much