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  1. Swift Sedan (Dzire) Test Drive Report

    Does anybody know why Maruti is not able to deliver DZire cars? I am waiting since day of the launch to get my ZXi and still neither the dealer nor the local Maruti guys are able to tell hen would I get my car. pannak
  2. Swift Sedan (Dzire) Test Drive Report

    oops there was some typo in my message... please read the model as "ZXi"
  3. Swift Sedan (Dzire) Test Drive Report

    Hi Guys, I have booked DZire Xi with one dealer here in Hyderabad. It has been a while since I have booked the car. So far Maruti has not delivered any ZXi version to this dealer and I understand that there is an indefinite wait time for XI (also for ZDi) version. I read somewhere that Maruti is sending only 3 to 4 cars to each dealer and they don't have choice of color or model.... that must be the reason I am still waiting! Does anyone know what is the real reason Maruti is not able to deliver cars as per demand? Is there any issue with the car? Please help me... I am waiting desperately to get the car